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Friday 2/4/10 Episode No 158

Roja kku intha kodumai thaangalai - so oru brief update - ellam playing parrots - thiruppi thiruppi same dialogs.

Shanky enters Manugu's house who is busy fixing up a kalyana mandapam. Shanky says that no viduthalai from WF for the next 1 year. Mangu does some more kombu seeval against Kallu. Kallu and Bhagavathi - lawyer says that she can prove that WF is innocent. Kallu says that Shanky and WF are far away from each other mentally " we must make  them live happily ever after " Intha Ponnamma Nandini Pappa vai konjara goram thaangalai - WF wants death
and Ponnamma talks about applying for bail. Shanky is water beating. Ganga comes there and does some more kombu seeval against Kallu - some muted talk - Shanky plays boom boom maadu...


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Monday 5/4/10 - Archives copy

Hari's mom is talking to her daughter Dr.Vimala - "there is an excellent varan for Hari..we need to fix that soon so that Hari can forget that Pavi and her sakkadai kudumbam.." Vimala buys time. Courier boy delivers a cover to Hari's mom. Mangu's Tiruvilaiyaadal - she has sent photos of Hari and Pavi and has "begged" Hari's mom to unite the love birds "before they elope and get married !!"

Gopal goes to the police station - sees Ganesh with that 10 laks cheater. Immediately charges at the cheater. The inspector is quick to point out - "station kku ulle vanthinga..neenga maattukkum adikkaringa??? enna vishayam?? ( athaane?? station le adikkarathu enga urimai ngovvv) Gopal introduces himself and narrates the story. Inspector arrests the cheater and asks Gopal to advise his mappillai "Road le sandai ellam pOda vendam nnu solli kudunga.." Gopal does not talk to Ganesh but Ganesh goes behind him and requests him "Sumathi ennai manushana kooda pakka maattengara... I am a changed person now... Prasad did every thing for me and so I wanted to pay back..... please .... Sumathi kitte pesunga.."

Pavi is attending to daddy. Bhasky, Shanky and Shakku enter the house. Deva angrily chides them " namba veedu sari illai nna sari pannanum... ipdi maamiyaar veet le ..thambi yaiyum izhuthu kittu pOi ukkara koodathu...." Shanky shouts at dad....and Hari's mom lands - calls the family names and warns " no more Pavi - Hari marriage... don't do any drama , ok?? " Bhasky slaps Pavi..deva is as usual
a silent witness... all learn about Mangu's tiruvilaiyaadal as Hari's mom lets the cat out of the bag - addresses Sakku -  "unga amma vai letter ezhutha sollittu ippO onnume theriyaatha mathiri acting?" Finally Shanky says that Pavi will not meet hari ever again .."and make sure that your son keeps off Pavi...illatta avan thalai avanukku sontham illai, ok?" Shanky also warns Pavi "one more mistake like this ....amma kku thalai muzhigina mathiri unnaiyum veettai vittu thorathiduvOm.."


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Tuesday 6/4/10

Inge paarungappa, Roja vaale intha kodumaiyai paarkkave mudiyalai.
apram update vera???? grrrr, brief update than from Roja - until
this trash gets over.

Deva household in shambles - Pavi explains to dad that she met Hari
only to ask him to forget her. Gopal meets Suma and says that Ganesh is a changed man. Suma refuses to believe. Pavi goes to meet Hari's mom and gives her a bit of her mind "from this moment, there is nothing between me and Hari, ok?" Dr.Vimala comes hearing this and is cut up with mommy " you fix Hari's marriage..do any thing...please do not involve me.." goes back to Pondicherry without having even a glass of water. Gopal tells Jeya that Ganesh is a reformed man and she does not believe it either. Suggests that
they should get Ganesh's parents to live with Suma. Well, like all of us guessed, Ganesh is still the same old villain , he wants Suma to withdraw the letter from the Police commissioner. Suma says that she never complained "summa ulu ulu kaattikki sonnen.." Ganesh vows to hit her where it hurts and Suma is all set to face that challenge. Deva goes to Mangu and shouts at her for playing mundri kottai " you are our sambhandhi but please keep to your limits. You had n business to meet Hari's mom.." Mangu being Mangu acts as if she is scared and says that she wanted to play Naradhar "avar kalagam mathiri yen kalagamum nallatha mudiyum nnu...."


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