Eternalsiddhima(SR OS):I can't stand you hating me

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Posted: 12 years ago

Hey guys! OK, so this is another OS of mine. I've dedicated to my lovely friends and wonderful siddhimaaholics in I-F. Well in this OS I'm going to focus where Sid has seen Riddhima in Armaan's arms at lonavla. This is the first time I've written an OS with parts. So comment/criticize whatever you want. Enjoy!


I can't stand you hating me (part 1) – pg 1

I know you love me (part 2) – pg 4

A new journey begins (part 3) – pg 7



Eternalsiddhima (SR OS): I can't stand you hating me

Part – 1


After the horrible moment which Sid has witnessed and argued with both Riddhima and Armaan , he had a fatal accident which tore his ligaments in his leg. Riddhima and Armaan rush to see him and took him back to the orphanage.The next morning Sid was lying on the bed unconscious and Riddhima was standing next to him, looking at him, concerned, at that moment Armaan came to give her a painkiller. Armaan holds Riddhima's arms and they both have an eyelock. At that time Sid's sense came back and when he opened his eyes he saw Armaan and Riddhima looking at each other, he couldn't stand seeing them like this so he decides to get up and walk away from there. At that moment Riddhima holds his arms and says, " kaha jaa rahi ho?" Sid says in an angry way , " Ghar jaa rahi hoon". Riddhima reminds him, " Sid tum aisi halaat mein kaise jaaoge?" Sid says, " tumhe meri khayal rakhne ki koi zaruraat nahi." He stands up and tries to walk towards the door when Riddhima blocks his way. Riddhima says," main tumhara patni hoon. aur main wahi kar rahi hoon jo ek patni pati  ke liye karta hai. Tum jaha jaoge main waha aunga. Aur tum mujhe rok nahin paoge". Sid looks at her angrily. The next day Sid is heading towards his car. He can't stand to stay here a minute. Riddhima comes and sees him looking all tensed and concerned. She says, "kya kar rahi ho?" Sid says without looking at her," Ghar jaa rahi hoon." Riddhima says, "phir wahi baat? Sid humne iski bare mein baat kar chuke hain." Sid answers her immediately," Hum nahin, tum baat kar rahe the. Main to sirf sun raha tha. Iske matlab ye nahin ke har baar hi tadha main iss bar tumhari baat sunungi." Sid openes the door of the car and Riddhima holds his arm and makes him turn towards her. She says," Tumhe iss bar meri baat sunna paregi." Sid looking at her and said," Main bhi dekhti hoon ki tum  mujhe kaise rok ti ho." He gets into the car and starts the engine. Riddhima goes and stands in front of the car and says,"tum jana chahti ho na. to jao. meri upar jao." Sid says , " yeh befazur ke bate chodho aur meri samne se hato." Riddhima says, " come on Sid! upar se jao." Sid gets all angry and he pumps the acceleration paddle, trying to get Riddhima scared. Then he suddenly gives reverse to the car and drives so fast beside Riddhima that she couldn't stop him. Armaan was standing behind her seeing the whole scenario. Riddhima thinks," Chala gaya? Abhi dikha thi hoon." She turns around and says," Armaan meri saath chalo." She takes the keys from Armaan and drives the car. Sid was driving smoothly when it started to rain. Riddhima was driving in a speed that Armaan himself didn't drive before. Riddhima was driving in a speed of 100 km/h and was thinking," Aaj tumhe main raste me dhund lungi." Later the road became motionless and she could only see one car. She thinks," zarur Sid hoga." And a smile grew in her face. She parked the car far from that car and she got out in the rain. She said to Armaan," Tum vapas chali jao. tumhari orphanage me zarurat hain." Armaan without hesitating sat on the driver's seat and went back. Riddhima was all alone on the road and all she could see is a car. She recognized it and now she is damn sure that it's Sid's car. She walked up to the car and saw Sid sitting on the hood of the car and crying with his heads down. Riddhima couldn't stand to see him crying but she was afraid to aware him. Sid felt her presence and said, " Kyun tum hamesha aisi dard deti rehti ho? kyun?" Sid looked at her with tearful eyes. Riddhima couldn't stand Sid crying. His eyes were all red. Riddhima says," Tum theek to ho?" Sid answers immediately," tumhe kya lagta hain? mera sarr dard kar raha hain, mera ligament tore hue hain, main rote rote aankhon laal ho gaya hain aur tum pooch rahi ho ki main theek hoon? OF COURSE I'M NOT ALRIGHT DR. RIDDHIMA MODI! His scream pierced in the atmosphere and was echoing. Riddhima eyes swell and tears were rolling down her cheeks. Sid continued," tumhe koi andaaza hain ki mujhpar kya beeth rahi hai? tumhe kya lagta hai ki mujhe khushi ho rahi hain jab maine tumhe aur Armaan ko ek saath dekha? tumhe kya lagta hain ki mujhe khushi hoti hain jab main tumhe Armaan ke paas bhej ti hoon? tumhe kya lagta hain ki main bohot khush hoon tumhari beghair? Do you think you're a burden to me? YOU'RE NOT A BURDEN TO ME!" Riddhima just listened and looked at him with love and affection. Sid continued, " jis din se Armaan vapas ayi uss din se chayn se  neend nahi arahi thi. humesha socha agar main tumhe kho di to? magar kal jo dekha maine, mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai ki main tumhe kho chuki hoon. main tumhari khushi ke liye tumhe armaan ke paas bhej raha tha, kyunki maine tumhari pagalpan dekha hain armaan ke liye. har waqt tumhari khushi soch ti rahi aur tum mujhe aise return karti ho? jab maine socha ki main sab kuch bhool kar tumhari saath saree zindagi bitaungi?" He then shouts," I HATE YOU MRS. RIDDHIMA MODI!" Tears flowing from his cheeks. He starts to walk away when suddenly Riddhima hugs him tightly. Sid hugs her as well and both of them were letting out all the pain in each other's arms. Riddhima says, " mujhe nafrat maat karo. I can't stand you hating me." And she cries in his arms and he cries in her arms.



Posted: 12 years ago
forgive me for any typos. Enjoy my new OS!
Posted: 12 years ago
awesome OS....really great....magical...cant wait for the next part....Clap
Posted: 12 years ago
i luved it....plzzzzz continue soon.....plzzzzzzzzzz
Posted: 12 years ago
This os was beautiful pleze continue!!!:)
Posted: 12 years ago
superb Thumbs Up please continue soon
Posted: 12 years ago
this OS of yours is so mesmerizing!!!!!!!!!!.....and why only 3 parts????? siddhima!!!!!!!

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