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Complicated Disorder

"It's complicated!"
I stared at the man in front of me, trying to decipher the words that had just escaped his mouth. What was he on about? It seem as if the guy who I thought I knew...and maybe even loved...all my life was not as I thought of him to be.
"I don't understand!"
I quickly placed both my hands on my mouth...why did I just say that? I carefully looked up to see his eyes...expecting him to be shocked or confused...but all I noteced were tears. Were those tears there because I didn't understand him or were they there because of HER?
He did not speak..not then...not again for moths. All I could do was stare at him...trying to understand I could take his tears away. But the more I tried...the more I failed. Maybe I was too weak or stupid to grasp the situation. Whatever the reason was I still tried to spend as much time as I could with him. I needed to show him that I was there for him even if I didn't understand him.
"You should go hom now! You've been here all day..."
He was lying on his bed...looking away from me. I guess I knew why...I reminded him of her. It really amazed me...even thought I don't look one bit like her...but the fact that we wer friends once upon a time...I reminded him of her. Why? Why me?
I could have left just then...maybe I should have...but I didn't. Really smart move! Have you even seen a grown man cry at ever little thing...I have...I have been watching him cry for months and again today. I wish I was different...I wish I was someone who could stop those tears...but...alas I am just a stupid emotional girl caught in the whirlwind of soemthing called love.
"Maybe you should...maybe you should give her a call."
"Or maybe you should stay away from my life!"
That hurts! Imagine a person you love the most...a parent...a sibling...or your best friend saying that to you. I would like to think he didn't mean it...but he's been saying that to me for months now. Is it my fault that the jerk was unsuccessful in his love? Idiot!
I had to go see the doctor today...because the idiot wouldn't. Acutally, he is not a doctor but a psychopath...wait that's not it. Oh, who cares! Anyways, the dude kept on looking at me as if I had two horns on my head...and then he said...
"You're depressed!"
Hell no!
I bet he just wanted to gain another patient...I mean how can you tell someone is depressed by just looking at them.
When I told him what his stupid doctor said, he gave me a small smile before looking away again. Well at least he smiled...right?
Hmmm...why did he say I was drepssed anyways? Maybe I shouldn't have ran away from there...I should have waited to hear the doctor out. Meh, as if the doctor knows anything!
"You want some apple?"
Great, he was ignoring me again! Who cares! I'll have the apple instead...sometimes I question my presence here.
I had been watching him for couple of hours now...we both had been still for that long. If it weren't for the occasional sign of humaness, people walking outside the room would have thought that we were dead. Were we dead?
Damn! What is wrong with me?
"I think you should have your medicines!"
"I don't need them!"
Hmm...medicines...I wonder if they help...he has never taken them so I wouldn't know for sure. One day, I tried to take one but he snatched it away from my hand. bas***d!
Don't be so shocked...I do occassionally use unsophisicated words. Rarely though!
"If my folks saw me in this gear, they'd be shocked of their wits!"
My parents are these rich high society folks with grand amount of influence on people and things around them. Including me, of course! But ever since I met him, I notieced a change in me. I started to defy my parents' rules! Not listenign to them, for soem reason, gave me an aderaline ruch...why though?
Meh, for all I care!
He wasn't paying attention to me usual, so I decided to look though my wardrobe. Everytime, I changed into something and showed it off to him...he gave me this brooding look. How long is he going to sulk for, anyways?
I am bored...
"Why do you hate me so much?"
"Why do you think?"
I know there is probably a reason other than the fact that I was that girl's freind...but I can't seem to remember. Whats was it? Think! Think! Think! Think!
I guess I know why...but hey if I hadn't done what I was supposed to, he wouldn't be here with me today. So, my decision was right! Let the moron sulk...he'll come back to me eventually. Hmm...maybe he just needs to get out more! but damn, the place that he lives in...let's just the place stinks! Not of any stench but people! I wish he had just moved into my place...but no...the idiot had too much of a pride.
Because of him, even I am forced to stay with him here...I mean I can leave whenever I want but whenever I try to...the people living in this place ask me to stay. Maybe I stay because I feel sorry for them or maybe it's because I love him too much. Damn, that lucky bas***d! I mean I never even gave this kind of love devotion to my parents!
He has been smiling a lot lately, I wonder what is wrong with him...I mean when I touched his face, he didn't flinch like usual.
Damn! Now I know why...damn!
For soem reason when I woke up from my sleep, all the mirrors and windows were shattered in the room. He was standing right beside my bed...looking at me with loving eyes. How I wish they were for me and not for HER!
"I didn't want anyone else...not even see my Zaara!"
I hated that! Why did I have to start looking like her? Why did he only look at me with love in his eyes when I looked like her?
"I am not Zaara! I am not Zaara!"
I must have yelled that fro several minutes but even after I stopped...he continued to call me Zaara. No matter, how much I screamed or what I did...he wouldn't stop.
He wouldn't stop!
"Her condition has gotten matter what medicine we give her, she still hasn't gotten over you!"
"Doctor, I...she is my best family...can't you do anything?"
"I wish...but in these cases, a patient needs to be willing to be helped for us to help them. She think you are in the room with her and your wife...Zaara...has left you. And she has herself convinced that you'll only love her if she was Zaara."
"Is that why she has started..."
"To change herself...yes!"
"But, doctor..."
"Mr. Aman, I am not going to tell you to give up hope because as a doctor, I'll be a failure if I said that. But you should keep in mind that she might not get better."
"I...I don't know what to do!"
"Do whatever you want but don't let this ruin you and your life...or I might hae another patient to deal!"
The End
lol well it wasn't suppose to be like this...I was aiming toward a love story...but I am not sure what happened mid tell me if you hate it or like it :P Thanks!
Posted: 12 years ago
Hey special sumaiya..
The story was very different..
It wasn't confusing..err..just a little bit complicated..LOL
when i started reading i wanted to know what happened to the guy but the end i wanted to know what happened to the girl..LOL..
Love story it was but filled with lot of obssession,,the girl so loves the guy that she didn't want him to be away from him or with anyone else that she herself started assuming things her around..making difficult for the guy..
But i think she was happy with her own little imaginary world she created for herself...sometimes one also needs a imaginary world away from the real world which becomes quite annoying..hmm..ok going far from reality.....LOL..
Good one dear..
Good wishes..
Sri:-)Edited by sri_4 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Sumiiiiiiii!!!!!! Hug

Heck, I loved it! It's though kinda confusing in the middle but still it's amazing! It's deep and so touching......but also has's great......update soon!
Posted: 12 years ago
when did u write this wen u were in deep thoughts???
outcome is good i  like it, little bit up n down but it has good flow!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
its so SUMILICIOUSLOL.......wowow its was so really kinda confusing..................he loves other gal she loves him..he cares for her.......she is changing....he is changing??????? eagerly lookiing 4 ward for hey this is an ff based on anyhting or jst fan ficiton.......
Posted: 12 years ago
a lil confusing but loved it.
keep up the good work girlSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
sumiii......nice story..a bit confusing but little i understood..!!! continue...i wud like to read more.....gud work anyways...keep it up dear..
Posted: 12 years ago
Sumi, intriguing story,, it got my interest so now i wanna know the follow up,, wats gonna happen and wats it all abt, realy interesting!!!!!

goood job boooooooooooo!!! lol ur not only a terrific bhootni but also an awesome writer

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