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Posted: 2010-04-27T17:46:24Z
Hello All
im still new to this Tamil section but i do catch Idhayam sometimes when my mom watches itLOL
so after seeing recent episodes, I have been very shockedShocked with Shankar's behaviour. I know he is upset and thinks that Nandini cheated on him, but the way he's acting seems very immature and negative. He doesn't even seem to want to give Nandini a chance to explain herself, and is listening to what everyone else has to say.
I was extremely upset after seeing his jail conversation with Nandini. It was quite sad that he asked her to abort the child, but what saddened me even more was the way he was talking to her. It was very impolite and rude in my opinion. To be honest, I've lost the respect I had for him.
Was this the same Shankar who walked out of his house after his dad decided not to include Nandini's name in the family business?
anywayz, back to topic...
For once, I want Nandini to become a strong and independant woman. I'm tired of her trying to do good for others who barely seem to care about her. I'm also tired of her trying to run away from her problems and letting Shankar trample over her. I want her to become something like the lawyer Bhagavati in the show. I want to see a Nandini who makes decisions for herself, follows her heart, and reaches a top position in society. Eventually, Shankar would find out the truth and come running back to her. When he does, I want her to reject him right on the spot.
I know that sounds a bit mean, but according to me, if she takes him in right away, he's not really going to understand the pain he had inflicted upon her. If she refuses him, then he will try his best to win her heart and trust back again.Embarrassed
Constructive criticism is welcomed, and please do comment.
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Posted: 2010-04-27T22:12:52Z
Agree with you supercool - it is unfortunate that all
Tamizh serials demean women, show them as door mats
- far far away from reality !!! But they claim that they are glorifying women - irony, isn't it??

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Posted: 2010-04-28T04:27:14Z
@ rojapoooo - yes it is quite unfortunate at times, and very ironic indeed. I really want Nandini to take tht stand. I'm tired of her being pushed around by everyone
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Posted: 2010-04-28T13:38:56Z
Interesting topic daa..Thumbs Up
i will come back with my comments in a while=)
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Posted: 2010-04-28T21:21:02Z
Not just Nandy, supercool, even Dr.Kallu needs to realign her thoughts. Can not understand why she is trying to force Shanky to live with Nandy !!! Why can't she encourage Nandy to get a life of her own??? This thaali sentiment is really yucky !!!
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Posted: 2010-04-29T06:26:37Z
@ rojapooo - you can call me Vithya or VBig smile
well seeing from Kalyani's POV, she believes that women should be with their husbands in order for them to be respected. It's sort of the way society has been established , especially with the thaali sentiment. That's why even today, some women are forced to remain with their husbands, even if they are bad. But it's sort of ironic too because she's also separated from her husband. I understand she cares abt her DIL, but she should try to fix up her own problems first
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Posted: 2010-04-29T07:59:12Z
As long as brain washing girls by "marriage is the be all
and end all in life " such atrocities will continue. It is
unfortunate that even the "so called" emancipated women
can not think beyond this outdated concept !!!
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Posted: 2010-04-29T08:19:09Z
i agree with that..
but ppl dont adjust to change right away...
no matter how educated you become you still seem to set your mind to the old-fashioned thoughts
i have nothing against Shanky, but after he told her to abort the child, i honestly lost all respect..
i dont see why he should hate the child..its innocent and its his own blood
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