When my 'death' moved my fans - Vansh Article

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Posted: 12 years ago
When my 'death' moved my fans
Rohit Khurana

A page from the personal diary of Rohit Khurana

The freshest memory in my head is of my death sequence I would like to share with all my fans. I have received the maximum responses for the death scene. I know people are quite upset, a lot of people have written to me that they cried when they show me shooting myself on the show. The one thing that moved me was that two of my fans who are little kids are based in Toronto. When they saw the sequence, they were so moved that one kid had fainted and had to be hospitalised while the other brother fell sick. When I heard about them I did not know how to react so I called them up. They couldn't believe their ears I was talking to them and I told them they need not worry since Vansh was dead but Rohit was hale and hearty. I wish them a speedy recovery.

As far as the atmosphere on the sets is concerned, I know my co-artists are somewhat upset. They haven't told me so but I can feel it. Their faces have a question asking 'why him'? I can see it in their eyes. My reaction when I heard about Vansh's death was the same. I wondered 'why me' but I guess the story demanded it. The creatives and the channel demanded it so I can't do much about it.

But I want to take this opportunity and thank all my fans for supporting me so much. In the past few days I have realized my fans love me very much, they were upset when they heard about the death but I am really thankful to them for loving me so much.

They have liked me as Vansh and I am sure they would love me in any other show I become a part of. I just want to tell them I will be back for sure. Vansh may have died but Rohit will be back on screen soon! I can't promise right now though but I have a few projects in the pipeline that I am looking at.

Posted: 12 years ago
Thar was lovelySmile but it also means that Rohit won't be back in Uttaran even as a Vansh look alikeUnhappy
Posted: 12 years ago
He is a brilliant guy I tell u, thanks for article...love it!
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by 49erFan

He is a brilliant guy I tell u, thanks for article...love it!

i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   

                                                                           Clap Clap Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
what made me drooling was not his diary but his picture....
wow...my mouth is wide open....rohit is looking so handsome...hot...sizzling....in that smokinh hot pic....uff my whole laptop is burning....
now i don't know whether he is coming back or not....but vansh death was so touching....i cried so much.....never a death scenes touch me much except for sadhna's...but after sadna's death its sure vansh's death.....
rohit deserves a national award for his portrayal as vansh singh bundela....
that two little fans of rohit are sure his die-hard fans....i hope they both are fine...its so sweet of rohit to call them up and talk to them,.....
i always love rohit but his this act made me have even more respect for him...kudos to this man...
i hope he comes back because this show is dead without rohit.....
rohit please come back....please come back...please come back
Posted: 12 years ago
Mages the pic is very very hot man!  Uff Maaaaaaaaar Dalaaaaaaaa! Edited by 49erFan - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by 49erFan

Mages the pic is very very hot man!  Uff Maaaaaaaaar Dalaaaaaaaa!
yaar just look at the attitute...uff enough to burn us with his hotness......i think just assume he comes back again...he sure will come in such a hot avtaar to kill us all.....the only difference is...rohit beard will be gone into trimmed stubble....
just imagine him such avtaar....uff its going to be hot........hot...hot....
i want rohit back...
Posted: 12 years ago

i dnt wnt a vansh luk alike...it ruins the whole show... i dnt wnt vansh bk...tht way theres a chance ov veecha--i dnt think taps wil eva change n wil b exposed eventually n den veer wnt b with her...den later the family myt try reuniting veecha...

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