Round 11: Anuradha Paudwal

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Posted: 12 years ago
Anuradha Paudwal

O Priyaa Priyaa

Please rate her performance 1-10.

Here are some important notes:

  • 10 is the highest rating, 1 is the lowest
  • You are NOT rating the song
  • You are NOT rating how much you like Anuradha Paudwal
  • You are NOT rating how much you like her singing in general
  • You ARE rating how well she sang in this song in particular
  • Please listen to the song before rating
  • Final score will be computed after about 2 days of voting and after judges have also given their ratings

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Feel free to discuss her rating for this performance!

Posted: 12 years ago
Haven't heard this song in a while. I think this whole album, Dil, was one of the best ever made. All of its songs became popular. This song shows Anuradha's strengths. A sad song, where she displays her powerful vocals and beautiful voice (despite the subpar quality of the track because its so old). Great, just great.
Posted: 12 years ago
The bars have been raised extremely high in this round. Every track is a gem in its own.

Call this track outdated but but but...

It makes for a good listening.
This is a sad yet an expressive track. And Anuradhaji pumps in loads of it. Ditto for Sureshji. Its the beginning of he golden era of the 1990s and its clean and melodious track.

Anand Milind's background music is of an avantgarde quality in this track. A song expressing a sad situation requires a whole lot of feel to be put into it and it requires accurate voice modulation and strength while singing more of high notes, all of which anuradhaji has put into this one.

The tempo is consistent. But you have to give full marks to her for singing with such astonishing feel that it literally moves into that sinking feeling. Its not really a track that you can draw conclusions upon by just listening to it once. Go deep into it and we come to appreciate the voice quality that both the singers have lended to it.

Now for a typical listener this track may sound easy on the ears. But no. Its a difficult song to sing, simply because the feel factor is very high and a combination of strong vocal cord plus control of breath is the crux of this track.
And anuradhaji deserves every single accolade for putting her sincere efforts.

I am tempted to give full but will give it a solid 9, simply because kavitaji overshadowed her.
But make no mistake, this track too has a charm of its own and a worthy addition to the compilation for this round.

Posted: 12 years ago
such a beautiful track... anuradha sang is sooo beautifully... i am judging somewhere between an 8 and a 9...

i'll give her a 9 out of 10...!
Posted: 12 years ago
Mindblowing singing by Anuradha Paudwalji!
As I said, I'm going to be a little stricter grading songs.
As I said, songs like this are her forte. They show her strengths. It's a sad song, that requires powerful vocals, and she excels in those. Right when she enters the scene for the song, the song goes to new heights. o piyaa, piyaa, main teree piayaa . Just great singing.
Then she goes a low, and finishes high again in the main sequence. Takes a lot of talent to sing like that. Great voice qulaity throughout as well. Even with the track quality not as good since it's 20 years old.
I also like hte little harkat she puts on the main, when she sings, main teree piayaa . That was also nicely done. I noticed it the 2nd time she went through it.
Also, great expressions throughout the song. I mean, it really sounded like she was really sad and depressed. Sudesh Wadkar also did decent, better than usual, but Anuradha totallyl overshadowed him, and its when she was singing the song took off.
Overall singing by Anuradha was excellent! The low and high pitches combined with great feel and some nice harkats. Brilliant performance. Despite having a tougher scale, where I always round down, I think this was a 9 caliber performance at least. Maybe 9.5. So I'll stick with
Rating: 9/10  
Posted: 12 years ago

Great singing by Anuradhaji here! This song is not easy to sing at all! Maintaining the feel along with the high notes is an uphill task!

While the high notes are perfect, everytime she sings 'kya hain meri majboori, kaise main bataoon', its unclear and a bit strained ... this cud've been fixed easily with software but we are looking at a time when such software was not used so I do want to give her that benefit here!
Excellent expressions throughout, you can feel her pain when she sings 'mujhpe yakeen kar, yun na ilzaam de'
I will give her 9/10
Posted: 12 years ago
Every track I am listening to is ek se baddkar ek ...haven't heard this song before ...had to give few listens ...Anuradha ji sang it beautifully ...inspite of subpar audio quality her voice clarity is evident ....However the song didn't over whelm me the way Kavitaji's Paigaam lawa sawan did ( another song I hadn't heard before) .... I find her voice shrill at the higher notes .....and that for me takes away the woww factor in me  ...
So I give this song an...................................................................................8
Posted: 12 years ago
1st half of Round closes in about 7 hours!!!

Anuradha Paudwal Radha

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