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Banner by me =)

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i -

To those who don't know me, my name is Sharona.I'm 20 years old.This used to be Candy Creationz but i have decided to change it officially to Sharona.Creationz

Thanks to everyone for their comments, friendship,  criticism & support. They got me to my 11th Shop/Gallery and have inspired me to make many more. Thank you to everyone who appreciates my work and uses it, it makes me really happy to see my hard work being used. 

I have been inspired by all the sig makers i have ever guys are the best

If you ever feel that i am copying someone or you, please tell me because i would not want to do that and would appreciate it if my work doesn't get copied. so please do not copy.

*** My copyright sign will be  Sharona.Creationz/IF & for avi's sharona ***

Links to previous shops


I will post my newest creations on page 1 so if you want to check out some of my newest creations but can't find the page then don't worry, just come to page one, there will also be a index where you can look up the pages. The creations posted in the next post are the free to use ones not requests...some requests are free to use but for that you will have to check the other pages in the index list

Also visit my youtube account - there you will find all my video mixes =)

Special Announcement
If you want me to PM you when i update or open then click the like button on the next post, i will use that as my PM list.

- U p d a t e s -

Pg 6 : First Batch Requests
Pg 11 : Second Batch Requests
Pg 18 : Requests
Pg 22 :
MaanGeet, SidRashmi, SonamK & Reqs for forums
Pg 40 : First Batch Requests
Pg 45 : Second Batch Requests
Pg 50 : Third & Last Batch Requests
Pg 54  :
MaanGeet, ArTi, Me & short story written by me
Pg 63 : First Batch Requests
Pg 65 : AR, Fanaa, SaJan & Requests
Pg 73 : Requests
Pg 75 :
KaJen/AR, SaJan, MaYur/ArTi, Armaan/KSG, Maneet, Delena & Enrique
Pg 81 : SaJan, MaYur, Rati Pandey, RanbirPriyanka & Reqs for the RBO forum
Pg 90 :
Sukirti Khandpal,  ShaanKhanak, MayankNupur, KabirJyoti,

    -   S h a r o n a     -
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Please press Like button if you want a pm update or when i'm open notice pm

PM List ( Updated Every Sunday )

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Video Avi's (For stacked ones PM me)



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Posted: 2010-06-16T17:26:22Z
Congrats Sharona. Hope your shop keeps rocking and may you open many more shops. Looking forward to all your stuff.

Love Harsha.
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Posted: 2010-06-16T17:26:53Z
Congrats Sharona! I am so happy for you! And hope you open many many more hun! <3

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Posted: 2010-06-16T17:28:28Z
Congo on the new shop!! :)

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Posted: 2010-06-16T17:41:14Z
congo shorona and plz do make some imransonam avis:D
keep rocking
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Posted: 2010-06-16T17:45:48Z
Congo on the new shop Sharona.
Do update soon!
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~~ Happy Birthday Sharona ~~

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Happy Birthday Sharona and Zainab!!!

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