Is Bimlendu justified

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Is Bimlendu justified in getting Anurag & Taani married??

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Posted: 12 years ago
Is Bimlendu justified in getting Anurag & Taani married at a tender age due to his illness?Edited by taani21 - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago

Yes he is 10000% percent justified in doing their marriage ..Come on every father dream is to get his dotty marriage in front of his eyes ..He too did the same

About Onu and Taani , even in such a tender age they have understanding capability as Taani said she will never come btw Onu's happiniess and help him too break the marriage and that implies to Onu too

So He is Just Perfect in his place

Posted: 12 years ago
according to me yes...coz hes just securing his daughter and wife's future...nd its not like hes telling taani to go live wid Onu rite now...this is just like assuring TaAnu's marriage...according to Bimlendu...TaAnu would get remarried when they grow up....
Posted: 12 years ago
yes he is justified because as a dather he wants to see his daughter having a happy and secured married life.....
Posted: 12 years ago
yes , he is ..........

agreed to u taanu 14
Edited by sweetmariyam - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
yeah i too agree with taanu14
Posted: 12 years ago is not about justifying the child marriage between Anurag and Tani...

it is the circumstances.....that have forced this matrimonial alliance.....see....for one, Bimlendu knows that he is about to die, leaving a hell lot of unfulfilled responsibilities on his wife...add to that another responsibility of a 14-year old young daughter, still to be wed, going through the rigorous exercise of finding a suitable match for her (which his wife would have had to do all alone), arranging for the wedding including all expenses - physical, social and emotional obligations etc... and then, also, there was no guarantee that the poor helpless family would have been able to find a genuine alliance/family for their daughter.....

in the face of his death, he gets the proposal from his best and most trusted friend, who offers his son's hand for his that he can be relieved of atleast this tension and his soul may also rest in peace free from all worldly tensions.......incidentally, both Anuraag and Taani are already the best of friends, and their chemistry and compatibility cannot be disputed...there is no doubt that best friends can turn to be very good life partners, as we could see, both the kids share a wonderful chemistry with their mom-in-laws, and rather confide in them this match was like heaven-made.....a perfect one...the only problem/issue remains the ages of the kids.......

but then, time is running out of Bimlendu's hands and the other elders (like Shekhar and his wife) who want to rid him of this major liability before his, the girl is still in her parent's home only, and they share just that friendship wala relation as of it is okay...nothing wrong with that...considering the hard-hitting circumstances, under which all of them were forced to perform this wedding.....
Posted: 12 years ago
I don't think he had justified...
He can at least made his friend keep up his promise.He would have done it after they were grown up. Smile
If you say he made it earlier to avoid them falling in love with someone else, they do despite of being married already! LOL (Anurag gonna fall for a girl right? Ouch)
After all, it's illegal and see how school going children are now trying to attract each other! LOL
Is this healthy? Confused
I'm really disappointed by the fact that many had voted 'yes'!

Edited by azfee - 12 years ago

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