Monday 19th July Written Update - Complete

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Posted: 12 years ago
AbHer return from their exams .. enter the house .. and Abeer tells Leher that she didn't say how her exams were. Dadi-Bua turn around to see that they have returned home. Leher tells Abeer that her exam went fine..but she couldn't get the picture of her father out of her head Ouch Abeer realises all are tensed .. walks towards Sudha, wondering "kya baat hai .. aap sab iss tarah chup chap .. kya hua?" Sudha brushes it off saying nothing happened and tells them that they have just returned, she will get them something to eat. Abeer realises something is wrong .. Dadi-Bua give Sudha some nasty looks Angry Abeer is on his way upstairs .. but Dadi stops him and asks him to sit with her and says "hume kya paraya samajhte ho?" Confused and looks at Leher sternly Angry Leher tells Abeer she will go freshen up .. Leher leaves and Abeer asks Dadi "hum aapko paraya kyun samjhenge? hum kuch samjhe nahin" Confused Dadi asks Abeer to sit beside her .. and starts about BB. She starts with "tumhare sasur-ji ki tabiyat itni kharab hai .." and no one told her anything about it. She says she knows that they don't have very good relations with them .. but in times of need, only one's family comes forward (Dadi na .. what games she is playing .. showing concern when there is none! Dead But looks like Abeer is not taking all the crap!) Dadi tells Abeer that Sudha sent the doctor to see BB and she didn't even tell TN before doing so .. and what happened .. Kul barged into the house and spoke ill about everyone. She says she knows how Kul is .. and asks Abeer not to worry and if he needs anything to help his in-laws .. they are there to help Dead Bua adds her 2 cents ... feels sorry for Leher that she is going through all this tension amidst her exams Dead Dadi adds .. saying that no matter how angry Kul is, on their part (VP's) they cannot forget their duties .. and no matter how upset the elders are, its the duty of youngsters to do their seva. Dadi plays the sanskaar card and says he is her grandson and has her sanskaars in him (yeah right Boodha .. not yours for sure .. and thank God for that! He has only Sudha's sanskaars in him!!) Dadi says that a son-in-law is like a son .. plus Leher does not have an elder brother, so Abeer is responsible for his FIL. Abeer begins to say something .. Dadi cuts him short .. says that BB has only 2 daughters and if not Abeer, who else will be his sahara. After having said so much .. she finally tells him that he must be exhausted after his exams .. and to go rest! Dead  
Abeer leaves and Bua is surprised at Dadi's plan .. and wonders why she is telling Abeer to do BB's seva .. Dadi tells her "hamara lalla sirf hamara nahin hai .. woh bahu ka Abeer bhi toh hai .. uska kuch toh haq banta hai uspar" Bua is confused and says she didn't understand anything!
Sudha comes to AbHer's room with some snacks .. Leher takes the tray from her and asks her what happened. Sudha first says nothing .. and then says that she made a mistake .. she thought of something but uska ulta hi ho gaya Ouch Sudha then brushes it off and asks Leher about her exam .. Sudha says she knows that her mind is distracted coz of her father, but she also knows that Leher has to fulfil her father's wish. Leher says that she was distracted .. but she somehow managed to finish it. Leher is in tears .. says she is so unfortunate that she can't ask for her father's health .. and then asks Sudha why everyone was in tension. Just when Sudha is telling Leher that she sent the doctor to BB's house to check on him .. Abeer enters the room and joins in the conversation. Leher feels happy and relaxed and thanks Sudha .. says to her that without her asking for anything, Sudha thought so much about her father's condition. Sudha then tells Leher that the result wasn't good .. and everything got more complicated, as Kul misunderstood the gesture. Abeer says to Sudha that she has always taught them to do the right thing and not to worry about the results. He asks her not to worry about Kul .. as everyone knows his nature. Sudha says both houses are so close, but so much distance in their relationships and she is unable to do anything about it .. but hopes that everything will be fine. Sudha tells them to eat something and relax .. Leher looks dejected and Sudha asks her not to worry and that all will be fine. Sudha is at the door .. turns around and asks to speak with him. Sudha tells Abeer to take care of Leher (awwww!) .. otherwise she is a strong girl, but is feeling low coz of her fathers ill-health .. and at such times 'pati ka saath bahut bada sahara hota hai' (Sudha is the best!!) Abeer assures Sudha .. says "hum har waqt Leher ke saath rahenge .. uska saath kabhi nahin chodenge. Ab toh khush ho?!" (awwwww!)
Sudha leaves ... Leher is worried about what Kul must have said and he will taunt her father. Abeer assures her that he is there and everything will be fine .. "Papa ko kuch nahin hoga" Smile And asks her to rest ..
At Mathur house .. Mridula gives BB his medicines and tells him that the day after they will get all the tests done and says she will not listen to him no matter what he says. Kul is walking up the stairs in a huff .. while Rama chachi is trying to stop him. Kul barges into BB's room and holds his feet .. says "jeevan safal ho gaya jo aap jaisa bada bhai mila hai" Angry BB tries to get up but Kul asks him to rest. Rama chachi says why are you always making a tamasha out of everything. Kul shouts back saying that he does not make tamasha .. but he understood everything when he found out that their neighbours sent the doctor. BB looks surprised .. Mridula tells him that BB is seriously ill and needs to rest. Kul says BB can rest .. but he needs to ask him one question .. "Kyun bhaisahab .. achcha laga padosiyon ki chaukhat par naak ragadna" Shocked Angry "Bheek hi maangni thi toh kisi chaurahe par baith jaate" Shocked Shocked Angry BB is shocked .. Rama chachi asks him to stop .. and says coz of his behaviour, everyone will someday suffer. Kul retorts .. says what will the mohalla think .. that despite him being around, the neighbours are paying for BB's treatment. Kul is worried about what people will think of him Dead Kul says first the VP's will send the top most doctor .. then will fight for the expenses Dead Mridula says that none of them went to their house .. and she knows nothing of who sent the doctor. Kul asks who paid for the treatment .. and says that if kids behave in this manner its understandable .. but she too is involved with them .. and says that Leher sent the doctor. BB is shocked .. Kul says "woh aapki laadli nahin .. dushmano ki bahurani hai" Angry BB asks Mridula if Kul is speaking the truth .. Rama asks Kul to leave the room, this is no time to discuss such matters .. Kul says "itni zillat sehne se toh aadmi mar jaaye" Angry  .. and Mridula shouts back! Rama says what apshagun he is speaking .. Kul says "shagun-apshagun ko maaro goli .. izzat bhi koi cheez hoti hai ki nahin?" Angry He says "hum hote toh dushmano ki di hui yeh dawai bhi nahin lete" .. and throws all the medicines on the bed! Angry Kul leaves .. and BB again asks Mridula if whatever Kul said was the truth .. BB understands it was the truth .. grabs the medicines from Mridula's hand and throws it .. says he will not take any ehsaan.. Mridula & Rama try explaining to him that Kul is angry and making a mountain out of a molehill.. Mridula asks him not to stress too much over it .. BB says "aaj hamari beti ne hume kahin ka nahin chhoda .. bhikaari bana diya". BB says first she sent the kangans .. and now this. Mridula says to him that Leher had not sent the kangans .. someone else did. BB asks what about today .. Mridula tries explaining to him that he is ill and whats wrong if their daughter helps them .. Naturally she will be worried about her father. Mridula says she knows he is upset with Leher .. but will speak with her and ask her to apologise to her father. Mridula picks up the phone and dials Leher's number .. Leher realises the call is from  her home and wonders if everything is fine .. She answers the call thinking its Bittan, but Mridula says its her .. Leher asks for BB's condition and Mridula says he is fine but very angry with her .. coz she sent the doctor to see him. Leher tells Mridula that she did not send the doctor .. Sudha did. She had gone for her exams and found out herself only after she returned. Mridula tells Leher to speak to BB and explains to him that Leher did not send the doctor but Sudha did .. BB is adamant that he does not want to speak with her .. Mridula insists .. BB says he does not want to speak to her and with that .. suffers a stroke!!! Shocked Ouch  
Leher realises what happened .. and rushes out of her sasural to her maika. Abeer (from the side window) sees her rushing into Mathur house. Kul is sitting in the living room and is surprised to see Leher rushing in .. Mridula, Rama & Leher are trying to wake him up .. Abeer comes in and Leher asks him to do something. Abeer calls Gaurav and asks him to get an ambulance to Mathur's home asap. Leher keeps apologising .. Abeer then calls the doctor and tells him that BB is unconscious.. and tells him that they are taking BB to the hospital. Abeer asks Mridula & Leher not to worry .. and carries BB downstairs.
At the hospital .. BB is taken into ICU. Mridula says to Leher that Bittan must have returned home. Abeer asks her not to worry, he will call Bittan. Outside the ICU .. Mridula & Leher are in shock with whatever happened and pray that BB will be alright. Doctor tells Abeer, Leher & Mridula that BB is very serious .. and looks like he has previously suffered a minor attack and they overlooked it or might not have realised. He says that BB should have been admitted a long time ago .. All 3 are shocked! Leher recollects the previous times BB fell unconscious ..
PRECAP : Doctor tells them that they might have to operate on him soon .. and asks Abeer to go to the finance dept and take care of the formalities. Abeer says he will .. Mridula asks him how much will it cost .. and the Doc replies 2 - 2.5 lakhs. All are shocked!
Video Update
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Posted: 12 years ago
thanks for the update, eks

wondering if i should watch the interview or the episode at lunch... if theres any awww, let me know otherwise i can awww over yarav interview Wink
Posted: 12 years ago

thanks Eks
will comment after I've watched the epi
Posted: 12 years ago
Thank you for the update Eksie. Was it an episode worth watching?
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks Eks for d update..poor daddy cool Unhappy ...
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks for update Eks
Sudha and Abeer again so sweetSmile
Posted: 12 years ago
 thanks eks.
ClapClap  7 for bb, he is fantastic today. superb acting man. hats off. today he is a star.
Clap   6 for leher. first time i nearly had tears in my eyes esp that phone scene
Clap  5 for dulhan. today she proved that if she get a chance then she can do anything.
ClapClapClap  3 for rama. esp for that tears in her eyes scene when bb throws medicines
DeadAngryDead this for kul. i hate him. dont want to write anything for him
 so overall today epi is worth watch as we get some very fine and excellent work esp from those jinse humne kabhi itna expect nahi kiya tha esp dulhan.
but one more thing now i hate kul and bb most.
kul to hamesha se aisa tha but  when bb throws medicines after knowing about leher then u can understand my feelings
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