Kashmira was the only threat: Roshni Chopra

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Posted: 12 years ago

Kashmira was the only threat: Roshni Chopra

After chasing hens, bathing buffalos and picking cow dung, cooking on traditional chulhas for the villagers, Roshni Chopra baged the title of walked away with the title of India's "Desi Girl". The show started with eight glamour girls - Monica Bedi, Anmol Singh, Rucha Gujarati, Ishitta Arun Sambhavna Seth, Kashmera Shah, Roshni Chopra, and Aushima Sawhney. Beating all the odds, Roshni Chopra, Kashmira Shah and Ishita Arun raced in the finale but Roshni Chopra won the maximum hearts in Sialba Majri.

Roshni was excited to interact with us after the finale of the show and spoke to us about her experience. Scroll down to find out exclusively what she has left behind to be part of the show.

What did you miss the most when you were in Sialba Majri?

I missed my family, my husband and mom and dad alot. I am happy now.

Which was the moment when you were scared the most?

When the people over there were showing the graph and all during the time of the show, I was really scared at that point of time.

If not Roshni, than between Ishita and Kashmira who would have been the winner?

Kashmira as she got quite alot of votes and people around me were saying, she will be the winner as she is getting lot of votes and she deserves to win. Kashmira was a very strong contender and she was the one who was very strong throughout the show.

Were you confident about your success?

Yes, I was confident since day one because villagers were with me and they supported me and love mattered alot to me.

You were less involved with controversies? What was your take about it?

I went there to share love and wasn't there for controversies. Its like having a second life. I got to see life is a different way. My experience in Sialba Majri has been one of the most challenging journeys and gave me a different window altogether.

You were looking very gorgeous in the finale, so was that the glow of victory which you were sure about?

Thank You! Yes as I told you, I was confident since day one and I believed I deserve the title and always knew that the villagers love me.

Posted: 12 years ago
so fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate her! and yeah ok..she wasnt looking pretty at all!!!!!!!!!!! Just go to hell!
Posted: 12 years ago
i stopped watching this show after monica left...... just read this topic today that Roshni won..... well we figured that out way back!!!!!! especially when she won that "kabaddi match"...... LOL...... the show lost its charm when they started playing "not fair" on screen!!!!! rohit/ronit have been roshni's friends from tele time..... so why wouldnt she win.......
Posted: 12 years ago
Roshni Deserved to win I am happy for her.
Kashmera and Roshni were my best, I did not mind anyone winning, the only person I did not want to win is Sambarvna.

Roshni Chopra

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