Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 43)

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@ Gunu - omg it's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Hug kaisi ho behna? all better, I hope, and ready to rock us with some amazing insights and creations like this one.... it's so so SOOOO cute, esp love the 2nd and 3rd effect! Sweet and simple, with perfect text and effects... love it Clap Can't wiat to see more!!
Ya its meeeeeeeHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug I'm fine....Kripa Krishna kiWink....ya I'm readyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...awwwwwwwwwwww...............thanx a bazzzzzzzzzzzzzzziiillllllllliiion for liking it!!StarStarStarStar Btw 'm so sorry for not replying to Ur treasure updt....Cry coz of my illnessDead will U forgive me for datShocked I'll def reply abt Ur treasure shop nxt time!Embarrassed Is dat fibe wth U??ShockedYa...there is much more to come..Embarrassed Btw thanx for d fabulous Gauri pooja updt...I'm again sorry for not giving U d updts of d same pics.....DeadCrybt now U have it..Embarrassed just wuuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv U like anyhting!!Embarrassed
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Hey Guys,

Here is a Shwetaji siggie I made just now from the gorgeous pic update Lola posted.Big smile Feel Free to Use...
Woooooooooooooooowwwwwww awesome sig....luvin' all d 3 effects...OMG....its so b'ful n divine!!EmbarrassedClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap B'ful use of folral brushes n text textures!!StarStarStarStarStarStarClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

OMG Gunia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ShockedShockedShocked This sig is soooooooooooooo spectacular, am just loving it so much!Day Dreaming The textures, brushes, everything is just soooooooooo pro, am not even joking. What do you mean, you lost your touch? You are as superb as ever at your creations, this one is rocking our CC after such a long time!Dancing Am def going to snag it into my slideshow soon! Love the 1st and 3rd styles the best, can't choose!Tongue
Aww, don't worry hun, reply to PMs and shop updates when you feel up to it. Take tons of rest.Big smile Am so glad that you're back! I too will be taking my time reply to all PMs, so you're not the only guilty one.WinkLOL
Wuv you!Hug
Awwwwwwwwwwwww.............thanx for liking it sooooooooo much!Embarrassed Aww.......really is it soooooo nice??Shocked...Ya I thought I lost my touch...coz I've not practiced sig-making frm so many days...so I thought...Dead Aww.........thats so nice of u to use my sigs everytime n make me feel so happy n confident abt my creations!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile U don't have any idea....U're an amazing person!Day Dreaming Btw thanx for showing soooo much of luv n support!!Embarrassed yuppp don't worry I'll take tonnnnnnes of rest! Bt I can't resist myself coming here n create sigs n share d same wth U ol!Big smile I'm also glad to join U back!StarHa...ha....thanx for sharing d 'sweet' crime wth me...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
Wuv you too!HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
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Originally posted by lola610

@ Lali -the Gauri Pooja sig is just blowing my mind, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!!!! PErfect brushes and LOVE the 3rd colorization effect, it's mesmerizing Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming Using now, but I'm thinking you'll be coming up with so many awesome ones from these pic updts that I'll have to send you a loooonnnggg slideshow additions pm real soon Wink Seriously though this is one of the prettiest sigs ever!!! In other news, your most welcome for the pic updt and many more to come, so don't breath a sigh of relief about updating the ToC hun I'll keep you on your toes LOL And thanks for the sig liking, night-making, and superb suggestion!!! Love it, will get on it real soon? Ramayan Gauri Pooja text, SK, or something totally different? And until then, how's this one... still working on it, more versions to follow:

Modified version of Ramayan Pushp Vatika text (premi ksheer sagar ke)

Modified version of NDTV Ramayan Gauri Pooja text:

Actual SK Gauri Aarti:

Storing raw version here too, just in case I come up with any changes:

OMG!!!! This is something beyond awesome!!!!!Day Dreaming Ab main apni nazrein kaise hatau ye bhi to bata deti???ShockedLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Really....b'ful use of brushes n fabulous selection of pics....hmmm luving Ur idea of modified version of Premi ksheer sagar ke!!EmbarrassedClapClapClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStar Btw thanx for d Krishna n poor fruit seller updt!! Grt updt n amazing lyrics of our merciful LordClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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Now here is another Siya-Ram siggie I madeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...... Feel free to use!Big smile Hope U'll like it!!Tongue Plzzzz comment OK!!Embarrassed
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Of course Lola. I know we think alike always. So what you meant to say was the same which I elaborated from my side. I have read your wonderful fanfic over the childhood of Vibhishan and Kumbhakarna (You emphasized over their different nature in that fanfic in very neutral, practical, objective and positive way rather than their righteousness in normative way.) and that was just awesome as I had told you before and also we share the same views over Vibhishan as Orkut buddies. Only thing why I wrote that I agreed in different sense and not in whole sense with the literal reading of your short and excellent post was because I made the distinction between the growth part and status part. By that I didn't mean that I disagree with your view. I meant I agreed with one possible way of interpreting your post (from the point of view of nature and stage of realization/knowledge of soul and subjective situational choice/decision) and disagreed with another possible way of looking at the same action or character (about the objective equality of greatness of the actions of the two comparable characters) but that didn't imply that you also have that opposite view. So I just posted OUR views in detail.Smile

And that Makraksh explanation was also superb pick!!!

But what happens is that when I try to empathize these characters or try to put myself in their place (Kumbhakarna/Meghnaad/Karna/Bhishma), I feel embarrassed with myself or start pitying myself. OMG! What sort of situation I have put myself in that I have to follow such rubbish duty!!!Unhappy What sort of ignorant nature I carried throughout my life with attachment and bondage!!! How unfortunate situation I have created for myself!! Let me leave Duryodhan and go to other side. To hell with this stupid pratigyaa or mitra rinn. My Krishna is over there (He Vidhaataa! Yeh tune mujhe kis ore laa kar khadaa kar diyaa. He Gangaaputra Bhsihma!! Tum kahan par khade ho?!!).

And then my empathy breaks out because my natural instincts go against their naturally selected actions due to their virtues that they followed throughout their life as a rule rather than with open mind to make them tools for the greatest cause.

The fact is that these great great guys followed some of the highest values or virtues of mankind with steadfastness but the very point that they had no flexibility in sacrificing those virtuous values (like Yudhishthir partially demonstrated with his Ardhasatya in battlefield once) for greater cause; I feel sorrow for them. The fact that these great values were still lower than Ananya bhakti of supreme leaving all social dharmas aside, the times when sooner or later these values of these Karmyogis with niswaarth ahankaar were going to conflict with devotion to God, they were naturally bound to take the wrong side. Misfortune.

Now I will post the dialog of Ravan-Kumbhkarna scene and my interpretation of the same.
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Kumbhkarn near the balcony of Ravan's palace

Ravan: Dirghaayu bhav!

Kumbhkarn: Maharaj! Mujhe jo Virupaaksh ne sunaya hai, kya woh satya hai, ki is samay vaanar sena ne, Lanka ke gird ghera daal diya hai; aur Lanka par sankat ke baadal chhaye hue hain?

Ravan: Haan taat! Is samay Lanka sankat me aa gayee hai. Isiliye tumhe, asamay me hi jagaaya gaya hai. Kyunki hum sab ki aashaa, ab keval tum par hi kendrit hai. Shatru ne, alp samay me hi hamare pramukh pramukh yoddhaon ko maar daala hai. Jab tak samudra paar ke dusre sthaano se aur raakshas yoddha sahaayta ke liye nahi aa jaate, tab tak is bachi khuchi sena se, Lanka ki suraksha karna bahut hi kathin dikhai deta hai. Lanka ka kosh bhi khali honewala hai. Isliye bhi tumhara yuddhbhoomi me jaana aavashyak ho gaya hai.

Kumbhkarn: Indrajeet se kuchh nahi hua?

Ravan: Jab ham swayam Ram se takkar nahi le sake, to Indrajeet unka saamna kaise karta tha? Isliye hamne abhi use yuddhbhoomi me nahi bheja.

Kumbhkarn: Aap swayam kya rannbhoomi me gaye the?

Ravan: Haan. Jab Prahast aur Makraaksh bhi maare gaye, tab hamne soch liya, ki shatru, aise yoddhaon se vash me aanewala nahi hai. Yuddh lamba hota jaayega. Aur Lankavaasion ka manobal, din prati din mand hota jaayega. Isliye hamne nishchay kar liya, ki ham swayam jaa kar, ek hi vaar me, shatru ka samool naash kar den. Parantu shatru itna nirbal nahi nikla jitna hamne samjha tha. Usne hamare samastra astron ko kaat kar hame nihattha kar diya. Aur sabse badi chot to usne hame tab pohonchaayee, jab usne us avastha me hamara vadh nahi kiya. Yuddh me marne se hamari veerta ko daag nahi lagta. Parantu usne hame apmaanit karke waapas bhej diya hai. Aaj saaraa sansaar ham par hasta hoga. Yahan tak ki Sita bhi hamara uphaas karegi. Ab ham kaunse gaurav ke ahankaar ko le kar, uske saamne jaayenge? Kumbhkarn, mere bhai. Isliye bhi tumhara yuddhbhoomi me jaa kar, un vaanaron aur maanavon ka bhakshan karna aavashyak ho gaya hai. Aaj Raakshas jaati ki laaj, tumhare haath me hai. Tumhe Ravan ke apmaan ka badla lena hai, Ram se.

(Note that Ravan begged and went into the shelter of Kumbhakarn. He didn't beg the shelter of Vibhishan. Ravan Kumbhakarn ki sharan me gaya tha aur usne Vibhishan ko dhutkaar diya tha. That is the big difference to be kept in mind before we start comparing relatively Kumbhakarn and Vibhishan and the morality & correctness of their respective decisions.)

Kumbhkarn: SmileSmileSmile He he he. Teeno lokon ka vijeta Ravan, jinke aage, shastrahin, Shreehin, aur maanhin ho kar reh gaya, us par bhi, aapne is baat par dhyaan nahi diya, ki vaastav me, Shri Ram kaun hain!!

Ravan (Shouting): Kumbhkaran!!!AngryAngry Shatru ko Shree laga kar, sambodhit mat karo.

Kumbhkarn: Maharaj! Aankhen bandh kar dene se, Soorya ka prakaash lop nahi ho jaataa. Jo teeno lokon ke swaami hain; swayam Shrimaan Naaraayan hain, unhe Shri Ram hi kehena padega. Bhaiya shaayad aap yeh bhool gaye hain, ki Shree Ram se kai pidhiyan pehele, Ikshuwaku vansh ke ik raajaa ne, aapko shraap diya tha, ki jab, swayam Shrimaan Narayan hamare kul me avtaar lenge, tab, wo usi nar roop me, aapka vinaash karenge! Woh baat bhi bhool gaye Shocked jo Naarad ne mujhe bataayee thi; ki Vishnu ne raakshason ka naash karne ke liye, Ayodhyapati Dashrath ke ghar janm liya hai. Bhaiya!!! Brahmaa ki baat bhi bhool gaye!! Phir bhi aap maharani Sita ka haran kar laaye!!!ShockedAngry Jo swayam Lakshmi ka avtaar hai.

Ravan: Hame apni behen ke apmaan ka badlaa lena tha. Hamare bhai ke vadh ka pratishodh, kya hamara kartavya nahi tha?

Kumbhkarn: Tha. To us kaarya ko veeron ki bhaanti karte. Choron ki bhaanti, ek stree ka haran karke, kya aapka mastak gaurav se uncha ho gaya hai? Shoorpankha meri bhi to behen thi. Aaj mujhe jis prakaar uthaaya hai, us din, yah heen kaarya karne se pehle mujhe jagaate, to mai aapko bataataa; ki pratishodh kaise liya jaataa hai.Angry Raja ke liye uchit hi nahi, yah aavashyak bhi hai, ki woh har mahatvapoorn kaarya, apne param vidwaan, aur sachche hitaishi mantrion ke, paraamarsh se hi kare. Raja ko, chaampluso, aur aise swaarthi mantrion ki baaton me, nahi phansna chaahiye; jo apna niji hit, aur arth swaarth ke liye, raja ke saath, apne desh ko bhi, shatru ke haathon bech sakte hain. Aise hi mantriyon ke liye, shaastra kehta hai; ki

Vinaashayanto bartaaram sahitaaha shatrubhirbudhaihi;
Vipareetaani krityaani kaaryantihin mantrinaha.
Taanbhartaa mitrasankaashaan amitraanmantranirnaye;
Vyavahaarena jaaneeyaatsachivaanupasanhitaan.

Ravan: Kumbhkaran. Yah samay shaastra sunaane ka nahi hai. Har baat apne apne samay par thik lagti hai.

Kumbhkarn: Yahi to mai kehna chaahta hun bhaiya; ki aapne uchit samay par, uchit baat nahi ki. Niti kehti hai, ki purush ko, dharm, arth aur kaam ka sevan; uchit samay par hi karna chaahiye. Jaise, praatah kaal dharm ka, madhyaahan kaal me arth sevan ka, aur raatri me kaam sevan ka, vidhaan hai. In teeno me bhi dharm shresth hai. Atah, jahan arth aur kaam ka sevan dharm viruddh ho, wahan un dono ki upeksha kar ke, dharm ke anusaar hi chalna chaahiye. Sita ka haran karte samay aapne dharm aur adharm ki baat nahi sochi. Mandodari bhabhi aur Vibhishan ki niti aur dharmyukt baat nahi suni. Keval apni kaam vaasnaa ki purti ka bahaana dhundha hai aapne. Isika yah phal hai, jo aaj saare Lankavaasi bhog rahe hain.

Ravan: Ek guru ya aachaarya ki bhaanti hame updesh sunana hai, to jao. Ja kar phir se so jao. Hame tumhari koi aavashyakta nahi hai. Yah samay hai sankat ka. Is samay tumhara kya kartavya hai, wahi baat karo. Maan liya hamne bhram se, Narayan ko nahi pehchaana. Maan liya apne chitta ke moh me, ek stree ka haran kar liya. Maan liya apne gaurav aur ahankaar me, hamne kisi ka paraamarsh nahi suna. In sab baaton ki charchaa karne se, itihaas pichhe nahi mud jaayega. Jo bit gaya, buddhimaan uska shok nahi karte. Bhavishya ki chinta, karmyogi nahi karta. Is samay, is kshan kya karna hai, uska hi nishchay aavashyak ho jaata hai. Tum nishchay kar lo, ki tumhara apni jaati ke prati, apne bhai ke prati, kuchh kartavya hai, ya nahi? Tum hame shaastra suna rahe the? Are shaastra me to yah bhi likha hai, ki bhai ne yadi koi paap bhi kiya ho, woh apraadhi bhi ho; tab uska sankat me jo saath de, wahi BHAI kehlane ke yogya hota hai. Apradhi ko to shiksha sabhi de sakte hain; parantu bhai wahi hai, jo sankat me saath khada rahe, sahayata kare, shiksha na de.

Sa suhridyo vipannaartham dinamabhyuprapadhyate;
Sa bandhuryoapaniteshu saahaayyaayopakalpate.

Soch lo. Ravan ke kaaran hi sahi, parantu Ravan ke saath, Raakshas jaati ka vinash ho jaay; yah tumhe swikaar hai ya nahi? Tark ka samay nahi hai. Yadi mann me koi sanshay hai. Yadi kartavya ka path saaf dikhai nahi deta; to yuddh me jaane se koi labh nahi. Jao. Ja kar so jao. Ravan ko apni aan nibhaanaa, aur shaan ke saath jeena aur marnaa, dono aate hain. Jao.Angry

Kumbhkarn: Bhaiya! Aapne mujhe thik prakaar se samjha nahi. Maine jo kaha, wah ek sachcha hitaishi hone ke naate kaha. Wah mera adhikaar bhi tha, aur kartavya bhi. Is samay mujhe kya karna hai, uske baare me, na mere mann me koi shanka hai, na mere path pe koi andhakaar. Mai to chhota bhai hun; aur chhote bhai ka ek hi dharm hai. Jab tak woh jivit hai, aur swasth hai, tab tak bade bhai ko koi kasht nahi hona chahiye. Uske jiteji, yadi bade bhai ko chinta rahe, ya woh sankat me aa jaay; to chhote bhai par dhikkar hai. Chhota bhai mitr bhi hai, aur sevak bhi.

Ravan (Very softly & proudly): Kumbhkaran. Hame tum par garv hai. Tum Raakshas jaati ki naak ho.

(Now the talk takes the shape of giving motivation to each other after the end of the war of justifications & arguments)

[color=orange]Kumbhkarn: Bhaiya. Ab aap yuddh ki chinta bhool jaaiye. Mai aapko vachan deta hun, ki aaj Sooryaast hone se pehle, un vanvaasi raajkumaaron ke mastak, Lanka ki gali-goonchon me se, gend ki bhaanti, peiron se ludkaata hua le kar aaunga. Taaki, jinke pyaare sambandhi, is yuddh me maare gaye hain, wah bhi aa kar, use ek ek thokar, maar sake. Yadi mai jeevit raha, to aaj raat ko Lanka me vijay ka utsav hoga. Parantu...

(This shows his mind clarity & positivity – he was looking indifferently towards both the opposite outcomes of his actions – hato va praapsyasi swargam, jeetva va bhokshyase mahim – sthitpragya)

Ravan: Parantu kya?Shocked

Kumbhkarn: Parantu bhaiya. Sabki baat sach nikli; aur, woh sachmuch Bhagwaan hai; to bhi mai pith nahi dikhaunga. Apne bhai ki aan ke liye, rannbhoomi me ladta hua mar jaaunga, yeh mera vachan hai.

Ravan: Mrityu ki baat hi mann me kyun laate ho Kumbhkaran. Tum avashya vijayee hoge. Ham senanaayak ko aadesh dete hain, ki tumhare saath jaane ke liye, chaturangini sena taiyar ki jaay.

Kumbhkarn: Nahi bhaiya. Mujhe sena ki koi aavashyakta nahi. Ha ha ha ha ha. Rannbhoomi me mai akela hi jaaunga. Mere haath me keval Shiv ka trishool hoga. Unki aadhi sena, to mere paanv ke neeche kuchal jaaegi. Ha ha ha ha. Bhaiya. Mujhe aagyaa dijiye. Aur aashirwaad dijiye ki mere kaaran, aapka gaurav aur badhe. Bhaiya. Ek praarthana karun?

Ravan: Kaho.

Kumbhkarn: Yadi mai rannbhoomi me maaraa gaya, to samajh lena; phir unhe koi nahi jeet sakta. Tab, Shri Ram ko Bhagwaan maan kar, unki sharan me chale jaaiyega, jisse hamara kul samool nasht hone se bach jaay; aur aapka raaj akantak ho jaay.

Ravan: Praani jab apne kutumbijano ke saath baith kar aishwarya bhogta hai, tabhi wah prasann aur santusht ho jaata hai. Yadi tum jaise bhai nahi rahe, to teeno lokon ka saamraajya, Ravan ke liye kis kaam ka? Bhai, bhaion ke bete, apne bete marva kar kaise aishwarya bhog sakega Ravan? Jaao Kumbhkaran. Mrityu ki baat mat karo. Yuddh ki baat karo. Yuddh me vijay ki baat karo. Jaao.

(This clearly shows that for Ravan, nothing was beyond enjoying worldly pleasures; as after getting the realization later, he could still have lived with repent for noble cause & not for himself despite even having been sacrificed his relatives for his desires)

Kumbhkarn: Bhaiya. Mujhe aashirwaad dijiye.

My comment on & interpretation of above dialog (As unbiased as possible with some of the positive sides of Kumbhkarna)
One needs to be very careful and openminded while interpreting this scene. It only talks about a younger brother's duty in isolation of any other duties.

Other duties

Duty as a civilion – who should only support a just king – but time had gone to choose the right king & also the authority was not there due to dictatorship type of rule except the liberty to go for revolution – kranti – if the rebellion is powerful.

Duty as an advisor – which was too late and also ineffective as Kumbhakarn tried it.

Duty as a warrior – who should only fight for noble cause – which Kumbhakarn could do but for the fact that he also had to be SHARNAAGATVATSAL like Shri Ram.

Duty as a devotee of God – and God was on the opposite side and was not the enemy of Lanka but the enemy of Ravan only and that too until he was sticking to ADHARMA.

When various duties in various different roles contradict, one needs to choose the bigger role and bigger duty which Vibhishan did. However, one can also argue that Vibhishan tried his best to follow his duty as younger brother also first; which Kumbhakarn also did upto an extent but it was too late to do it to much further extent. One can also look clearly at the fact while analyzing that Ravan was begging for the help of Kumbhakarn as it was pointed out earlier (Ravan never relied on or begged for help of Vibhishan so Vibhishan had no such Sharnaagatvatsal duty).

So the dilemma of Kumbhakarn here was


to become Godly himself absorbing inside all the sins of Ravan according to his capacity by taking ADHARMA's side – lordship – sharnaagatvatsal – Like Bhishma & Karna did – waise sharnaagat ka tyaag karke bhi wahi hota – Ravan uske saare punya le jaataa agar woh Kumbhkarn ke rehte nasht ho jaata (Jaisa Ram ne Vibhishan ko grahan karte waqt bataya hai);


to become completely surrendered devotee – Sarvadharmaan parityajya – like Vibhishan & Arjun did.

And LORDSHIP & SURRENDERSHIP both are the two elements of DWAIT concept of GOD only – Ram & Hanuman. Vishnu & Shiv. With both these elements together only, God becomes complete. Bhakt ke bina Bhagwan adhure hain.

It is also noteworthy that roles of Ram & Hanuman also swithced over quite a few number of times when SARVA SAMARTH Ram, who gives glory to his devotees, demonstrated complete dependence on & surrendership to his servent Hanuman to find Sitaji first & then to save Lakshman; the surrendered devotee came up with being rescuer God for the God himself.

Here Kumbhakarn is surrendered/devoted to Ravan also, and rescuer of Ravan also. Fulfilling two opposite roles simultaneously for Ravan which are elements of God. Even though he should have been surrendered/devoted to Ram rather than Ravan; but he had to be rescuer of the degraded soul under his shelter relying on him – or may be pretending to be relying on him taking undue advantage of his goodness as a younger brother smartly. Parantu thagna paap hai, thage jaana nahi.

Links for the references


The above posted scene should be understood in conjunction with the scenes of Vibhishan expelled by Ravan, Vibhishan seeking advices from his group of advisors and his mother, Vibhishan accepted by Ram, and Kumbhkarn-Vibhishan dialog. The dialog of Ram accepting Vibhishan has also been posted by Lola in earlier FC and I also have posted it along with my views on Orkut. The scene of Vibhishan getting advice from his advisors and mother also has been posted on Orkut.

I don't like much the scene of Kumbhkarna and Vibhishan dialog because I feel RSji has shown Kumbhkarna more dominant in that scene in his arguments. The impact on the viewer of Kumbhkarna's arguments is likely to be very strong in that scene and I personally can't agree with his arguments. I am with Vibhishan but Vibhishan in that scene is shown very weak in debate. I also don't like the strange dramatic behaviour of Kumbhakarna in the battlefield - his artificial egoistic reactions against Vibhishan, Hanuman, Lakshman and Ram. If he had got all the knowledge about the outcome and real identity of Ram and just went to fight for the sake of sacrifice for the brother, why all such drama?? I would have loved him bowing down to Vibhishan and respecting him instead of blaming or accusing him if he really had got the knowledge that Vibhishan was right. And he should have fought with complete politeness with Ramji instead of false ego demonstration dramatically. Ramji would have still fought against him for dharma (like Krishna made Arjun fight against Bhishma despite both of them knowing that Bhishma was just helpless in siding Adharma but considering it to be essential for dharma's victory.)

Youtube links:


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@ Shivang Bhrata-Pranaam bhratashree!!
Waah...waah....waah...ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapU explained all d duties very well......EmbarrassedClapClapClapClapClapClapThanx for d b'ful insight....n dialogues......grt post...StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarAb kya tareef karun..?? I don't have enough words in frnt of Ur great expalination!!!!!!ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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