KSG-Jenny ~Destined To Love 159~

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Destined To Love #159

"My friendship with Karan is on a whole different level, because even before one of us would complete a sentence we know what the other person is gonna say" - Jennifer Winget

Sharad-Sneha ~ Armaan-Riddhima

Karan + Jennifer = KaJen

What makes "KaJen" (Karan-Jennifer) so special is that they go back a long way.  They first came together in Bajali's 'Kasautii Zindagi Kay' ['05/'06] where they became very close friends.  Later, they worked together in the dance reality show 'Zara Nachke Dikha' ['08] and in 2009, we saw the KaJen magic return to our screens for a 3rd time as they were seen as Dr Armaan  & Dr Riddhima in 'Dill Mill Gayye-1' from 13April-21Sept.  The magic of AR's love is something anyone would fail to successfully put into words...Their love made the viewer fall in love... In love with them and in love with their love! When they cried, we cried. When they were happy, we were happy. When they fell in love, we fell in love! And that's exactly why we love them! and though the journey KaJen had as AR was cut shorter than expected, and not on a very happy note, KaJen fans continue to pray and hope that the day will come very soon when KaJen are back together on our screens!

 Karan Singh Grover (born 23rd February 1982) spent his childhood in Saudi Arabia and moved to Mumbai in the year 2000 to pursue a degree and career in Hotel Management.  However, after bagging the label of the "Most Popular Model" at the Gladrags contest in 2004, acting became a natural progression.  Karan debuted on our TV screens with Ekta Kapoor & MTV's 'Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi', after which he was a part of many projects including 'Kasautii Zindagi Kay', 'Solah Singaar', 'CID', 'Princess Dolly aur Uska Magic Wand' and 'Parrivaar'.  However, it was with the launch of StarOne & Cinevistaas 'Dill Mill Gayye' in August 2007, that he shot to instant fame! His portrayal as Dr Armaan Malik won him many million fans across the globe and today, his good looks, charming personality and immensely natural talent have assured his position as the most popular and loved star on Indian television.  Along with DMG, Karan was also seen in a short role in the film Bhram [2008] as well as reality shows: Zara Nachke Dikha [2008], Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3 [2009] and Idea Rocks India [2009]. March 2010 saw him re-enter his show DMG, as the much loved Dr Armaan, to save it from being taken off air! Soon, he will also be seen participating in the second season of 'Zara Nachke Dikha'.

Karan's I-F Fanclub - http://www.india-forums.com/celebrity/1132/karan-singh-grover/

Karan, We love you more then we can put into words and we know you'll keep on making us proud with everything you do, because you are our 'armaan' for a reason...you're the finest actor Indian television has ever seen, and the hottest/cutest/sexiest etc the list goes on! lol, and you'll always be our one & only winner! We love you Karan, keep rocking!

Jennifer Winget (30thMay 1985): After acting as a child artist in movies such as 'Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya' and 'Kuch Na Kaho', Jennifer made her television debut on the comedy show 'Shaka Laka Boom Boom'. Later, she went on to being a part of many serials such as 'Kkusum', 'Kahin To Hoga', 'Kasauti Zindagii Kay', 'Kya Hoga Nimmo Ka' and 'Sangam'.  Her other work on the small screen includes having participated in the dance reality show 'Zara Nachke Dikha' (which KSG hosted).  Jennifer started shooting for 'Dill Mill Gayye', as Dr Riddhima, in April 2009 and won the hearts of many. She had already proved to be one of Indian television's most talented and adorable actresses and the audience welcomed her as our Dr Riddhima with open arms! After DMG, she participated in 'Comedy Circus: 3 Ka Tadka' and did an amazing job as the host of a comedy show- 'Laughter Ke Phatke' on StarOne. Jan 2010 saw her re-enter DMG though the future of the show seems blurry.

Jenny's I-F Fanclub - http://www.india-forums.com/celebrity/1070/jennifer-winget/

Jennifer, (our 'Moyna'), you're the best...the most beautiful and talented actress the small screen has ever seen! we wish you all the luck and our support will always be with you! God bless you and thank you for doing such an amazing job with the role of our Riddhima and making us fall in love with the character more than we thought was possible!

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2006 >>

"Jenny is special. She is one of the greatest people I've known. I do confide in her, as she is a great friend."

2009 >>

"Jennifer meri bohat purani dost hai, bohat achi purani dost hai, and when she came to join us main kaafi khush hua tha ke mujhe phir se uske saath kaam karne ka mauqa mil raha hai."

"Jennifer has been my good friend since the past five years. So it's only natural that the comfort level turns into great chemistry when we are coupled on-screen."

"Jennifer is my closest friend."

"Jennifer was my first onscreen wife in a show called Kasauti Zindagi Ki! Aur us mein main bohat ghatiya tha!"

"Jennifer is a very very talented actress! She's a beautiful girl!"

"Jenny aur main bohat saalo se ek doosre ke dost hai...It's just very fortunate ki mujhe phir se mauqa mil raha hai Jenny ke saath kaam karne ka! Kyunki I really missed working with her...and it's just a very nice feeling working with a very close friend!"



2006 >>

"Karan is a dear friend and off late he is going through a lot of stress. As a friend, I'm always there for him. I guess people are talking about us because we're both great friends and, above all, we're single," 

2009 >>

"I thank the viewers for accepting us and for all their affection. I think my friendship with Karan is on a whole different level, because even before one of us would complete a sentence we know what the other person is gonna say and most of the time it's the same thing that we've been thinking all along!"

"Karan ko main bohat pehle se jaanti hoon. Humne Kasauti saath mein kiya tha. Main usse 5 saal se jaanti hoon, hum bohati ache dost hai. In fact, he's one of my closest friends."

"Thoda sa irritating hai! Ajeeb aur gareeb harqat karta rehta hai but he's a very sweet person!"

"Yeh actually pareshaan nahin karta hai. Nahin! Karta hai karta hai! Actually, karta hai! Nahin karta hai! He's very sweet aur yeh onscreen jitne badmaash hai usse thode zy-kam offscreen basmaash hai."

"5 saal pehle maine kya kapde pehne the, kaunsa bag liya tha, mere baal khule the ya nahin, inko har ek cheez yaad rehti hai! Toh inki memory real life mein bohat bohat achi hai. Yeh bhoolte nahin hai, yeh vaise Ghajini nahin hai"

"I have known Karan since Kasauti, so we have been friends since then, so there is no awkwardness as such, after the intimate shots, we normally burst out laughing, it really helps that we have a good rapport."

"Pehle scenes karte the...romantic scenes karti thi Karan ke saath tab...*pinches his cheeks* Tab Karan romantic scenes mein aise *does a frown face* aankhon ke saath karta tha"

"After four long years! Lekin abhi bhi matlab wohi ek jo hamaari chemistry hai, jo comfort level hai, it's still the same and it's so surprising ki kahin kuch alag nahin lag raha hai ya kahin kuch uncomfortable nahin hai."

"Yahaan par main unse koi bewafaai ki umeed nahin karti! Lekin haan Kasauti mein mere khayal se humein chaar saal ho gaye abhi...Kasauti mein kaam karke bohat mazaa aaya tha! Aur bohat acha dost hai mera Karan! Abhi tak main usse mili nahin hoon lekin I'm really excited ki hum chaar saal baad phir se ek saath kaam karenge. Jab yeh show shuru hua tha tab mera aur Karan ka show saath shuru hua tha... Sangam aur Dill Mill Gayye ek hi din shuru hua tha...20th August, i still remember... Toh humne bola tha ki dekho Kasauti toh khatam ho gaya, doosre show mein akele-akele jaa rahe hai....Same day shuruaat hui! Mujhe yeh bhi yaad hai ki uska aur mera hoarding jo tha saath mein hi laga tha. Aur ab hum phir yahaan vaapas aa gaye! Toh I dont know...its a small world! I'm really excited ki itne waqt ke baad hum saath mein kaam karenge! Aur humne bohat aish ki hai Kasauti ki set par!"
"(the rumours about Karan and I were) not true. Karan and I have been friends for a very long time and it's only natural for people to talk. However, I think it's extremely stupid to justify my friendship with him."
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Karan-Jennifer Kasauti Scenes (Together and/or Seperate)

Hey guys..I spent some time collecting these scenes..from any WORKING  link I could find LOLLOL and made a list so its easier for you all to watch...I looked through every working video..and found these...Here they go...Will update the list as  I find moreEmbarrassed
[- anitamalik]

http://www.badongo.com/vid/8627 Sneha upset at Sharad

http://www.badongo.com/vid/8973 Rishta Pakka

http://www.badongo.com/vid/15034 (Karan part) :D Later on Sneha scene deciding what she wants to wear at her wedding..sari or lengha LOL..Jenny in pretty blue lengha'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/15414  Sneha arriving for Mr.Basu's party and Sharad receiving her at the front :D <3  REALLY small short scene..lol'Sneha Sharad coming into the party with Sharads mother..Anurag gifts a gift to Sharad Sneha..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/15982 Good quality vid of  Sharad Sneha 'KaJen dancingggg!..so in love.. AWW super cute <3 Aww they touch each others foreheads<3 AHHHH super cute LOL

http://www.badongo.com/vid/16621 Nothing imp..Just glimpse of Sharad Sneha at the hospital

http://www.badongo.com/vid/17747 Mukti trying to take Sneha out for shopping'CUTEEEEE Sharad Sneha phone conversation <3 He wants to take her out..Now Mukti teasing her that she didn't want to go with her, but would go with him LOL..Sneha comes to Sharads house and due to problems within society says that she wont marry Sharad unless Anurag is present there..she says sorry to Sharad and leaves'KAJEN LOOK HOT IN BLACK :D Sneha talks with her parents..Sharad shows up and says he would do a court marriage with Sneha..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/19640 Sneha emotional scene with Anurag,..Sneha getting ready emotional scene..Anurag hugs both Sneha and Sharad'Sneha Sharad HUG AWWWWWWWWWW <3 Sharad confrontation with his parents'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/20150 Sneha Sharads Haldi...the girls teasing Sneha..LOL..ROFLLLLLLL such a funny Prem mukti dance sequence LOL

http://www.badongo.com/vid/24343 Sneha Sharad Wedding scenes..ROFLLL the girls messing with Sharad on his wedding'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/25261 Mandap scenes of Sharad Sneha

http://www.badongo.com/vid/25817 Sneha-Prem scene..Snehas kanyaadan..suhaag raat scene LOL

http://www.badongo.com/vid/30261 Sharad Sneha after marriage scene..where Sharad is trying to cheerher up and prepones the honeymoon

http://www.badongo.com/vid/32065 Sneha father  phone scene...

http://www.badongo.com/vid/38875 Makar Sakranti..Sharad Sneha playing kites..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/40852 Sharad Presentation..Kitty Party at snehas in laws'the woman at the party bring up Snehas parents issues..she gives them a answer :D  Snehas mother in law tells her to apologize to the guests and she says no..Her brother prem comes and helps her'and Sharad also tells off his mother LOL

http://www.badongo.com/vid/42259  Sharad Sneha come to invite Prem Mukti for Dinner

http://www.badongo.com/vid/46966  Sharad invites Prem Mukti to surprise party! Cute Sharad Sneha moments at the party <3


http://www.badongo.com/vid/50243  Sharad flirting with his wife infront of her parents LOL and wanting her to go on a trip with Prem and himself :D Cutee scene FUNNY SCENEEEEEE with Sneha Prem Sharad Mukti ROFLLLLLL Sharad accidently thinks Mukti is Sneha and holds her and says I love you and falls on the bed with her to realize its MUKTI..ROFL then he kind of flirts..and PREM TAKES A PICTUREEEEEE ROFL and takes the piss out of him! LOL

http://www.badongo.com/vid/50854  Prem-Sharad scene LOL..talking about how long the girls take to get ready..then Sneha and Mukti show up and the guys are astounded at the change in Mukti LOL and Sharad ignores Sneha LOL CUTE SCENE <3 Mukti sees sharad getting out of some random chicks room'Sneha asks Sharad where he was..he hugs her from the back..<3 Sneha-Sharad HUGE fight'misunderstanding..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/57078 Sneha Sharad in the family scenes'small glimpses'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/59203 Sharad hugs Sneha while shes worried for Mukti.. Sharad rapes Mukti'( but no one knows its Sharad yet) lol :(

http://www.badongo.com/vid/59665  Sharad fights with his dad about his thoughts on what happened to Mukti and politics VS a womans reputation'Sneha Sharad phne scene..quick at the end

http://www.badongo.com/vid/60656 Sharad Sneha breakfast scene with Sharads parents'talking about Mukti issue..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/61225 Glimpses of Sharad Sneha in family Mukti problem

http://www.badongo.com/vid/66044 Mukti catches Sharad red handed as her rapist :O ( KSG looks %^&%$%^& HOT in this vid BTW ROFLLLLLLLLL..How can he be a rapist man :( LOL) Sneha talks about how she went shopping for their aane waala kid :D  Mukti tells Sneha her husband is her rapist'Sneha is shocked'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/68372 Sneha doesn't believe Mukti and badmouths her'Sneha cries and tells Anurag of the accusation Mukti put on Sharad'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/70625  Sharad small villainous look scene LOL'Sharad Sneha scene where Sneha is a bit worried'


http://www.badongo.com/vid/74666  Sharad the womanizer dropping off another gal home..gives the cutest AIR KISS ahhhhhh ROFLLL'Sharad has to talk with prem'Sharad and Prem go to meet photographer..Sharad demeans  Mukti and EWW some disgusting dialogues from Sharad LOL but he looks so hot ROFLL ..Sharad Sneha come to play holiiiiiii ..


http://www.megavideo.com/?d=G7EPZ00C ROFL Prem and Sharad complaining scene.. Sneha sees Sharad smiling and laughing and feels good'Sneha emotional scene with her father'Prerna blesses Sharad Sneha on Holi'Prem feeds Sharad bhang..lol'


http://www.badongo.com/vid/76228 Sharad flirting with girls at holi LOL eww man LOL anyways'Sharad has to go to office (yeah right LOL) and Sneha is mad' Sharad brings a girl to his cabin and wants to enjoy and Prerna catches him LOL hes shocked She slaps him a LOT..lol he deserves it :P


http://www.badongo.com/vid/80225 Sharad trying to rape Mukti again..and Prerna comes to the rescue'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/81431 Prerna tells Sneha to LEAVE Sharad..Sneha lashes out at her mother..and tells her not to interfere in her life..Sneha tells off Sharad and is about to slap him when Sneha stops her'Sneha vows to never come back in this house where her husband is insulted'Snehas father gifts her a car'Sharad comes and talks very rudely to Prerna and insults her'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/82073  Sharad insults Prerna..Villain LOL'how no one believed her'Hes demeaning her'HE TELLS HER HE IS HER DAAMAD and she needs to look at him with respect ( I would slapppppppppp right there LOL)..Towards the end'Sharads father tells Bajaj that he needs to control his wife..and Prem applauds Sharads acting once everyone leaves

http://www.badongo.com/vid/84366 Sharad is arrested on the basis of a FIR Mukti and Prerna file against him'

http://www.badongo.com/vid/85764 Sneha upset cause of everything that has taken place..Sharad wipes her tears and tells her to not cry..calms her down..Sneha crying cause everything in life is taking a bad turn..she had so many dreams of their aane waala kid and their families'Sharad holds her hand and comforts her'Sneha hugs Sharad'HE GIVES a villainous smirk ROFL ( what a jerk..sorry had to say that LOL)  Prem invites Sharad and his family over for a party he is throwing for his parents anni'Sneha tells Sharad he doesn't need to worry about her..about the party that is being thrown..She cares about him and wont go anywhere her husband is insulted..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/89127 Sharad goes to "save" a girl'and the family follows him'but Sneha reveals the he really came to save the girl'Sneha upset'insults her mother..Sneha breaks off her relationship with her mother..Prem tells Sharad how he saved him today :P Sneha cries to her father on the phone.. Sharad meets with Prerna..insults her again'Sharad-Sneha scene'where he tells her that Prerna is out to ruin their marriage by getting them a  divorce.


http://www.badongo.com/vid/92030 Sharad Sneha out on dinner..Hes trying to make her happy.. Sharad Sneha going out on a trip when the officer comes and tells them Sharad can't leave the country' Sneha cries and Sharad comforts her..Sharad has to stay in police custody..Sanji Bedi enters as Bajajs bro who is a lawyer


http://www.badongo.com/vid/96966  Prerna imagines Sneha'


http://www.badongo.com//vid/100462 Sharad in the hospital trying to kill Mukti'He kidnaps her..takes her to terrace'Prerna comes to save her..but Sharad drops her off terrace'and runs away LOLOL ..Mahesh instructs Sharad on what he should say in court'Prerna slaps Sharad..Sharads father slaps him and tells him that he knows that he raped Mukti..and that Mukti needs to be alive for him to win this case..Sharad give villainous smile.. Prem comes to meet Sneha.. Sneha hugs her brother'


http://www.badongo.com//vid/103161 Sharad court case..small eyelock of Sharad Sneha..

http://www.badongo.com/vid/110079 Sneha doing pooja...Sneha's mother in law, who was locked  in a room by her own husband, tells her the truth that Sharad did rape Mukti..and Sneha is  numb and shocked..Sneha goes to get the tape to prove Mukti innocent' 'Sneha searching Prems office to find it.. She finds the tape in the locker..Shes numb with shock after watching the tape..Shes crying'Sneha rushing to reach court..Sharad announced not guilty.. Sneha reaches court..Passionate scene between Sharad and her'when she starts screaming and crying at him touching her ..and she remembers the bewafayi he did'


http://www.badongo.com/vid/143132 KZK 1001 episode celebration..REALLY cute small scene of KaJen walking in happilyyy :D AWWWWW <3  @ 15.25'

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9219FgUZA8 scene from 26th July 2006 - Sharad tries to kill Sneha, then she tries to shoot him but accidently shoots his mum ! Intense scene!

*Scenes have been updated 8/2/10
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Next Thread Link:


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Congratulations Guys!
KaJen will rock as AR again!
And we will rock the thread too!
Come on now!
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congrats guys

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