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Posted: 12 years ago
I have been thinking Since yesterday to open this thread so I finally opened it and here it is......Radev dream scene is a scene with radev in it that you would love to se in CB! Here is my Radev dream scene!!                                                                                                                                                                  Dev goes to the office and while coming home it starts raining he gets All wet and then goes home...When he is in the car he is sneezing....When he reached home He goes to his room and then Radhika is sitting there watching T.V.....She sees Him Come in and turns the T.V off.....He sneezes alot...She asks him if he is okay....He replies..Yeah...Then he sneezes once more nad Radika feels his forhead...Its really warm....Then we see radhika talking care of Dev...                                                                                                          That is my Radev dream scene what is yours??? Big smile
Posted: 12 years ago
ok hotie, since i have 10 more minutes left here .... herelet me try  your same dream but in different way..   ( but truely speaking no clue whether our Cv team will sent him to office Confused).
Ok here you go...
Dev goes to the office and while coming home it starts raining he gets All wet and then goes home...When he is in the car he is sneezing....
 He stopped the car at the front door and walked in with wet dress and wet hair. He looks around and it had only dimmed lights around. Radhika peek from the kitchen and see him going to the stairs.
Radhika with a smile: aap agaye, fresh hoke jeldi ajavo,  khana legadenge..
Dev smile back and walk upstairs...
Radhika arranged everything on the table and the steam was flying up from the hot bowls...   she looked up but no sign of Dev...  Radhika thinking...  " kya hogaya, ethne der kyum leg rehe hei' and she went upto the room to check on..
She enter the room and sees Dev still in same dress , just sitting on the sofa, with resting his head on the raised aprt of sofa...  
Radhika got concerned and walk faster and sit near him very closely...
Radhika: kya huva..  you didn't change yet..  the dress is out on the bed..
No response, Dev still laying with closed eyes...  She touch him, and find it all wet... 
Radhika: your dress is all wet,... she stroke thru his hair...  oh dear you are completely wet...
Radhika pulling on his arm: uthona,  change karo.. otherwise you may get sick...   com'on..
Dev just opened his eyes and smiled and then a big: achoooooooooo
Radhika; you are catching a cold..
She went and brought a towel, and start drying his hair and then, made him to sit straight and unbotton his shirt and dried his body...  then made him stand and pushed him to the bathroom to change to new dry cloth...   Dev with a weak body , goes change and come back...  still with a sick face..
Radhika; let's go down and have dinner..
Dev: mum hum...
Rahdika; kya?
Radhika; i don't feel like eating..
Radhika: aisa kaisa ho saktha hei... ok then i am also not going to eat.
Dev: no Radhika , i am really feeling tired, i am going to bed...
Radhika run near to him: tho theek hei mei bhi kuch nahi kha rehe hum
Dev felt bad: ok, chalo... let's have dinner..
Radhika with a happy smile on her face  walked down with him..    Dev saw the steam coming out from the bowl, eventhough he felt sick, he ate good...
Dev went upto the room and just stood near the balcony..
Radhika closed kitchen , went upstairs and found him  standing at the balcony... she smiled
Radhika: somebody told me he is sick..
Dev with a smile: i feel better now..
Radhika went near and hugged him from the side : ha, aisa he hotha hei.. when you listened to the people who care about you...  you will feel better and make the other person also feel better.
Dev smiled and then circled his arms around her, Radhika rested her head on his chest and tightened her arm....  he with a smile on his face , tightened his arms around her..
 They stood in each others embrace...  The full moon was smiling silently...     ad the peeking stars danced in happiness.....  
So this is ofr you dear, hopefully you will like it..Big smileBig smile
Posted: 12 years ago
This is really nice Devika it is so cute I loved it very much! Thanks for sharing!Edited by hotie - 12 years ago
Posted: 12 years ago
Loved the two dream scenes! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Posted: 12 years ago
Loved both the scenes.  Keep it rolling girls..
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks ladies :)
Posted: 12 years ago
thanks ladies,
they were amazing to read
Posted: 12 years ago
Thanks very nice dream scenesWink

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