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Posted: 12 years ago

After seeing Rati's interview on TB one thing is clear that its basically the Creative Difference b'coz of which "Nupur's" character has been shown dead in the Show. As Rati mentioned that they were told that none of the character would be originally dieing in the Show and it was the suspence factor of Season-2. But then due to some creative differences Rati had to opt out of the Show. May be I or many of us would have accepted this decision had it actually been on mutual terms but this certainly does'nt seem to be so. Its more of Creative Difference than Mutual Agreement. So now i want the CV's to get Our Nupur/Rati Back in the Show. This Show basically ran around the 7 principle characters Nupur Mayank, Samrat Gunjan, Dia Benji and Uday and its Nothing without these 7. And CV's choose to KILL the character Nupur who was the One whole and Sole reason for whom most of us choose to bear even most ridiculous tracks of the Show. Had it not been Mayank Nupur we would have never ever wanted to watch those scene's in the Show. We accepted all that they did to Mayank Nupur. The bad editing, the not so happening costumes to the severely buttchered track ..... all was accepted by Us. But killing Nupur is something we cannot go with. Had they shown a happy End to Mayank Nupur, we would have still lived with it. But this END is certainly not acceptable.

So Guys get back to work as we want Our Nupur Back .... and Old Gang and Masti back. I dont care about the New Season or New characters but all I want is Old Gang back. We can have the track revolving around these 7 characters. Thier journey in the competitive world. How they cope to all this? All this would be accepted but with the Old Gang. And unless I get this I QUIT the Show. Others joining me can put thier names below

The petition to the Mission is as below

Star One's FaceBook Page!/pages/STAR-One/196095531362?ref=ts
ENdemol's FB Page Link
MJHT Facebook Page
Star One Number

+91 022 67227777

+91  2226304811
Indya.Come Site

Mail Id to MJHT CV's

People who wish to join and agree to me are most welcomed here but otherwise please stay away. This thread is meant for Fans who want Nupur and Old Gang/Fun Element Back
Bring Rati Pandey Back Mission Fan Page on FB
Rati Pandey Fan Club (search on FB)
For additional queries you can pm me or Gagan.

I would frequently Edit this Thread with all the Important Informations.



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Thread 4:
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Posted: 12 years ago
CONGO Ratians for theard 5 WOW! Go guyz Hug
Posted: 12 years ago

rati come back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted: 12 years ago
Congo Ratians for d new thread...... Party

we r doing good....hope 2 get Rati back very soon.................. Thumbs Up Big smile

thnks nidz for d new one....
Posted: 12 years ago
congo guys...............Tongue
Posted: 12 years ago
guys go and spam the walls of starone and mjht facebook nowwwwwwwww
Posted: 12 years ago
Those of you who are discussing PMs and stuff here, shame.
Those all are confidential stuff.

And please be clever enough to make out who's reliable and trustworthy, and who's not.
Posted: 12 years ago

congo guys,keep rocking

finally tmrw i can call them

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