A Small MAANEET Scene prediction.Do Read & Comment

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Posted: 12 years ago

Hey Guys I was Sitting Idle and had nothing to do hence I came up with this'..I am not that good a Writer but here it is'..Well this is something I formed from the Precap'..

Dadi asks Geet to Forgive Maan'Geet is Hesitant but then feels what Dadi is telling is right and decides to go meet Maan and sort things out'.She walks into the hall'her eyes searching for Maan'when she hears Maan and Mr.Chopra's Conversation'..

Mr Chopra: By The Way Miss Geet Kahan Hai, Kahin Nazar Nahi Aa Rahi'

Maan: Miss Geet Handa Ab is Launch Party par Nahi Aayegi'Kyu Ki Usne Job Chod Dhi Hai

Geet is Shocked to hear this coz she felt what ever had transpired b/w them in the Green Room was just the call of the Moment as they both were irritated and frustrated with each other'.She felt that Maan wouldn't take it seriously, but what she heard left her heart-broken'.Tears are Brimming in her eyes but she decides not to cry and leave the place when she is caught off guard by Maan's Next Statement

Maan: Aap Fikar Math Kariye'Who Zyada Important Nahi Hai Humare Liye'

Tears Starts Rolling down her Cheeks and unable to bear the Pain she leaves'..

Mr. Chopra: Miss Geet Ko Aise Nahi Karna chahiye Tha'Ithni Mehnath Ki hai Unhone Project Pe'.Aur Yeh Venue Decorations aur Arrangements bahuth soch samaj kar Aam logon ki pasand ko dhyan mein rakh kar kiya hai'.Maanna Padega Mr Khurana'Miss Geet Sach Much Bahuth Professional Hai'And she is good at her work too'..

Maan is shocked-surprised to hear Mr. Chopra all in Praise for Geet'..His Mind wanders off and he is reminded of their Conversation in the Green Room'the way he insulted her work and made a mockery of itConfused

The Party on the other hand is in full swing'everybody seems to enjoy but Maan'He excuses himself and goes outside to regain his composure'to normalize himself'..He closes his eyes and inhales deeply to wayward all the happening of the evening'.and in this process his mind wanders off to thoughts regarding Gee '..The way she threw the Garland and it landed On Him'. The way he Pinned Geet on to the elevator wall'her eyes that had Tears in them'..and suddenly he jolts back to Reality from his train of thoughts'.

Maan: Yeh Maine Kya Kar Diya??...Mujhe Geet Se Is Trah Baat Nahi Karni Chahiye Thi'..

He Suddently Feels The Presence of some one standing behind Him'and he turns to find Geet(Maahi  Music In The BG)'.A sweet smile playing on her lips'.a twinkle in her eyes'Just a glance at Geet and all the frowns and tensions piled up on Maan's Face Fades Away'.

Geet: Sir'.

Maan: Looks at Her

Geet: Sir Aap Bahar Kya Kar Rahe Ho??

Maan: Kuch Nahi'. (Maan Looks else where so that he does not get caught by her as to what he was thinking)'..Kuch Bhi Toh Nahi

Geet: Andhar Aapne Kahan Ki Main Bilkul Important Nahin Hoon'.

Maan: Shocked to find out that Geet had heard his Convo with Mr.Chopra'.He tries to avoid the question'when Geets Next Question catches him off guard'.

Geet: "Kya Main Sach Much Important Nahi Hoon"

Maan Looks at Geet'..Maahi Song In BG'.MAANEET stare'..Maan jerks from the eyes lock and turns his back towards to Geet to avoid looking in to her eyes'..

Geet: "Main Jaanthi Hoon Ki Main aapko Bohat Pareshaan Karthi hoon'(Maan has a surprised expression with a tinge of Guilt'.)'Aapko Takleef bhi dethi hoon'Maan still his back towards Geet tries to deny to himself  what Geet just Told'

Geet: Aapne Teek Kahan Tha (Maan wonders what Geet is talking about'.)Behthar Yehi Hoga Ki Mein Chali Jaoon'.Maan-Aghast at thisShocked

 Geet: Bye Sir'Ab Main Apko Aur pareshaan nahi karoongi

 Maan turn around to face Geet to stop her to only find no one there'He looks around but there seems to be no one in sight'..

Maan very much confused as to what just happened and Deep in thoughts realizes that Geet was never There'.but even then one question that Geet asked him leaves him restless  (When He Imagined The whole Convo) "'Kya Main Sach Much Important Nahi Hoon???

Maan: Mujhe Iske Jaane se Ithni Takleef Kyu Ho Rahi Hai'.???? Kya Mere Liye Geet Sach Much Important Hai''????

Scene Freezes on Maans Confused FaceConfused

****The End****

Hope You Like It.

Do Comment!!!

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Posted: 12 years ago
Thats sooo sweet! AWWWWW
Posted: 12 years ago
hey ,

that's such a cute scene...!!!!!! Tongue

hope something like that happens today...!!!!


Posted: 12 years ago
Really really good!!

loved it!
Posted: 12 years ago
Thumbs Up.u alwaz cme up wid gud posts...mus say...
Posted: 12 years ago
Awesome Ricks !!!
Beautiful scenario ... can actually see something like this happening !!!
Lovely lift wala AV ... Simply awesome .... is it for your use only .. or .. would you share it ???  would love it have it .... Embarrassed
Posted: 12 years ago
Nicely written! ClapClapClap
Hope something like this happens! Really want Maan to realize what a big mistake he did... Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
Originally posted by rusha4003

Awesome Ricks !!!
Beautiful scenario ... can actually see something like this happening !!!
Lovely lift wala AV ... Simply awesome .... is it for your use only .. or .. would you share it ???  would love it have it .... Embarrassed

Sure go ahead and use it...I was going to post it in the Gallery

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