Socha na tha-fanfic 4 Kshitij-kumud

Posted: 2005-11-18T12:50:47Z
   PART-1....Kshitij is
                                                      a middle class guy who is
                          crazy about music.his gr8est
                                                      ambition is 2 become a gud
                          playback singer.his friends r
                                                      Kali & nakul.kali is the
                          daughter of a famous
                                                      music director Inderji{Ronit
                          Roy}.kshitij's plan is 2 get
                                                      a chance from him 2 sing 4 a
                          movie.kali has given him
                                                      hopes.he stays in the outhouse
                          of a rich family.a smart
                                                      old lady called Arundathi
                                                      stays there with her
                          grandchilren kumud{19yrs old} &
                                                      shamit{11yrs old}.her son
                          Abhay & his wife mahi r in
                                                      america.One day in the
                          morning,kshitij hears a sweet
                                                      female voice :dadi,i'm going 2
                          college. Kshi was eager
                                                      2 see her.he looks thru the
                          window.he sees a girl going
                                                      out on a bike.he cud see only
                          her back.short
                                                      top-jeans...silky hair.after a
                          few days,shamit comes 2
                                                      see kshitij with a request:can u
                          do 1 favour? he:yes
                                                      sure. shamit:she told 2 take
                          the book thats kept on the
                                                      top of the cupboard. Ks:who
                          is this 'she'? shamit:my
                                                      luvly sister kumud.kshitij
                          smiles.he remembers seeing her
                                                      back 1day .he wants 2 see her
                          face. he goes there &
                                                      takes the book from the top of
                          the cupboard.the shy
                                                      girl{kumud} extends her arms
                          from the room 2 reach the
                                                      book. kshi smiles:cum out of
                          room. she cumes out
                                                      slowly.kshi was shocked 2 see
                          her.bcoz she was looking
                                                      horrible.she was in a pink
                          salwar.she hs worn a big
                                                      black framed spectacle.her
                          teeth were that
                                                      if its going 2 cum out of the
                          mouth.kshi gives her the
                                                      book. kumud smiles:thanku..
                          kshi goes out
                                                      immediately.he was feeling
                          awkward remembering her
                                                      horrible smile. kumud &
                          shamit in the room.shamit
                                                      laughs:that poor fellow ran
                          away with his life.he got
                                                      scared. kumud laughs. she
                          removes her spectacle & the
                                                      duplicate teeth she had worn 2
                          fool kshitj. shamit:didi,u
                                                      wear it always.u look better
                          in it. kumud becomes
                                                      angry:u naughty boy.....they
                          dance 2 the sng...its the
                                                      time 2 disco...suddenly
                          hearing dadi's voice they stop
                                                      the music & pretend 2 be
                          studying. dadi cumes:gud,u both
                                                      r studying.every1 knows that
                          u'l study well with gud
                                                      culture if ppl stay with me.
                          kumud-shamit felt funny.
                                                      dadi:ur dad is online..they
                          become so happy that they
                                                      rush 2 take the Ph. shamit
                          talks.kumud takes the
                                                      reciever from him:hello
                          daddy,how r u?i'm fine...kshi
                                                      passes by...he looks at her
                          thru the window with a weird
                                                      feeling.he cud'nt see her face
                          .suddenly kumud turns
                                                      back.kshi was surprised 2 see
                          kumud's normal
                                                      appearance. kumud did'nt see
                          him.she continues talking:u
                                                      hav a surprise 4 me?whats
                          that?its a suspense? u'l bring
                                                      it when u cum here next
                          time?o!daddy,u r so
                          whispers:kumud,u r also sweet....


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Smile Smile Smile awesome
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PART-2...Kshi:kumud u r also sweet like ur dad....the
                          next day when kumud goes near her bike,kshitij was seen b4
                          her.she gets shy,bcoz her identity is out now.
                          Ks:so.. were playing a drama...Ku:what drama?what
                          did i do? Ks:why did u fool me? Ku:u got fooled
                          easily bcoz u r foolish.what can i do 4 that? Kshi
                          becomes angry.but he controls. he becomes sweet
                          purposefully:why did u hide ur pretty face? kumud gets
                          impressed by that statement. she laughs:bcoz i wanted 2
                          tease u? Ks smiles:but why? she:simply...she takes
                          her bike & goes away with a smile on her face. Kshi
                          tells himself:i'm going it luv?or simply an
                          attraction? he sings & dances around in that spirit:dil
                          to paagal hai...Kali:kshitij,who is in ur mind?
                          Ks:music. Ka:no 1 else? he:who else can take that
                          place? Ka:i can't believe it seeing u singing &
                          dancing like a mad person. kshitij becomes embarrased.
                          nakuk laughs. Ka:anyways,2morow,there is a song
                          recording.u cum with us.the super singer Rahul {kumkum}
                          is the male singer.and the 1 & only kali is the female
                          singer. Ks:u r so lucky kali...Ka:1 day that
                          luck will cum 2 u kshitij. he smiles. he also goes 2 see
                          the recording.he sees the song recording & enjoys.he
                          dreams -...kshitij singing in the place of Rahul. kali
                          intoduces him 2 inderji. Ks:plz giv me a chance 2
                          sing 4 a movie sir. inderji:i can't tell u yes
                          immediately.1st let me hear ur song. Ks gets
                 his voice does'nt cum out properly.he was very
                          weak in singing. inderji becomes angry:this is ur song?&
                          u r so prowd.u want 2 sing in my movie?rubbish.he
                          does'nt even listen 2 kali's words. KA:kshitij,why r
                          u getting tensed?u were so energetic. he:i dunno how it
                          happened. she:anyways,u hav 2 take practise. he:ok...    
                          kshitij goes 2 see inderji's house.he becomes angry:why r
                          u here again?i told u no,u can't sing,so no chance 4 u.
                          he becomes sad.but he does'nt show that. he:no problem
                          sir.plz giv me sum other job.i've financial problems.
                          inderji:can u do cooking? Kshitij was confused. kali
                          shows action 2 tell yes from a small distance. so kshitij
                          shakes his head. inderji:u no cooking? kshi:yes sir.
                          inderji:so 2day onwards u can do cooking here. he:ok
                          sir. inderji goes.kali cumes. Kshi:kali,i dunno
                          cooking at all. Ka:its ok,i'll help u.kshitij,its a
                          gud chance 2 get close 2 my dad.u'll get a chance 2
                          prove ur talent. kshitij smiles:thats my hope.   kshi
                          serves food.he was tensed about inderji's reaction.
                          inderji tastes it:u r a gud cook. ks:thanku sir.i'm
                          also a singer. inderji teases:that i no.that day i had
                          heard ur song no. ks:sir...thats bcoz of my tension.
                          inderji does'nt mind it.he feels funny. kali consoles
                          him. kshi goes back.he sees kumud's bike.he goes &
                          touches it smoothly.he kisses it.he hears a
                          was shamit's.kshitij gets embarassed:full of dust.i was
                          cleaning it.. shamit smiles & goes out with his cricket
                          bat. kumud brings a plate full of gilebies & ladoos
                          without others' knowledge & keeps it on kshitij's table
                          thru the window.she hoped that seeing this he will
                          search 4 her.kumud hides herself 2 see kshitij's reaction
                          seeing it. kshi had seen it,but hid himself from
                          kumud.he cud guess kumud's he pretends 2 be
                          crazy about these sweets.he does'nt look 4 her,instead
                          of that he eats it fast as if he was starving 4 1
                          week.kumud becomes angry & goes away.seeing it,kshi
                          laughs.he felt funny.kumud keeps a paper piece on
                          kshitij 's table thru the window & goes.kshi sees the
                          paper,takes it & reads.."fool,bloody fool...." kshi
                          becomes angry.
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Posted: 2005-11-20T07:35:44Z
Cry Cry
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Posted: 2005-11-20T09:37:56Z
hey....luv ur fan fic...plz continue soon

p.s. we're all reading!!!!!!dont be saddd
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Posted: 2005-11-20T10:09:51Z
It's lovely start...plz cont...
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Posted: 2005-11-21T02:48:29Z
Part-3....Kumud & simran were cuming back from the
                          college. S:how was
                                                      2day's class? K:oh,boring
                          yaar...i was not at all
                                                      listening. kshitij with tuff
                          stands b4 them. kumud
                                                      whispers 2 simran:this is that
                                                      cud'nt stand them teasing.
                          Ks:kumud,i want 2 talk 2
                                                      u.plz cum 2 the park.i'll
                          wait 4 u. Ku:i'll think about
                          headweight}..Kshi waits 4
                                                      kumud at the park.she does'nt
                          cum.he gets really irritated.
                                                      but after sumtime she
                          cumes. Kshi was angry:why did
                                                      u becum late? K:i was
                          not late..accoding 2 me..i cum
                                                      only when i feel like..
                          Ks:ok..he takes out the piece
                                                      of paper kumud had kept
                          his table:whats this?
                                                      she:can't u see?its a
                          paper.very funny..Ks:i no
                                                      that.but whats written
                          here? she:can't u read
                                                      english? he:yes,thats why i
                          she:i've written that u r a
                                                      fool,bloody fool! Kshi
                          loses his control:stop
                                                      the beginning itself i new
                          that u r naughty.but i took it
                                                      as a funny thing.but now
                          r crossing ur limit.u don't
                                                      no who i am.u no,when i
                          was in the college,i've done
                                                      many notorious things.
                          kumud laughs:so u r
                                                      adventerous.let me hear ur
                          adventures.tell me...tell
                                                      me....Ks:i won't tell u.but
                          i'll show. he keeps her
                                                      tightly close 2 his chest &
                          kisses her. kumud screams at
                                                      him:u brute!how cud u do
                          this 2 me?this is the way u
                                                      hav 2 behave 2 a girl? kshi
                          becomes upset:i'm sorry..i did
                                                      this 4 fun. she:this is
                          how u shud hav fun?i'll tell
                                                      this 2 dadi...& 2
                          every1...she runs away.kshi
                                                      becumes upset & goes 2 see
                          nakul-kali . he:i did a
                                                      blunder. Kali:what did u
                          do? Kshi tells
                                                      everything.they were shocked.
                          N:kshitij,this is not a silly
                                                      thing.u hav insulted a
                          girl in a public place.if she
                                                      files a sexual harassment
                          case,u'll be put into the
                                                      jail. Kshi gets tensed:then
                          what can i do? N:go there
                                                      during the nite.u take
                          all ur things & escape without
                                                      their knowledge. 3of them go
                          there.only kshi gets
                          goes 2 his room & takes all
                                                      his things.suddenly he was
                          shocked 2 see kumud standing
                                                      b4 him. kshi gets
                          embarrased. K:so,u r
                                                      planning 2 escape from here.
                          ks:no,i was arranging
                                                      everything. K:u
                          can't escape now.i've called
                                                      every1 here 2morrow.let
                          them cum & giv u punishment.
                                                      Ks:its my request.plz
                          don't spoil my future.
                                                      she:this u had 2 think b4.
                          did that,bcoz u made me angry.
                                                      K:so when u bicum
                          angry,u kiss others?    
                                                      ks:no,i kiss only u.bcoz i
                          thot u...K:what did u think
                                                      about me?u thot i luv u?
                          Ks:leave it plz..u can giv me
                                                      any punishments.but
                          don't insult me b4 others.
                                                      she:u're willing 2 accept any
                          punishment that i giv u?
                                                      he:yes. she:then u extend ur
                          right arm. kshi extends his
                                                      right arm after closing his
                          eyes.kumud felt funny seeing
                                                      his tensed face. she kisses
                          his arm.kshitij opens his eyes
                                                      with surprise.he cud'nt
                          believe it. kumud was
                                                      shy.kshi kisses her arm.then
                          hug each other. N:where is
                                                      this kshitj?i doubt
                          whether he is caught by them.
                                                      Kali:let me go & see.
                          she goes..she was shocked 2
                                                      see both of them hugging
                          each other.she smiles & goes
                                                      back 2 N:don't expect
                          him now.he won't cum.bcoz they
                                                      r n luv. nakul was
                          surprised. kumud runs away
                                                      from kshitij with shyness.kshitij
                          smiles at her.

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Posted: 2005-11-21T23:35:31Z
Cry Cry
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