Hum aapke hain kaun 4 Kshitij-kumud

Posted: 2005-11-29T06:57:46Z
                                                      Kshitij,kumud,simran study in
                          ST.Peter's college.Ks
                                                      is reserved,good at
                          studies.very handsum too.kumud is a
                                                      cheerful, naughty girl.she is
                          very optimistic.simran,the
                                                      rich,fashionable girl is her
                          friend.she wants her luver
                                                      2 be a dashing guy...who makes
                          her happy with
                                                      she was sure that Ks wud
                          make her happy.tho she is
                                                      after him,he does'nt mind
                 Simran is sad.kumud
                                                      decides 2 make Ks 2 fallin
                          luv with S.they all
                                                      go 4 excersion. during the
                          excursion,infront of every1
                                                      she teases ks-S as
                          luvers.S was shy &
                                                      happy.Ks becomes angry & he
                          complains it 2 the
                                                      principal Sr.Rose. Sr was
                          angry at kumud-simran. Sr:i
                                                      heard that u both always bunk
                          class. S:no sr,i was
                                                      not feeling i did'nt
                          go 2 class. Ks:simran is
                                                      innocent.kumud is the trouble
                          maker. Sr:kumud,this is
                                                      my last warning,if u repeat
                          it,i'll send u out of the
                                                      college. kumud pretends 2 be
                          guilty:sorry Sr.i promise
                                                      u that from this moment
                          onwards i'll be the decent
                                                      student in this college. Sr
                          gets angry with kumud's
                                                      short skirt:what kind of dress
                          is this?2morrow onwards
                                                      be decent in ur dressing
                 shud be a model 4
                                                      others' dressing. k :ok
                          Sr. when they go out of the
                                                      room,Ks smiles at kumud in
                          the spirit of
                                                      winning...she becomes angry.
                          the next day ppl felt
                                                      funny 2 see kumud cuming on a
                          bike in a diff dress-she
                                                      was dressed in the traditional
                          gujarati style.dark green
                          ornaments.big nose ring.all
                                                      laugh.krumud go 2 each class 2
                          expose herself. Ks
                                                      cud'nt contol his laughter.
                          kumud goes 2 her
                                                      class:excuse me sir,may i get
                          in? the sir was surprised
                                                      2 see her dressing:whats this?
                          K:sorry sir,'m 10
                                                      minutes late. ppl in the class
                          laugh. sir:not that,ur
                                                      dressing..immediately Sr.rose
                          cumes:what's this funny
                                                      style? K:u only told me 2
                          wear a nice dress 2 be a
                                                      model 4 others.its nice no.i
                          luk nice in this
                                                      traditional look,right?
                          Sr:don't wear this 2 class plz,i
                                                      think its better 2 wear
                          shorts,atleast no 1 teases.
                                                      K:so u allowed 2 wear
                          shorts?very gud. she hugs the
                                                      Sr.Sr was wondered.


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Posted: 2005-11-30T06:35:07Z
It's fantastic....... Clap
Nice start....I jus can't wait...plz post soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
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Posted: 2005-11-30T08:25:54Z
PART-2.....Simran comes 2 kumud with a hot
                          news:kumud,as we thot kshitij is
                                                      not rich. K:what?
                          S:yes,Rocky enquired.
                                                      K:he must be mistaken.
                          S:no way..he is poor.
                                                      K:then why did he avoid
                          u?see his headweight. S:i
                                                      don't want that beggar
                          anymore. kumud jokes:u r a
                                                      model 2 fast ur
                          luv got vanished! kumud & simran
                                                      go 2 the canteen where kshitij
                          was there. kumud looked
                                                      into his food:why,only a
                          few items?only ordinary
                                                      curries?i don't cum 2 the
                          canteen.but i bring diff
                                                      varieties of curries. oh,how
                          can a lower middle class boy
                                                      like u be luxurious...right
                          Kshitij Oberoi? she teases.Ks
                                                      loses his control &
                          slaps her.they got shocked.
                                                      Ks:our family was very
                          rich..u can't even imagine the
                                                      luxuries we had.but
                          papa's business failed & we
                                                      fell can go fast
                          rich girls like shud not
                                                      tease others bcoz of that.
                          his eyes were full of tears.    
                                                      annie blames him when
                          they were alone:see his
                                                      headweight eventho he is a
                          beggar?how dare he slap u?
                                                      K:i don't care about
                          that.but the insult i had..i
                                                      will never 4get that.
                          S:i'll tell rocky,he'll
                                                      bring some ppl 2 beat him
                          into a lifeless body. K:i
                                                      don't want his help.i no
                          what 2 be done.i'll show him
                                                      who i'm. she was determint.
                          there was a func going on in
                                                      their college. there were
                          entertainment programmes on
                                                      the stage. K comes &
                          announces:next a
                                                      beautiful melody'll be
                          sung by a gr8 singer...Kshitij Oberoi.Ks was
                          shocked. ku-simran were
                                                      laughing. K:lets see how
                          he'll be insulted b4 others.
                                                      Ks:plz friends,this is
                          announced without my
                                                      permission. K:no he's
                          lying.kshitij,its not fair2 quit
                                                      in the last moment.this
                          a kind of cheating. Ks
                                                      was hurt,but he did'nt
                          show it.he decides 2 beat
                                                      K:friends,i'm not a gud
                          singer,but i'll try. he takes
                                                      a violen from the audience
                          starts using it.ppl
                                                      hoot..also kumud-simran.Ks
                          starts singing it.every1
                                                      starts enjoying it. it was so
                          beautiful that kumud cud'nt
                                                      believe her ears. she
                          thinks:i did this 2 embarass
                                                      him.but i failed in that
                          how can i face him?   kshitij's
                                                      song was really
                          touching.K cud'nt control
                                                      herself & she sings along
                          with him.he eyes got filled up
                                                      with tears without her
                          knowledge. she cud'nt control
                                                      it & runs away from the
                          stage. K cumes 2 no that
                                                      Kshitij is not able 2 pay
                          the exam fees.she feels
                                                      sympathy & she pays 4 him.
                          Ks gets money from his
                                                      friend & goes 2 pay.but he
                          was shocked 2 no that its paid
                                                      by kumud. he goes near
                          her:did u pay my fees?
                                                      K:yes. Ks:why?
                          K:otherwise u won't be able
                                                      2 appear 4 the
                          exam,afterall u r a gud
                                                      student. Ks gives her the
                          money:take it.that debt is
                                                      over.listen kumud,i may be
                          having problems..u don't hav 2
                                                      bother about that.don't
                          interfere in my affairs..ok?
                                                      he goes irritated. kumud
                          becomes sad.simran cumes with
                                                      an angry face:what were u
                          chatting with him? while he
                                                      was singing itself,i noticed
                          face expression.what were
                                                      ur sentiments...why do u
                          luv him? K got
                                                      irritated:yes,why not? S:i
                          that it will end up in luv.i
                                                      threw him away,so u don't
                          hav 2 luv the same person.
                                                      K:thats my wish.what all
                          stupid things did i do 4 u?i
                                                      irritated the poor kshitij a
                          lot.u were not luving him,u
                                                      were luving his money.when u
                          came 2 no about his financial
                                                      condition,u threw him.i
                          feel affection bcoz i feel
                                                      that he is facing the similar
                          situation i'm facing...Simran
                                                      was angry.she goes away.
                          kshitij,his mom saakshi,dadi were
                          sitting 2gether & having lunch
                                                      at home.Ks gets a ph
                          call.he was shocked.
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Posted: 2005-12-01T05:39:53Z
How tochy it is....
Oohhhhhhhhhhh jasmine plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont. soon
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Posted: 2005-12-01T06:09:57Z
PART-3....the ph call informs that aryaman;kshitij's dad is
                                                      admitted in the hospital due 2
                          the suicide attempt.they
                                                      all go 2 the hospital.luckily
                          he was saved.ks goes
                                                      in search of his friend 4
                          money 2 pay the hospital
                                                      bill.he fails in that & comes
                          back 2 the hospital with a
                                                      tired face.he tells his mom
                          saakshi:mamma,i did'nt see my
                                                      friend 2 ask 4 money? saakshi
                          smiles:who is that
                                                      friend ?is it kumud? ks was
                          shocked:how do u no
                                                      kumud? S:she paid the bill.
                          kshitij cud'nt believe
                                                      :what?    he goes 2 his dad's
                          room.there the cheerful
                                                      kumud was chatting with his
                          dad. after talking 2
                                                      her,Aryaman was relieved. A:u'r
                          friend cracks
                                                      jokes.after a long gap,i
                          laughed with full heart. Ks
                                                      looks at K seriously.
                          K thinks:kshitij may not
                                                      like my presense.
                          she:ok,then..i'm going...but aryaman
                                                      uncle,we shud face our life
                          easily.due 2 sum stupid
                                                      financial problems,we shud not
                          throw away our
                                                      life.understand? A:yes
                          beti,i'll not repeat this
                                                      blunder. K goes with a
                          smiling face. she winks at
                                                      Ks without others'
                          knowledge.Ks was embarassed.
                                                      later he meets her on the
                          way....K:how is ur dad?
                                                      Ks:he is ok..but plz don't pay
                          money again,i'll giv
                                                      the money which we've 2 giv u.
                          K:then giv now.
                                                      Ksgot upset. K:why u r not
                          saying anything?i
                                                      no that u hav no money.u can't
                          giv it in the recent
                                                      time. Ks puts his head down.
                          K:u don't hav 2
                                                      feel bad.remember when i used
                          2 irritate a lot,u used 2
                                                      advise me not 2 hav headweight
                          just bcoz i've money.u
                                                      hav told me that money will
                          cum & go...but education
                                                      will remain with us till the
                 u study kshitij.after
                                                      scoring good marks,u wil get a
                          job.then u giv me the
                                                      money.i don't care if u giv
                          the money b4 that also. Ks smiles. Ks goes.when
                          K turns back she cud
                                                      see the funny sir.ravindar who
                          got when he questioned
                                                      about her gujarathi style of
                          dressing.he stares at
                                                      kumud. K thinks:why is he
                          looking at me like
                                                      this?usually he is not that
                          serious..she felt
                                                      strange.unexpectedly he laughs
                          in a funny way:finally u
                                                      fell in luv? K was
                          wondered. ravindar:nice
                                                      selection,ronit is a nice guy.
                          K smiles. he:he
                                                      will change u into a
                          disciplined girl. K becomes
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Posted: 2005-12-02T06:31:48Z
Smile Smile Smile It's very nice part....
PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont. soon..
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Posted: 2005-12-02T11:49:40Z
PART-4...2 ask 4 money,Ks goes 2 a rich man's
                                                      house.there he was shocked 2
                          see kumud as a servant.
                                                      when kumud goes out Ks asks
                          her:so u were wearing a
                                                      mask of a rich girl? K:i
                          did'nt.bcoz i don't hav
                                                      false prestige like u.i'm a
                          optimist.every1 in the
                                                      college knows that i'm not
                          rich.   Ks becomes
                                                      embarrased. she:the diff
                          dresses i put & the diff
                                                      curries i bring r given by the
                          ladies of the houses
                                                      where i go 4 work.i bought my
                          bike with my own money.i'm
                                                      prowd of that. Ks:then how do u
                          get time 2 study?
                                                      Kumud gives her walk man.he
                          puts it.he was surprised 2
                                                      hear the lecture of the
                          lectures of the college. both of
                                                      them smile. Ks:i really admire
                          u kumud,i've 2 learn
                                                      a lot from u. she smiles. when
                          K starts walking
                                                      4ward,Ks calls her:college
                          life is going 2 get
                                                      over.after that we hav 2 meet
                          no? K:yes...sure...u
                                                      hav 2 giv me money no...they
                          laugh. Ks:let me ask u
                                                      1 thing.u r having financial
                          problems.then also ,why did
                                                      u spend money 4 me?   K
                          did'nt no what 2 say.
                                                      Ks:hum aapke hain kaun? K
                          simply smiles:how cum
                                                      i no? she goes away with a
                          smiling face. Ks smiles.
                                                      then cumes a new character 2
                          the college.K gets
                                                      scared & she tries 2 hide
                          herself from him.who is he?
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Posted: 2005-12-03T05:51:18Z

Originally posted by jasminerahul

                                 Ks:hum aapke hain kaun? 

Main batao  Hone wale Husband/Wife



Well done It's fantastic....

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