Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#4 DONE!(Page 41)

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Hi Shivang,

I am fine, thanks for asking.SmileHow are you?And no problem, I always enjoy your posts whether in this thread or the MB CC. Yes, I know about flashykush, he told me he lives in a hostel so therefore cannot access the computer often, do miss him too.

Hmm, don't remember whether I got a PM from you or not...sorry, my inbox has recently been flooded with so many PMs so I usually check the shop updates and comment in those before people get offended.EmbarrassedLOLBut if you sent it, it is prob in there. Will def check and reply to you soon if so, sorry again.Embarrassed

So how's everything been? Miss all of you in the CC so much!

Take Care as well.Smile

Hi Lalita.

Thanks a lot. lol oh yes of course I knew that from Lola that you receive so many PMs and therefore must have lost that. So no problem. No need to be sorry. I can fully understand.
Thanks a lot Shivang, very nice of you for understanding.Hug 
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Posted: 2010-07-06T20:48:03Z
Hey Guys,
These are some Video Avatars from SK's Maharaas Leela episode made by my friend mohitkideewani (Jia) as part of her shop update....feel free to use.Big smile

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Posted: 2010-07-06T23:43:57Z
@ Shivang - naye CC mein aapka swaagat hai bhaiya Hug thanks a bunch for the news on Gunia, awww that sucks... prayers for her from all of us!!! As for dotw, very very excellent point you brought up, those scenes were the first ones that came to mind when I raised the question about conflicting duties. In the SK scene, the exact quote is actually not " I had to sacrifice one, so I picked my son" but "I could only choose one" - "aisi paristhiti jisme mujhe apne pati aur apne putra mein se kisi ek ko hi chunna pada" - so if we get nit-picky with our inferences, that changes things to some extent... but let's save that for another time LOL What I wanted to have addressed in our discussion of these scenes was, why does RS tell us that this is the ideal order of priorities for a woman in such a dilemma? Obviously there is something beyond the era-specific, place-specific and even controversial "pati parmeshwar" point of view... something more spiritual and universal, as are our favorite interpretations of everything RS presented in his mythos. You covered this issue indirectly but very beautifully, as did all of the previous contributions to this dotw - the fact that marriage is considered a union of souls after which the husband and wife are one in sin/virtue/joy/sorrow/etc is the whole reason for this ordering of first husband, then kids. In the same way for the husband also, it is ideally first wife, then kids. Because he should regard her to be the same as himself. Not his equal, but himself. Hence Devaki's choice in that scene mirrors Vasu after the Akashwani, choosing to save her life over that of any kids that might follow. Way to live the vows Clap Mandodari, in her own way, did the same thing - as much as she could, she tried to lead Ravan onto the right path, because she considered his wellbeing to be her own wellbeing. But he drove himself to his downfall, and thinking herself to be one with him, she thought that his suffering should be hers to. An unwise extension of the ideal upheld by SiyaRam when she accompanies him on his exile and he takes to a bed of grass after hers. The Mandodari-Meerabai comparison is awesome actually, nothing's to strange for me who finds animal shapes in the floral design on the carpet LOL That comparison can be perfectly mirrored in the many we've had of Vibhishan-Kumbhkaran and Vibhishan-Meghnaad, don't you think? Mandodari and Kumbhkaran/Meghnaad on Team Grihast-Ashram, where you live by the rule "I'll try as hard as I can to keep you away from your downfall but if you go towards it, I'm going down with you" because of the more general grihasti rule that SiyaRam, VD, etc followed, "your sorrow is my sorrow". Vibhishan-Meerabai on Team True Bhakt, where you move constantly towards God, trying to bring others with you but not staying behind with them if they don't want to come. You're probably right, Mandodari utni badi bhakt nahin thi - but here goes chhote mun badi baat - I feel God appreciates and rewards her course of action just as much. She herself neither committed nor condoned any sins, she only stayed with a sinner because she saw it as her dharm to do so. Just like Kumbhkarn who, knowing what the outcome would be, went into battle as a bali ka bakda to fulfill both his worldly duty of supporting his brother and his higher duty of surrender all at once. Hai ki nahin???
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Posted: 2010-07-06T23:48:52Z
@ Lali - adorable sigs, glad you posted Aish's here too - what a super cute idea you gave!!! will use both!!! Love them soooo much, awesome blending and pic choice Day Dreaming And thanks for sharing the avis, LOVE the RadheShyam moment in the Sharona one!!! You'll see those pics soon too then how about a matching sig Wink And thank you soooooooooo much for updt'ing the ToC, wowz you actually found time... and it's perfect ClapClapClapClapClap And... took those extra pics, so Gauri Pooja pic updt coming right up.
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Here's the super cute SiyaRam neg chaar sig Sharona made me, feel free to use!!! Lolz I just realized now I gave her the text backwards, varani na jaaye instead of jaaye na varani... oops LOL

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Posted: 2010-07-06T23:55:15Z
And here are a couple of sigs I made but forgot to post over the past couple weeks... feel free to use!

Everyone looking at Krishna before Kans Vadh:

Nand-Yashoda-baby Kanha in a super cute scene I'll post pics of soon

And last but not least... and certainly not surprising LOL VasuDevaki!!!

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Hello frns!!!Big smile I'm fine now...!Smile Though I'm feeling bit weak....bt dis can't stop me frm posting hunLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.....will try to reply each one...gradually....hope U all won't mind dis.....Btw I'm very sorry for not replying Ur PMs....regarding Ur creatin gallery.....Rajmahal updts...etc...etc.....so plzzzz forgive me for dat!! Thanx to all for all those well wishes n prayers....which made me fine!!Embarrassed
Now let me present a cute Siya-Ram sigEmbarrassed.....I made today.....after feeling fine......Big smile Hope U all will like....I was not making sigs frm a few days......so I must have become not dat pro.....U all call me....so I'm sorry if I upset U!!Dead 
Here is d sig..... EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2010-07-07T10:24:37Z
@ Gunu - omg it's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Hug kaisi ho behna? all better, I hope, and ready to rock us with some amazing insights and creations like this one.... it's so so SOOOO cute, esp love the 2nd and 3rd effect! Sweet and simple, with perfect text and effects... love it Clap Can't wiat to see more!!
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