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Posted: 11 years ago
Happy Birthday Tamil Sections! Party Keep Rocking as it always does!Big smile  Thanks  Malligai
Posted: 11 years ago

Happy Birthday.
Keep rocking.
Congrats to all the updaters who keep this forum live and brings many hearts together.
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Posted: 11 years ago
Reserved !

Happy Birthday Tamil section !
Posted: 11 years ago
happy birthday tamil section and for the updaters and the moderators who make this forum alive
i wish this forum develops alot like other forums
Posted: 11 years ago
Yahooo....Yipee.....Party time........PartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyPartyCongrats and Happy Birthday Tamil section...many many more happy returns of the day....
Posted: 11 years ago

OMG I cant believe we are here again. How can one forget this day... IF Tamil Section, a home away from home for me, infact my Best FriendSmile. Here is the place I got some sweet friends, my dear angels who changed me a lot. Haha ippo ellam people who see me or talk to me ends giving comments like OMG are u the same old quiet gal who we knew in the past. Romba Thaamsa Pesare, nalla comedy pannare, Take it easy gal etc..

Thanks to IF special the Tamil Section which transformed me in such a way. Words cant express how much attached I am to this place..

IF has always had such lovely Mods.. I have interacted with many Mods from different forums and I have always loved the way how they treat the membersClapClapClap.
Makes us feel so speciaSmilel. I have always felt like a princess here...

Hats Off to all the Mods for such lovely works you all do..

It All Seems Like Yesterday

I came to TS due to my sweet friend Nallu's(Nalli dear) FFs, and ended joining IF as a silent member just to read her FFs then one by one i got so addicted to all the lovely FF given by our gifted writers of IF..

Then I had some days in Hindi Section (Serial Forum) and even b4 completing a year I got to know another sweet gal from TS (GGG3) who encouraged me to join TS as a active member.
Thats how i joined Tamil Section... From that day to this day I have never looked back on my decision...

Then I got a change to be an updater,beginning with KKK2 where i saw our mods mentioning that anyone was welcome to update the episodes..I took that chance and posted my first update as a PM to Aahana (our sweet Melly).She posted it for me and I got a very good response which encouraged me to do it daily.. Even though to serial dint turn to be a success, I got to meet many new friends who came to read the updates and we had a good discussion sharing our views on the serial..

Then came Anbe Vaa.. I got attracted seeing the first update by Meena and the response for the serial..It made me eager to do the updates there.  First it was a lot of fun update the serial but slowly slowly the track seemed boringOuch..but still we had a lot of fun in the forum by pretending to be the charaters from that seriaWinkLOLl.. Not to forget Thaadi Mama and FB annaEmbarrassed (Shreeyakka and Aishu respectively).It was so much fun with themClapClapStar....

There we got a lot of members joining to update and discuss on the serial and also it was a spot where we all gathered to have an Oppari and Polambal Sessions regarding the serial and the way it was going.. But now Anbe Vaa is History and so is the thread.. But can never forget the fun we had and the everyone was so sportive with the comments..

That was the thread which could have a graph for change in emotion expressed by the AV Family from the beginning to the end...
The change in emotions was drastic from
Smile,Wink,Embarrassed,Heart,Clap,ROFL( in the start ) to Cry,Broken Heart,Dead,Ouch,Confused,Shocked,Angry(by the end)

Even though the track was boring the AV Family encouraged everyone of us to update the serial for those who were not able to watch it...

Its due to the same encouragement and support tht I am still here and is able to update the serials. Thank you a lot dear friends. Neenga mattum ille na, I could not have done it..
Let me take this day to Thank you all from the bottom of my heart...

Serial updates oru pakkam poga, we got another sweet surprise from our dear mods coming up with another Idea of having our own Chinnathirai Gallata in our forum with the members doing the character roles from different serial. I was also a part of that Imsai Makkal Family. Thats where I got a New Brother
(Vasu/ Tasnime) and his wifeEmbarrassed (Reva/Hema)who i can never forget...
Haha the beauty is that till the end Reva dint knw I was her SIL from Imsai Makkal FamilyLOL..

I enjoyed every moment here in IF specially TS.. It was like Heaven for me with so many Angels who were always there for me ...
I got such lovely sisters and friends who took care of me and was there for me whenever i was upset..  I still remember the day where i got calls from different parts of the world to check if i was okay (those days when i was sickOuch).. 
IF I start naming them then this thread will be full with names as IF has given so much.. Sollikitte pogalam..

Paarthu Pazhagi Serndhu irukkaravanga mattum thaan friends nu ille,

Adha vida close friends I have got in IF.. I am lucky  to have such loving dedicated friends in my life.
Real friends Virtual friends nu pirichu pakka mudiyala.

As I told in Vijay Bhaiya's thread on IF's 6th Bday...IF gave me such gr8 people who r not Virtual Friends but Friends who taught me Virtues in life..
I owe each them for giving me such a special place in their hearts..

Thank you each and every person who has made this forum a great success. Special thanks to Atinaji and all others who gave us this lovely Tamil Sections..

Nandri Solla Vaarthai Illai..

Neengal Ellam Illamal Naan Ingu Illai.

Once again,
Wishing our Sweet Friend a Very Happy Birthday

Posted: 11 years ago
Happy 3rd Birthday Tamil section... Hug Clap Party
Posted: 11 years ago

Dividers Graphics

Hello....Friends....What a Surprise ha? Third Year in our own new home??? Unbelievable but believe it .....it is happening with all your support indeed!!
Dividers Graphics
From the thread " Down the memory Lane 2009"
(Edited version)
My memories of IF
Yes, it all started in 2006. I was a silent onlooker, gazing through the beautiful updates by the inimitable Kasam Se. Then I stumbled across the Tamil Section in IF. There was no turning back'..!!!

 Updating the new Bandham and Surya serials in 2006 was the start. I was amazed by the encouraging posts I received inspiring me to write more. How can I forget aanaa, caryn, dasa1, fluidd, giriadimai,  jeni, jigglypuff726, madhumitha, meli , patraj, rimasen, rojapoo, rooparanganath, Seetharamanath, serial123, suenair,Suram, Uma Shanmugam, usha pooja', Sri, Kavitha, Kasturi, spain, bluegal, neelambari, ziyana,  etc (sorry If I forgot any namesEmbarrassed'

More and more threads were opened by members. It was too crowded all in one section. We never had a moderator for our section. Simi_1 was a cool Viewbie and was managing our section well. I always approached  GM Sangeeta for any help. She would happily hear my request and do the needful too without any hesitations.

 Sangeeta one day asked me whether I was willing to be a moderator'.? I replied "Yes" loud and clear. From then onwards'.I spent hours and hours communicating with some admin people asking for a separate channel for us. Sree was the main person who played a major role in getting this Tamil Section for us. Endless Pms, emails, msn chats and telephone calls between me and Sree, and finally on the 5th of April 2007 we moved to this new home'and members told..

" from a hut to a mansion and we can easily get lost here"
Like the mountain stream, though it started small, it started gathering momentum by way of recognition of the portal from the Tamil audience- people started taking keen interest- we started getting new members every week. 
IF means a lot to me. It has become a part of my life
( I am sure this is the same with most of the other members too)
Finally, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to
Vijay, Sree, Sangeeta, Jayshree, Indra, Priya Nair, Kushi, shruti,
and other DT members of IF.

 Buddies, I thank you, for your support, warmth and appreciation. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you.

 God Bless India-Forums and all of us.

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