Do Saheliyan [Story till now + Character Sketch]

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Posted: 13 years ago
Do Saheliyan

Character Sketch + Story Till Now

Confused about what is happening in the show?? Well here you will find a summary of everything that has happened in the show so farBig smile.
And pictures + description of each character.

Check the Posts Below

Post 1: Character Sketch, will contain descriptions and pictures of all Characters.

Post 2: Summary of what has happened so far.

I hope all of you guys find it helpful. Big smile
If you have any Questions regarding the story please feel free to ask here.

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Character Sketch

There are lot's of characters in the show as there are 4 families, one for each of the leads, if u didn't guess it alreadyLOL.

Maithli's Family

She is the only daughter of the Rajput family. She got married to Shaurya, without him ever seeing her and after the train accident she is at Anadi's house, and his family thinks she is Anadi's wife.

Vasudhara Devi
The head of the Rajputs and Maithli's Grandma. She is a very strict lady, believes highly in caste. She has also broken all ties with Maithli since she supported her friend Bhavri

Pukhraj Singh

Is Maithli's dad, he is a soft spoken person and has a much more liberal thinking compared to his mom. Loves Maithli a lot.

Maithli's Mom
She too is very nice and caring towards Maithli, but hardly has any say in front of her mother in-law.

Vasudhara's Devi's daughter and Maithli's Bhua. She had fallen in love with Bhavri's chacha, they got married and escaped. No longer shown in the show

Maithli's brother, he too his strict like his grandmom and is married.

Bhavri's Family


A Rabari girl, hence very poor, they live in a broken house. Maithli has been her best friend since childhood and she considers her to be the most closest to her. Got married to Anaadi without ever seeing his face but instead saw Shaurya's. She now thinks Shaurya is her husband.

Bhavri's dad. He is a nice man and loves his only daughter a lot, though is very poor.

She is Bhavri's biological mother, she died while saving Maithli from the feud which followed after Badri and Roop's Marriage. Bhavri was around 10 back then.


She is Tarol's sister and now Bhavri's mom. To take revenge of her sister's death from the Rajputs she decided to stay in the village and married Omkar. Revenge has always been her first priority and she never really took proper care of Bhavri.

This is Omkar's brother meaning Bhavri's Chacha. He eloped and married Roop and is no longer seen in the show now.

Bhavri's Kaki. She has always been supporting Kalindi in her mission to take revenge from the Rajputs.

Shaurya's Family

He comes from a Rajput family and is an army officer. Doesn't get along with his dad as he wanted him to join the family business but Shaurya chose army instead. Married Maithli but had seen Bhavri's picture. After the train accident he took Bhavri with him think she is his wife.

Shaurya's Daadi
She supports Shaurya in whatever he does. Has seen both Bhavri and Maithli and knows that Maithli is Shaurya's wife.

Anaadi's Family

Comes from a poor but decent family. He decided to marry Bhavri after he heard village people bad mouthing her.
Took Maithli home after the train accident, where everyone misunderstood her for Anaadi's wife, though he knows she is not his wife.

Anaadi's dad

He has recently fallen sick as there are many problems in the house. But is very caring towards Maithli

Anaadi's Mom
She is an angry woman and considers Maithli inauspicious as the train accident happened right after Anaadi got married.

Machla Bhua
Another mean woman, she always taunts Anaadi and Maithli. Is Anaadi's real Bhua.
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Here is a VERY QUICK summary for those who just want to know what's happening right now:

There are 4 leads, Shaurya, Anadi, Maithli, Bhavri.

Shaurya and Maithli's marriage is fixed > Maithli has seen his picture, but Shaurya has seen Bhavri's, and thinks of her as his bride

Anaadi and Bhavri's marriage is fixed.  Anaadi has seen Bhavri. Bhavri hasn't seen him but instead seen Shaurya's picture and thinks he will be her husband.

Shaurya marries Maithli and Anaadi marries Bhavri, all the conditions stated above still apply as they are under veil/gunghat.

They are going in a train together right after their marriage but the train crashes. Following the crash the couples get separated, Shaurya finds Bhavri, they both think they are husband and wife. Anaadi and Maithli meet each other knowing what their real relationship is. Anaadi's family thinks Maithli is Anaadi's wife and their daughter in-law.

Entire Show Summarized

The Setting

Do Saheliyaan is the story of friendship between two girls - Maithali and Bhavri. Despite their caste and class differences, the two girls are close friends defying all societal rules.

While Maithali hails from a high-caste rich Rajput family and is brought up by loving parents, Bhavri is the daughter of a man from a low-caste, the Rabari's.

Bhavri's mother killed
The problems start when Bhavri's chacha falls in love with Maithili's bua but are separated after they elope and marry. After the news about this incident spreads in the village a war begins between the Rajputs and the Rabari's and in this bloodshed Bhavri's mother (Tarol) accidentally dies while saving Maithili. The death ends the feud and Badri is exiled from the Village

The death also leaves a permanent mark on Tarol's sister Kalindi, who makes it her goal to avenge her sisters death from the Rajputs. To achieve this she marries Omkar (Bhavri's Dad).

12 Years Leap
Time passes by and a leap of 12 years is taken, both Bhavri and Maithli continue to meet secretly and carry on their friendship. Here Badri comes back, and both Maithli and Bhavri make it a point to unite him with Roop. Kalindi too helps them as doing so will ruin Rajput's image as she would make Roop run away with Badri. Eventually Maithli and Bhavri succeed in letting Badri and Roop escape, leaving Vasudhara (Maithli's daadi and head of Rajputs) angered.

Bhavri's and Maithli's marriage fixed..
They find out that it was Bhavri and Maithli who helped them escape. Vasundhara orders Bhavri to be killed but Maithli saves her as she tells everyone that it was Bahvri's mom who once saved her. Still in anger Vasdhara makes the decision to get Maithli married off in 7 days as she no longer wants to keep her in her house.

There Bhavri's dad too is angry over Bhavri's aid in getting Badri to escape, he too decides that Bhavri will be wed off in 7 days.

Anaadi picks Bhavri
Vasduhara in order to take revenge decides to malign Bhavri's name in the village so that no one marries her. People start picking, teasing on Bhavri, and a boy Anaadi who is staying at his mama's house in the village notices this. He sees that Bhavri is a decent girl and still the village people bad mouth her. Also Bhavri's ancestors have done some favors on Anaadi's family so he decides to marry her and goes with a proposal directly to her house. Bhavri has no idea about this, and nor has she seen Anaadi ever. The family accepts it and tells Bhavri about it and also tells her she has to follow the tradition and not see her groom before the marriage.

Kalindi plays her tricks, Shaurya too falls for Bhavri's picture

Kailindi in order to avenge Vasundhara's move finds out where the matchmaker is planning to get Maihtli married. She goes to the groom (Shauya's) army camp and replaces Maithli's picture which the matchmaker has left for him with Bhavri's. Kalindi's plan is that according to the Rajput traditions the boy and girl never see each other before marriage and if Shaurya sees Bhavri's picture now and finds Maithli sitting next to him during the wedding he will break the wedding as the girl will not be the one whom he saw in the picture. This will then ruin Rajput's image. Shaurya falls in love with Bhavri's picture and accepts the alliance. Maithli is shown Shaurya's picture.

Bhavri thinks her husband is Shaurya
And Bhavri wants to see her husband too, so she tries an old tradition, where she goes to a pond at night, and can see her husband's face there. Coincidentally Shaurya is at the pond as well. Once Bhavri reaches the pond and sees into it, she sees Shaurya's reflection, and she thinks this is her husband.

So the equation is this:
Shaurya and Maithli > Maithli has seen his picture, but Shaurya has seen Bhavri's, and thinks of her as his bride

Anaadi and Bhavri
> Anaadi has seen Bhavri. Bhavri hasn't seen him but instead seen Shaurya's picture and thinks he will her husband.

Wedding day and the drama
On the wedding day Bhavri overhears Kalindi saying that Maithli's marriage is going to be trouble and she will go to the Rajput's haveli to watch the drama. Bhavri get's tense and heads to the Rajputs haveli as well, in her wedding dress (marriages of both Bhavri and Maithli are on the same day). She goes into Maithli's room, but Maithli is in the washroom. Just then girls come to get the bride, Bhavri puts on her veil on goes with girls.
Meanwhile, Shaurya's grandmother arrives to attend the wedding as well (check the character sketch for details) and requests the priest to delay the wedding so that she can adorn her daughter-in-law with jewelery. .

Vasundhara Devi takes the bride back inside. However, she is surprised when she sees another bride in the house. Vasundhara Devi lifts the veil and is shocked to see Bhavri instead of Maithili.

The moment Kalindi had been waiting for arrives and she tells Shaurya's grandmother that the Rajputs were trying to fool her grandson marry another woman. Shaurya's grandmother asks Vasundhara Devi for an explanation.

However, Maithili steps in  and explains everything. Maithili says that the only reason behind the confusion is that her family does not appreciate her friendship with Bhavri. Maithili's courage and decision to fight for her friends honor impresses Shaurya's grandmother. She tells Maithili that she is proud to have such a courageous woman as her daughter-in-law and has no problems with her friendship with Bhavri.

Vasundhara Devi becomes very angry at Maithli and breaks all her relationship with her and asks her to never look forward to this house..

Bhavri and Kaliindi return home and the wedding rituals go on, Maithli get's married to Shaurya. Maithli is under the veil so Shaurya doesn't see Maithli's face.

While Bhavri too weds Anaadi without seeing his face once.

Train Accident
Right after the wedding takes place, both the couples board a train to Mount Abu as Annadi has to go to his parents house and Shauyra and Maithli on honeymoon. In the train Maithli and Anaadi manage to see each others faces and know the relation between them. Once in the train Shaurya still doesn't see see Maithli's face and nor Bhavri sees Anaadi's. And as they were going the train meets with a horrific accident.

The husbands swap
In the train crash the couples are displaced, Anaadi and Maithli go to the hospital to look for their spouses while Shaurya finds Bhavri and as he thinks she is his wife he takes her to their honeymoon hotel. It was night time so Anaadi takes Maithli home with him.
But at his home everyone thinks Maithli is Anaadi's wife and they welcome her as their daughter in-law..

Anaadi tries to tell the truth to his family but isn't able to as his dad is very sick. Maithli too tries to contact Shaurya but she isn't able to.

While Bhavri and Shaurya think they are husband and wife. They try to get intimate with each other, but Bhavri feels something is wrong, so Shaurya takes her to a sacred temple where a priest tells Bhavri that the person with whom she is right now is her distiny. Bhavri is relived and as a part of a ritual at the temple, they do a ritual wedding with all the tradaitions. Later on they get intimate with eachother, and consumate their marriage.

Maihtli and Anadi try hard to look for their partners but they are unable to, while Anadi's family keeps thinking of Maithli as their daughter in-law and they handle her many responsibilites.

Shaurya is called to his army base, and there at the train station Anadi sees Bhavri. He shows her their wedding pictures, and Bhavri is left speechless.

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Posted: 13 years ago
Gur, Thank you..very nicely done.
I was so  confused with this show..mainly bcos I only read the updates.
Now the show is crystal clear.
Posted: 13 years ago
Good summary of the show and characters. have trouble with the names, but this help.
Posted: 13 years ago
thanx 4 sharing............

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