Dharmesh seems to be upset with something

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Posted: 12 years ago
Dharmesh seems to be upset with something in today's show, may be he is not happy  with the way Ruturaj is been treated in last few episdoes..
Posted: 12 years ago
wasn't it his sweater? LOL

yeah he just looked bleh yesterday but probably just tired..RUTU is the man, i hope he's not elim'd next weekk =(
Posted: 12 years ago
prob cuz of sandip's comments toward ruturaj
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Posted: 12 years ago
He is probably upset about the whole RutuRaj thing. I mean anybody would be! I am really disappointed in how ZEE/Sandeep is criticizing the poor kid every opportunity they get!
Posted: 12 years ago
He has high hopes on Rutu. he's one of Dharmesh's strong contenders. He def. does not want him to be eliminated. But yea, i agree with Sandip a little bit, that majority of the dances that Rutu does is hiphop. but its not Rutu's fault..its whats given to him. Dharmesh maybe can give him other dance forms to show and prove to Sandip or others who feel he isn't as great. With that..he can make Rutu seem a strong all rounded contender. But he's not wrong to be upset..anyone wld be. Remember Manoj?! He was also given some harsh comments, last week..but he improved. same shld be with Rutu. I feel, Rutu is a fantastic dancer.. completely all rounded with each move.. such a flexible boy! With more choreography that diverts away from hip-hop a bit..wld make him shine and stand out! Approve
Posted: 12 years ago
One is not upset if they are not smiling LOL
But it can be either way...either he was just "thinking" or he is upset.

Im saying this because when i am thinking or just listening i tend not to show any emotion on my face & sometimes people think i am sad or upset about something because i am not smiling (this is cause i usually smile all the time haha)
Posted: 12 years ago
Wink He was upset with himself i believe...
he must be thinking why I never came out with an idea like Jai or Mayu/Vrush.....Dead
And with this Terence Sir coming to this show.... arghh...Angry
Let him be... ! Chill out...
Posted: 12 years ago
He didn't look angry to me to be frank. He must be knowing this whole Rutu thing is a make-up of all sorts. Or he might be again.

They must just be really tired. Even Mayuresh looked really exhausted to me. They do so much in one week, it's understandable! ;)

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