is there any way we can get rk back in the show?

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Posted: 12 years ago

any way that we can get vansh back in the show??????? any thing. any way we can reach the production ppl .......... push them to get vansh back in any new char..

remember guys it happened with kyunki saas bhi kbhi bahu thi ......amar upadhay was taken back into the story on public demand...........!!!!!!
yeh rohit k saath b to ho sakta hai na,............. 
Posted: 12 years ago
Two ways: either all Rohit fans sign a petition to bring him back
keeping sending emails to [email protected]  to bring back Rohit in the show...
Posted: 12 years ago

yes neha... why not....Wink

rohit khurana is way better than amar upadhyay.... so y not....Tongue
well as u very well knw... deep has been suggesting many ways related to bringing back rohit thing...
with an addition to that i too have suggestions...Embarrassed
1. file a petition demanding rohit back on show
2. write as many e-mails as possible on [email protected]
3. gather ppl to join rohit khurana fan club (this is the new club formed, earlier the club was based on rohit khurana's character vansh in uttaran. due to the death of the character, this new club has been formed for rohit as an actor)
4. rohit's rank has improved on IndianForum from the past few weeks.. try posting max 2 comments everyday on his club in IndiaForum... as rightly said by deep... keep viewing and posting.. we have to get him amongst top 10 stars.. presently he holds 23rd rank i guess...
5. write posts on all uttaran fan clubs.. request them to bring back rohit on the show..
well i can think of only these few...Confused
guyz if u all have ne suggetions, do let us knw... may b this little effort of ours may bring back our rohit on the show....Tongue
love u rooooohhhhhiiiiiitttttttt........Heart
Edited by eku15 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

Neha, ekta....I am totally for it...let me know whats to be done.....
Posted: 12 years ago
he should come as a son of Icha
Posted: 12 years ago
son of Ichcha......did Vansh and Ichcha really have any such history...which could result in the birth of a child?? (i hope you understand what i am speaking about)

to the best of my doubt, all the four of them.....Veer, Tappu, Vansh and Ichcha .....nobody has consummated their Ichcha ka beta????? kahan se??????

plus, Rohit ko Ichcha ka beta dikhane ke liye unko entire cast ko "Buddha" (old-aged) karna padega....kya Veer, Ichcha, Tappu ko yeh acceptable hoga?? no ways??? plus, what will happen to the older generation....uss case scenario mein Nani aur Daddaji ka toh patta hi kat jayega.......Tappu without Nani will be wingless....phir uski flights of fury ko kya hoga.........Edited by regalla - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
by the way..... i have a different idea....

for return to Uttaran......

how about a ........

ghost appearance in the show......?? ha ha.... arey when Aishwarya Rai could act as a ghost in the entire movie....Mohabbatein....why cant Vansh also come like that??? he would be speaking to Ichcha, protecting her from Tappu (Ha ha) , be her guiding light etc. etc.
Posted: 12 years ago
Chalo guys, I am with u for anything to bring Rohit back...
I have not watched Uttaran after Vansh shot himself...
Seriously we need to do something if we really want Rohit back... 

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