Armaan Ke Liye ....

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Posted: 12 years ago
See This describes armaan ke dil ki haalat uske dil ki hhema kisi aur ki ho gayi aur us din se armaan ki baj gayi hai lmao it's time armaan goes to teh ash who's new to this  sanjivani societyEmbarrassedWink and play duppatta duppata with him& sing songs like this Kyonki PEHLI TOH GAYI


P.s Just noticed munna ko bhai duppatta face par aane par hi pyar hua that and Logon ki jaan armaan to bohat hi expert hai is duppatta play main
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Posted: 12 years ago
faryyy... Hug
u are giving ideas to cvs..ROFL
make a vm pleeeeejjjjjj
Posted: 12 years ago
HAHa I Might it's so sos o perfect for Mr Armaan see he needs to do this in sanjivani and really move on with his ashwariya

i liek the part sapna toota hai  and than phir kya hamare mohale main ashwariya aayi LMAO  he needs to stop sulking over Guzri baatein and have fun with his ashwariya Wink
Posted: 12 years ago
enough rona dona..
I like the dimple smile wala armaan.. Shilpa doesnt haev dupattas ..toh kya hua.. doesnt she have lehraata beautiful silky silky baal.. and eyelock ke liye toh bade bade kaale kaale aankhen bhiDay Dreaming
aur kya chaahiye armaan????
Posted: 12 years ago
Duppata na sahi toh ki hua shilpa ji paas Bracelets ki poori dukaan hai ROFL
Posted: 12 years ago
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Posted: 12 years ago
fary what is he supposed to do with bracelets yaar?? do juggling while singing aasmani???
Posted: 12 years ago
O-M-G, NOOOOOOOOO WAY HO SAY! Munna Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. *gets nostalgic*
Ok it's 1 am, and I think I will watch this movie right now on DVD. LOL This movie is as to Andaaz Apna Apna for me. Now this sort of comedy *a genre DMG is oblivious to*, I don't mind, because it has a purpose to it. Sure Munna Bhai was also far from reality, but with an intellect script and clear purpose, it made one feel good for 2.5 hours. Though miles away from reality, you appreciated the movie and you did not have to leave your brains conveniantly home to watch it.
For DMG, I leave my brain, body, soul....everything under the bed. Lmao. You really have even says that in the advisory section of the soap.
As for Armaan babes, usko yaar mill hee gayyee hai Aishwarya Shilpa ka roop mein. Ab toh sudhar jaa Armaan.
Sapna tootha toh dill kabhi jalta hai, haa thoda dard hua par chalta hai. (Made for Armaan!)
Sid ka dill tootha tha when Tammana left him, Riddhima ka dill tootha when Armaan was dancing away with chics at concerts...lekin look unka dill ka traffic phir ruka, lmao. You can't cry away your entire life staring at your ex lover's feet picture. Cmon with the cmon. Stern Smile
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