Please keep sending email to StarPlus and HatsOff

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Posted: 10 years ago
Hello BBBians,

As we know that there are talks right now of our Beloved SHow going off air ... I request you guys to keep sending email to HatsOff ans StarPlus ... I think we have a fair chance of keeping Baa Bahu aur Baby .. if we try hard enoough ... I wrote an email to Hats Off and Star Plus  aand below is the text of my email.
If you guys want then you can copy my email and send it to following IDs.I would suggest you to be creative and write your own thoughts.
Star Plus:



Hats Off:
Hello HatsOff,
I wanted to confirm from you if BBB is indeed going true.We are very ery sad at the treatment given to Baa Bahu aur Baby ..I love this show and I feel attached to this show.

These are the reasons I think that BBB should not go off air

- BBB is still entertaining .. it still has the power to touch your heart , make you laugh and cry.If it was dragging or becoming like Kyunki was , I would have understood it going away but the show is as strong as ever

- The timeslot :BBB should have been either shown in half an hour slot or if BBB is shown on weekdays MOn-Thurs .., It will knock the competition out ... just see how well Tarek Mehta ka Ulta Chashmah is doing on Sab .. and BBB is better then tarek .. Tarek Mehta is good and BBB is just as good as TMKUC .It is funny ,emotional and its USP is its star cast and characters .. I have never seen such an impressive lineup of actors in a show.

- Viewer's response .. just go to this link on India forums and see for yourself love and respect BBB has in viewer's hearts.
The "BBB going off air" news was one of the highest commented ones

- The treatment given to Baa Bahu aur Baby was very bad .. it was not even advertised properly .. lot of people they dont even know at what time it is on .. worse they dont even know that it is on ....there are no promos aired ..

- Rating of Baa Bahu aur Baby were strongest in the timeslot it was shown .. the recently launched YRF shows could not even touch it ... and one hour fiction shows showed on Star Plus during weekend they were not even on top 100.So considering the odds Baa Bahu aur Baby was facing , the show was still doing well

- I know in between rating of BBB went down to 1 ... but they were starting to get better .. but as they got better starplus changed the timings to 10:30 and then showed the episode at 11:00.. people did not even knew that the show was on .And the timings were changed .. when one of the best episode of BBB was on(Baa leaving Krishna Villa).I am sure with a little more patience it would have been back at its best game.

- It probably was not doing as well as it did last year .. but it was picking up ,, indiaforums website were seeing lot new members joining as they started to watch the show and were finding it interesting

- Why do Star have to cancel the show ?.why can they not move it to star one ? .They have worse shows on star one .. which are doing worse than BBB ever did.

- I think starplus does not understand what an awesome show/brand it has on its hand .I am sure whoever took the decision to make BBB go off air has never seen an episode of Baa Bahu aur Baby

- Can you try moving your show to SAB tv .. they have shows like BBB on and they dont even cancel it..Tarek Mehta which is in same genre as baa bahu aur baby is doing so well

- BBB has lot of fans outside India .So many have subscribed to star plus just to watch this show.There will be so many cancellations  once baa Bahu aur baby is taken off air .

I dont even know that my email would make any difference but I think BBB deserves this.Morover loyal viewers of Baa Bahu aur Baby deserves a proper statement on the fate of their beloved show.

Please dont let BBB go off air .. I cannot even imagine my weekends without it .
Please guys keep sending email to all the email ids listed below.Go to starplus website and fill out their feedback section ..
Please ... everytime you have done it .. can you please post a reply to this  so that we know how many people have send it .. Please ask ur friends and family to keep sending emails ..
My FnF think i have gone crazy .. but what can I say BBB is an awesome show ... and it deserves this effort .. please GUys n Gals
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Posted: 10 years ago
I have actually sent it. Even if it doesn't least Star Plus and Hats Off will know that there are many fans of BBB.

Same thing happened to Ek Chabi Pados May...I didn't watch that show....but the people watching that serial...came into BBB forum pleading to send emails and sign up for petition to stop that serial going off air. BBB forum members did help them a lot. But nothing happened....that serial went off air. I seriously don't want BBB to go off air because many people like it..but I don't think Star Plus or Hats Off will change their decision.
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Posted: 10 years ago
You are right ... this might not work ... but i think BBB deserves this chance becauseit is still entertaining ..
I know same thing was done for Ek chabhi hain pados mein .. though ek chabhi was an excellent show bbb is better ...  i thimnk it is a big mistake on the part of the channel to think about scraping the show
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Posted: 10 years ago
Please keep sending emails to HatsOFF
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Posted: 10 years ago
plssss hats of f,JD ..don't end this show !!!!!!!!!!
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