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Posted: 12 years ago
hey ARIANZ...Tongue
Guys we all LOVE AR....n we all know how much we miss them ....
so all those who liked today's that is 19.7.2010.plzz sign in...n tell how much u liked the episode...n AR have to be together...
plzz do comment..just for AR
the cv's should realise that AR=DMG
note: bashers can stay away
list of people who likes today's episode and want AR TOGETHER
2.kahha(my sis)
Edited by sneha_ksg - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
i guess no one liked todays episode except me
Posted: 12 years ago
twas beyond words.. i mean.. i sometimes dont understand that if the cvs know the only way to run their show .. y dont they use it ... i mean ..we can see thru these episodes that the cvs definitely know that AR is the only way to their success... why would anyone not do something that one knows is beneficial for them??? WEIRD!!!!Confused
Posted: 12 years ago
Sneha...Hug...what a post babe...Embarrassed....u r smashing it...

well I havent seen the epi coz I dont watch DMG anymore...LOL...but will def watch it for AR just their scene but I am guessing that every AR-ian loved their scene today so I am gonna love it too...and this just shows that AR are meant to be yaar...Embarrassed..

AR always & forever...Party..xx

Posted: 12 years ago
i haven't watched the epi yet but for the updates i give it a 10/10... this  might change after i WITNESS the magic of AR!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Yaaahhh i aint watchd itt buhh mann im gna lurvvv itt.. count me inn.. AR for mee is always lurvvv.. im gna watch it n im gnaa lurvv ittt n im gna dreamm bwt it at night n day dream bwt it in dah daiii.. woohooo i lurvv yu.. yu lurvv me.. we are a happy family.. with a big great hud n a kiss frm me to yuu.. AR.. AR.. AR forevaaaa....
Posted: 12 years ago
It made me watch DMg after ages
Says a lot itself
AR have such an ease and comfort while being close to each other
and so much concern for each other in their eyes
its LOVE - in a different from

They talked like they can talk to nobody else and the main point was that both were smiling so much being so close to each other :-)
Lke Riddhima had her genuine baskety smile on her face after ages
Armaan was still a bit shaken but u had to see him grinning when she smiled.Ahhhhhhhhhhh Bliss- they need to realise- its their LOVE that stil keeps their hearts beating
If either one of them wasnt there for the other- they'd be lifeless :)
will Love AR till whatever end it is fr them

Theirs is and i quote - The BEST lovestory
and they deserve the love together :-)

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