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Posted: 14 years ago
Hi friends,

Catfight: Sada hates ash look-alike Sneha Ullal?

Newcomer Sada, who will be debuting in Bollywood with the film, 'Click', is already throwing her weight around quite a bit. She has issues with her co-star Sneha Ullal (remember the Aishwarya Rai look alike?).

Though Sneha isn't a top star, she is obviously more known than Sada. And that fact doesn't seem to be going down too well with the debutante.

Sada has clearly stated at events that she does not like Sneha's presence.

At a recent event, when a media person asked Sada her name, the newbie actress lost her cool and walked out of the event. What can we say?

All we hope is that Sada doesn't land in a soup because of her grumpiness this early into Bollywood.



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Posted: 14 years ago
shes mean who is sada anyway never seen her before
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Posted: 14 years ago
She looks very cheap on the pic.
Anyways.. who is she to see soemthing about Sneha .
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Posted: 14 years ago
omg anogther flop actoress
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Posted: 14 years ago
lol she is jalous omg.. what has she done untill now..
atleast sneha has done movies with superstar
Posted: 14 years ago
She's a MUCH better actress than Sneha Ullal. I'll give her that much. Sneha has one expression on her face. Not just in movies, but in interviews too. The girl needs to learn to lighten up a bit.