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Story So Far
Story So Far - - 25th July
Geet Handa is an 18 year old girl, full of life and yet repressed by her Darji and elder brother Brij who do not approve of her going to college.  Both men believe that she is a burden who must be married of quickly and any antics from her side are punished severely.

Brij is also responsible for the death of Channi, a friend of Geet's, who had fallen in love with a boy before marriage (thus disgracing the family in Brij's estimation).  This drives Channi's mother crazy who makes several appearances in front of the Handa's and curses them.

One day Geet secretly takes her younger brother, Titu, riding on a scooty where she loses her chunni and they get in to a small accident.  This is the first meeting point of Dev and Geet who tries to give Geet back her chunni, only for a terrified Geet to bolt.  However, when a Canadian rishta arrives, Geet is shocked to find that the prospective groom is none other than Dev, accompanied by his mother, elder bhabi (Naintara) and sister.

Whilst Geet does not wish to go to Canada, the alliance is fixed and Dev quickly wins over her trust.  However he informs the family that due to some problems back in Canada, they must get married in the next few days, and that too from Dev's house as that is their tradition.  Geet's family reluctantly agrees and heads towards the wedding point.

En route they stop at a mela where Geet is given a taveez by a palm reader who tells her that she will meet her life partner very soon.  Geet is separated from her family and chased by goons when she bumps in to Maan Singh Khurana.  She begs him for help but he walks away.  However when Geet falls in to the sea, he saves her and despite wanting to be rid of her, drives her to where her family is in an attempt to get rid of her. 

However he quickly becomes annoyed with Geet and leaves her in the middle of the road where she is found by her family.  Unbeknown to both of them, Geet's taveez is left with Maan.

Naintara informs Geet that her signature is requested on a blank piece of paper for the Canadian Embassy.  Dev's family also receive many gifts and Geet's share of the Handa land as Dahej.  The wedding takes place and both Dev and Geet consummate their marriage.  However it is revealed that Naintara is Dev's real wife, the wedding was a fake in order to get money from the Handas and Dev's family have no intention of taking Geet with them to Canada.  This is proven when they drug her and leave her at the airport.

The Handa family on learning the truth are devastated but Geet refuses to believe that Dev has left her.  She runs away from the family in order to find Geet but is chased by her brother Brij.  Geet hides in a jeep which turns out to be Maan's.  She learns that her land has been sold and realises that Dev has betrayed her.

Maan returns Geet to her house and demands that she signs some papers finalising the sale of the land.  Geet refuses, adamantly insisting that the land is hers.  Maan, under the impression that the Handas have taken his money and are trying to trick him, is furious and tries to force the signature.  Brij sees the opportunity to get rid of Geet and proposes that Maan marry Geet and the land will automatically be his.

Maan in reply humiliates the Handas in front of the village.

Geet learns that she is pregnant and tries to contact Dev with the news only for Naintara to hear it instead.  She hurries back to India and makes arrangements to meet Geet in Amritsar under the guise of being Dev.  Geet tells Maan that she will go with him to Amritsar to sign the papers.

However on arriving in Amritsar she faces Naintara who tells Geet that she (Naintara) is Dev's real life and that Geet should get an abortion.  Geet is devastated but Maan believes that she has run away from home to meet her boyfriend. 

On learning that Geet is missing, Brij hunts her down and brings her back home.

Meanwhile Rajji (Geet's sister) saves a wounded Gurvinder - Channi's lover (who actually married her and thus was Channi's husband) ' from Brij and his goons and hides him in their house.  Maan returns to the Handa house to give Geet's copy of the land papers.  He bumps in to Geet who begs him to help Gurvinder get out of the house safely otherwise Brij will kill him.  Maan is under the impression that Gurvinder is Geet's boyfriend but helps her all the same.

Geet's family learn that she is pregnant (through a phone call by Naintara) and insist that she abort the baby.  Geet refuses and an enraged Brij chases Geet to kill her (approved by Darji despite the rest of the family pleading otherwise).  Geet is attacked by Brij and his goons only to be saved by Maan on his way to Delhi.

He dresses her wounds and tells her to report Brij to the police, under the impression that Brij has learnt of Geet and Gurvinder.  Geet refuses resulting in an angry Maan leaving her to her fate.  Instead Geet returns home and reveals the entire truth of the Handa family in front of the village.

Brij is arrested and Geet breaks all ties with her family, leaving for Delhi.


In Delhi, Geet's father (unbeknown to Geet) has made arrangements for Geet to stay with his friend and his daughter Pinky.  Pinky works at Maan's company along with Adi (who is sympathetic to Geet) and Sasha (who is Maan's right-hand in the Delhi office and has grey shades).  Through miscommunication, Geet ends up interviewing for the job of Maan's personal secretary.  Whilst Sasha is not happy about giving her the job, Adi convinces Maan that she is the right choice.  Maan agrees, not knowing that this is, in fact, Geet.

Pinky convinces Geet not to turn down the job.

Geet heads to the Canadian Embassy to find out about Dev but is turned away.  She bumps in to Maan who is surprised to see her alive but remains his brusque self.  Geet promises herself that she will start a new life.

On the day of her new job, both Maan and Geet are shocked to come face to face again.  Maan challenges Geet as wishes to see how long her self-respect will allow her to keep working for him whilst Geet realises that she needs the job to make her way in the city.
It's revealed that Dev is Maan's younger brother who feels bitter that Maan is more successful and due to Dev's shortcut money making schemes (that put the family business at risk), Maan threw Dev out of the house 2 months ago.  For his part, Maan is shown to love Dev and even repays his Debts and helps with Dev's money problems.
Naintara hatches a plan to get Dev back in to the Khurana house as she believes that being around his family will make him forget Geet.  She approaches Dev and Maan's Dadi - a genuinely good woman who is upset to see her family broken.
Dadi convinces Maan to get Dev back home and find his younger brother Vicky (not yet introduced to the audience).  Maan arranges for Dev to return to India but resists Dadi's attempts to get him back in to the house.
Sasha is hell-bent on destroying Geet's career at the office.  Due to a file mix-up, some important clients are furious and threaten to pull their project.  However before they can walkout, Geet saves the situation.  Maan, on the other hand, is furious that for the first time his clients dared to speak to him in a raised voice and believes that Geet was at fault for this.
He later learns that it was actually his mistake and apologises to Geet leaving her openmouthed.  For their part, the clients are very happy with the project outline provided by Geet and insist that instead of Sasha, it's Geet they wish to work with.  Sasha is furious and vows to cause more problems for Geet.
Dev arrives at the office and notices a change in his brother.  He asks Maan if he is in love but in his usual brusque way, Maan refuses but at the same time refuses to acknowledge the feelings he has for Geet. Dev returns home and apologises to Dadi for his actions.  Dev is also surprised yet elated to see Naintara already at the house.  Naintara however is still furious at the fact that Dev has cheated on her and Dev therefore plans to romance his wife and make her forget his anger.
Meanwhile Dadi is pleased to see Geet and Maan together and begins to envision Geet as her bahu.
Sasha continues her plans to oust Geet from the office, going so far as to sabotage the party she had organised for the clients and switching Geets clothes so that she turns up in a sari, which both Sasha and Tasha rip, leaving Geet humiliated in front of everyone.  Maan arrives just in time and helps Geet to leave and change.
He gives her courage to return to the office whilst at the same time denying the feelings he has for her.
Dev spots Geet and later hears Maan taking her name over the phone.  He becomes worried but wonders if this is all just his imagination.


After that night, Geet doesn't go to the office next day which leaves MK worried! MK goes to Geet's house with the reason of not finding a file but later Geet comes to know that he had actually come to take her to office and face the people! He thinks what MK said was right "If she would not face people that day then she cannot face anyone lifelong!"  Sasha in the office is trying to take Geet's place thinking that she wouldn't come anymore and the project is all hers now but at the nick of time Geet comes in with the same file (Mk had hidden it in his desk) leaving MK thinking how she got the file than concentrating on her presentation; this makes him rely on Adi's conclusion!

Geet wholeheartedly thanks him and goes away! She feels her gratitude was very small and to her gesture, she brings flowers for him next day which leaves the whole office members flabbergasted! When Pinky tries to warn her, Sasha sends Pinky with some other work! MK again yells at Geet for bringing flowers and asks her to leave him alone, Geet retorts back telling that she had got the flowers to that person who had helped her the previous night not this person who understands feelings.

She decides not to talk to MK all day considering that she would give him what he wanted- leaving him alone! Hilarity ensues when Geet avoids MK and MK vows to make her speak! He again calls for a meeting to see if the designs were ready. Geet makes Adi give her views but MK doesn't agree and eventually Geet gives up speaks up her views! MK is satisfied!!

When Geet returns back home, Dev sees her'but by the time he could see her properly, she disappears. MK is back home and speaking over the phone to Mr. Chopra that he along with would finish all the designs by the next morning! He calls Geet for the same, but she doesn't agree in the beginning telling that she would die rather to come to his house, MK finally convinces her to come to office! Geet is apprehensive about going to office at the night but even then she goes to office and for safety purposes, she keeps a cutter ready! MK notices this and asks her not get scared. Both of them go to conference room, Geet is almost shivering as she is frightened to work alone with MK! MK senses this and repeats that she is unnecessarily worrying and asks her to stay calm! Geet says she is not getting scared and to prove it she closes the door before MK could stop her! MK scold her for being this foolish as they are locked inside and the door can only be opened from outside. MK is shocked when he finds that he has left is mobile at his home; Geet's mobile is not working and intercom is also not working! Concurrently, Dadi tries calling Mk and finds that mobile is at home and asks Naintara to inform Dev about this so that he can go give Mk his mobile back! Dev goes to the office. Here MK and Geet are trying to find a way to get out ' Geet suggests many ideas like breaking the door which irritates MK more!

In all this tension weekend arrives and the next week starts with the new Geet logo! Voila! We get to MK sharing screen with Geet in red!!

Dev comes to the office and says that he won't disturb them anymore and goes away without opening the door leaving MK and Geet shocked and confused! Mk and Geet prepare themselves to spend the night there when suddenly there is a power cut and the watchman's radio playing " Hum Tum ek kamre me band ho aur chabi kho jaaye" They feel quite awkward in that situation MK dreams of being near Geet as well! He shuts the window off to stop hearing that song! He asks Geet to go off to sleep as they cannot work in dark! MK tries to sleep in his chair while Geet on the couch trying to stay awake dozes off! Power comes and Mk wakes up just to see Geet asleep and her head falling off! To make her comfortable he goes near her , she sleeps on his shoulders'Mk showing more courtesy removes his shirt and shelters her as she would be shivering in that cold!

The next morning, Pinky worriedly tells Adi that Geet hasn't returned home and Sasha overhears it! Sasha and Tasha angrily go and open the door to see Maaneet in sleeping pose! All the staff is shocked and Tasha stealthily takes the photo before they wake up! Geet is freaking out and is ready to get out when MK tells that Mr. Chopra would be there soon! The staff makes office a hell for Geet by publicizing the photos. Geet is tensed and tries to stay away from MK and says the same to him. Sasha taunts her and they have a challenge that whoever MK calls the maximum that day will emerge as the winner! MK thinking of what Geet said, calls Sasha first thus by making Sasha win the first point! Geet is constantly trying Mk to call her and finally succeeds. There is also another test for Geet that despite of blindfolding her, she supposed to find the person who has the invitation card for dinner, Geet holds MK!!! MK disperses all and asks Geet not to come for the dinner if she feels ashamed!

Mk is practicing his martial arts thinking all the way about Geet, Dev teases him of the same when he sees missed calls by Geet and asks if he is going out with secretary. MK says she is just his secretary!! MK goes to dinner and thinks about Geet...He then wonders why he is thinking as he was the one who asked her not to come! To his surprise Geet comes there where the security guards refuse to allow her inside but MK asks them to let her in! He is quite elated seeing her there and asks her why she came, she replies that it he who thought her not to worry about the world and do only what is right according to her! They order the dinner and Geet while trying to eat spills on MK and MK goes to washroom''The manager seeks this opportunity and humiliates Geet! MK loses his tolerance and takes her away from the restaurant! MK while driving is amused the way she compared a 5-star hotel and a dhaba! Geet thinks that he is smiling on her and challenges him to come to Dhaba! Maaneet spend some time in Dhaba where MK enjoys it with her. He even dances on her saying! MK feels that he is changing!!

MK is ready to get back when Geet says that the tires have been stolen! MK is annoyed and thinks of a way to get back home when Geet suggests that they would walk! It starts raining too! Geet enjoys the rain and gets drenched in it! MK is watching all this (Behne De plays in the Background!) MK gets out in the rain...Geet remembers the last time she played in her rain that is her suhaagraat with Dev. She feels very low, Maan asks her if she is alright'Geet without replying hugs him! She realizes that after sometime and goes back home!

Maan for the first time gets drenched in the rain and is enjoying and realizes that Geet is the one who is changing him!

After returning back home, he thinks only of Geet and the entire day he is in daze doing all the things wrong! He takes the decision that he must stay away from Geet! As the first initiative, he sends Geet to the project launch area and shifts Sasha to Geet's room by giving all Geet's work to Sasha!

On D-day of the launch party, he goes to see the arrangements like a wedding unlike MK's thoughts which irritates MK. He confronts Geet and scolds her for making arrangements like this and both of them retort which makes Geet lose her job. Dadi who had been listening this asks Geet to give MK a chance as she is the only one who could handle him. Geet agrees and goes but sees that MK telling the clients about Geet's departure. This saddens Geet and she leaves. Unexpectedly, the launch party is huge success as the clients thank MK for bringing out India's culture. MK realizes his mistake and is gets back to office to stop Geet but she already has gone.

Geet goes back where she finds that Pinky's dad has arranged a doctor for her checkup. Geet tells him the truth that she is pregnant. Pinky's dad understands and tells Geet that he is always with her. MK, on the other hand comes home to apologize to Geet but Geet sends him back taunting his ego telling that he had come to see if she was surviving in this trauma as well.

Geet gets a call from Savitri Devi asking for Geet's consent to work as a secretary for her grandson. Geet says she needs some time.

Next day at office is a nightmare to MK as he sees Geet everywhere, In the meanwhile Geet agrees for the job. Dadi maa learns through Sasha that MK has gone to camping and she thinks it's safe for Geet to stay there.

MK returns back late and thinks that he had been dreaming all day so Geet is his dream'Alas! It was not a dream and MK is beyond shocked! Both of try to send each other out of the house until MK learns that Dadi ma has given her the job while Geet learns that Savitri Devi is his Dadi maa.

Dadi ma is equally shocked to know from Dev and Naintara that Maan had not been to camping and he was right here. She decides to tackle it by keeping Maun Vrat for a week.

Things go beyond control MK accuses Geet of stying in his house just for Money and other cases. Geet unable to bear it decides to pack her bags when Dadi really falls ill. She sends MK to Nizamuddin.

Geet feels as though something is going wrong and heads to search him!

In the Nizamuddin Dargah Geet realises that she has indeed fallen in love with MK but later she tells to herself that she cannot let such feelings come in her life because she has her responsibility towards her baby and she cannot expect MK to carry her past baggage...After this Geet starts ignoring MK just to hide her feelings from him while MK slowly starts realising that he is falling for Geet...
Meanwhile Dadi gives a deadline to MK to get a fiance for him within a week and gives the responsibility to Geet to search for a suitable fiance for MSK ; After lots of searching Geet finds a girl called Pari for MK and when MK notices that Geet is slightly jealous of Pari during their first meeting because Pari has an old crush on MK,thats when MK decides to hire Pari as his fake-fiance whom he can present in front of Dadima and alos make Geet jealous...MK then takes Pari to a disco to know her better where Geet too arrives with MK's mobile ; MK gets drunk in the disco and his real feelings for Geet comes out and they both share a passionate hug ; Geet suddenly realsies that she is in MK's arms and so she breaks the hug in between and tries to go from there when MK stops her and tries to tell her what he feels for her but Geet pushes him and goes away from there which leaves MK heartbroken; Next day MK decides to free Geet from her job since for last few days she wanted to quit and so MK tells Geet that finally he is freeing her from his life ;But thats when Pari realises that Maan-Geet both r in love with each other and so like a real cupid she leaves a letter for Geet asking her to become MK's real fiance while she goes away from their life ;When MK comes to know that Pari is gone,he gives an offer to Geet asking her to become his fake fiance for Dadi's sake but Geet initially refuses when MK sarcastically asks her that whether she is refusing because she has developed real feelings for him ;Hearing this Geet promtply agrees to become MK's fake fiance in front of Dadi thus leaving MK heartbroken once again.
So Geet becomes MK's fake fiance in front of Dadi and whole Office staff where they both start acting like lovers to fool everyone; During this process a problem arises when MK's ex-client Rasika Rathod files a case against MK for cancelling a contract midway which is related to the Hoshiyapur(HP) Land;MK had cancelled that contract with Rasika because she had insulted Geet ;When Geet comes to know about it she decides to travel to HP alone and talk to Rasika about the issue but MK too follows Geet in HP since MK knows that Geet cannot b safe alone in HP ;In HP they not only solve the Rasika case but MK also makes sure that Geet meets her brother Titu and sister Rajji who inform Geet that she should forget her family now since they too hv forgotten her;So then Geet decides to return back to Delhi along with MK when Brij's goons attack her and try to kill her but once again MK saves her life and for the first time he confesses to Geet that she has become his habit ;When Geet is shown getting emotional thinking now she has no house since her own family doesn't bother about her,that time MK tells her "Ghar laute Geet" thus indicating to her that from now onwards his house is her house as well...;Hearing those words Geet feels relaxed...
After coming back from HP,Maan and Geet both slowly start to accept their feelings for each other ;Khurana constructions get a project to build a love house for Mr and Mrs Demellow and thats when both MK and Geet come more close; MK tells Geet that for him the definition of love is trust and honesty;Hearing this Geet decides to tell MK everything about her past before confessing her love to MK while MK is waiting for Geet to confess her feelings during Mr and Mrs Demellow's wedding anniversary where both r getting married again;So during their wedding anniversary ,MK comes at his passionate best and shows his love for Geet and also waits for her to confess but Geet decides to tell him the truth about her pregnency here;So instead of saying ILU to MK,she tells MK that she is pregnent which puts MK is complete shock and disbelief and he walks off from there leaving Geet all alone in tears;
Exactly at that point of time Dev decides to confront MK and confess his guilt; Dev goes through a transformation and realises that whatever he did with Geet was wrong ;NT had gone back to Canada since she was not convinced with Dev's guilt trip but Dev finds a strong emotional support in his old college friend Meera to whom he confesses his guilt and thats when Meera suggests Dev to go and tell everything to his brother and also if possible find out where is Geet and ask for an apology from her...
Meanwhile Geet decides not to give up so easily without telilng the entire truth to MK and so she keeps making several attempts to tell MK the whole truth of her life but MK is in deep shock and so he refuses to listen to Geet ;In the end Geet locks up MK in the office conference room and tells him the entire truth of her life about how she was betrayed in a fake marriage;But She doesn't tell the name of that guy who did the betrayal with her;Hearing this MK is devastated and just cannot believe that Geet went through so much pain ;Geet tells the truth and decides to leave forever and so she heads towards the station ;But MK realises that he did a big blunder by not listening to Geet and so he rushes to the station to stop her ;MK manages to stop Geet from leaving and in front of all he confesses that he cannot live without her;
Both MK and Geet once again make-up and now both r waiting for an opportunity to finally confess their feelings to each other and convert their fake engagement into a real one ;Meanwhile Dev comes to know that Geet is working as MK's secretary and so he and Meera starts finding out her address and gets to know that she stays with Pinky ;So they call up Pinky to know about Geet but Pinky tells them that she had gone to Manali with MK for some office trip ;Before leaving for Manali MK asks Geet to tell him the name of that person who betrayed her so that he can punish her but Geet feels that she should not put MK in any sort of trouble and so she tells MK that she has left her past behind and does not want to remember it anymore; So MK decides never to ask Geet about her past if she herself wants to forget it forever and so he tells Geet that he likes her the way she is and that she has become an integral part of his life;..
Both MK and Geet goes to Manali for a office trip where both gets stuck up in snow for one night where they share some intimate moments together and then MK asks her to confess her feelings now..whatever is there in her heart but Geet struggles to confess her feelings for him which irritates MK ;Next morning they come back to Delhi and MK is still waiting for Geet's confession ;Geet as a girl finds it difficult to say ILU to MK which eventually MK understands and so he takes Geet out on a camp-side date where he tells Geet that he is ready to wait for her confession forever ;Thats when Geet talks about her issues and the fact that she is pregnent and is also not pure for him on which MK tells Geet that for him,she is the most pure girl he can ever get in his life and so his life will b quite interesting with her ;Geet is overwhelmed to hear these words from MK's mouth and so then both promise to each other that their morning as well as nights will begin and end with each other's presense ;After this both hug each other ...
Next day Dadi is shown all excited for their engagement ceremany;Even MK and Geet r happy;MK also takes Geet to the doctor for her check-up and this is for the first time MK shows his care for the baby ;Same day Meera sees Geet as MK's fiance dressing up for the evening ceremany and is shocked ;She informs Dev about it when he decides to go and confront both MK and Geet but Meera stops him ; But eventually Geet confronts Dev while she was plAying hide and seek with MK ;Geet is shocked to see Dev in front of her when she slaps him hard and runs away from there ;Geet tries to tell MK about Dev but before she could say anything MK tells Geet that Dev is his brother ;Geet is now in complete shock and clueless how to tell MK about his brother ;Dev later meets Geet and requests her not to say anything to MK or else he will break down again ;Geet is completely shattered now and so she leaves the engagement ceremany without telling anyone and goes out of the house
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