Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#2 DONE!(Page 98)

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And I posted the above reply by mistake in 'New topic' instead of posting in 'Post reply' since I am just learning to post on this site. Can anyone tell me how to delete that post (New topic given name in the subject line 'Jai Shri Krishna - Jai Shri Ram')?
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And Happy Shivraatri to everyone.

Om namah Shivay, Om namah Shivay
Om namah Shivay, namah Shivay, namah Shivay....

Damaru paani, shool paani, he Natraajan,

Namo namo, namo namo (chorus) namo namo, namo namo (chorus), namo namo, namo namo (chorus)

Shish ang, bhasm ang, karate dhaaran,
Namo namo, namo namo (chorus) namo namo, namo namo (chorus), namo namo, namo namo (chorus)

Damaru paani, shool paani, he Natraajan, namo namo (Chorus)

Tum aadidev anaadi ho, tum anthin anant ho;

Om namah Shivay (Chorus)

Shrimant ho, bhagawant ho, he naath Girijakant ho;

Om namah Shivay, namah Shivay (Chorus), namah Shivay, namah Shivay (Chorus)

Shashi lalaat, tan viraat, he Trilochan,
Namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus)

Damru paani, shool paani, he Natraajan, namo namo.

Nissaar is sansaar me, Shiv naam keval saar hai;

Om namah Shivay (Chorus)

Shiv Shakti hai, Shiv Bhakti hai, Shiv Mukti ka aadhaar hai;

Om namah Shivay, namah Shivay (Chorus), namah Shivay, namah Shivay (Chorus)

Rom rom, Aum Aum, he agh-naashan,
Namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus)

Damru paani, shool paani, he Natraajan,
Namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus), namo namo, namo namo (Chorus)

(Then Natraaj Shankar dances with Shri Raam's Veena rhythm.)

Om Namah Shambhavaay ch, Mayobhavaay ch,

Namah Shankaraay ch, Mayaskaraay ch,

Namah Shivaay ch, Shivtaraay ch.

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Posted: 2010-02-11T22:27:37Z
Shivaratri ki Shubhkaamna
Rameshwaram ki staapana
"Ram: ishwaro yasya sa Rameshwar:"
"Ramasya Ishwar: yah, sa Rameshwar:"

Two definitions of two lords who are unite.

"Ling sthaapi vidhivat kari pooja, siv samaan priy, mohe n duja;
Sivdrohi mam bhagat kahaao, so nar sapnehu mohe n paavon;
Sankar vimukh bhagati chahe mori, so naar ki mudh mati thori."
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Posted: 2010-02-11T22:28:59Z
Shiv in Gokul in disguise

Ek jogi aayo ri tere dwaar,
Dikha de mukh laal ka,
Tere palane me paalanhaar,
Dikha de mukh laal ka,
O maiyaa, dikha de mukh laal ka.

Liye akhiyon me pyaas,
Jogi hai re Haridaas / Jogi tere ari daas(?),
Badi door se aayo leke daras ki aas;
Maai aiso sanjog na taal,
Dikha de mukh laal ka;
Tere bhare rahenge bhandaar,
Dikha de mukh laal ka,
Ari maiyaa, dikha de mukh laal ka.

(The old lady comes and then calls Yashoda outside and then dialog and debate with Yashoda and then Yashoda brings Krishna outside but doesn't allow JOGI touch the baby)

(Shiv through his subtlest form and yogic power touches the lotus feet of baalroop without the knowledge of Yashoda)

Aadhyastam Omkaar, akaar roopam,
Paraatparam satyaparam trisatyam,
Yogishwaro va Jagadishwaro va,
Tvam Krishnaroopam, manasaa smaraami.

(Shiv sings through his gross body of JOGI BABA again)

Mere nainaa bhaye hain nihaal,
Nirakh mukh laal ka;
Pyase nainaa bhaye hain nihaal
Nirakh mukh laal ka,
Ari maiyaa, nirakh mukh laal ka

(Yashoda offering gems before he starts leaving)

Rakh le heere moti tere,
Yeh patthar kis kaam ke mere;
Jogi ho gayaa maalaamaal,
Nirakh mukh laal ka;
Mai to ho gayaa maalaamaal,
Nirakh mukh laal ka;
Ho maiyaa, nirak mukh laal ka.
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Posted: 2010-02-12T17:17:16Z
Originally posted by lola610

Hi Lallibali Hug

a) Suggested text for the Raghukul "happy forest family" sig I have dibs on - "Mahalon Ke Adhikaari Van Mein Rehte Hain" -it's actually palte hain, meaning those who deserve a palace are raised in the forest, referring to Lav Kush but change that one word and it's "living" instead of "raised" - they all at one point or another lived in the forest, right Tongue Does it work or should I keep brainstorming? It's perfect! Thanks a bunch Lolakshi!Hug Many lines from that song would work actually, I sooooo love it (and did since I was a kid cuz it includes that scene where Sita Maa tells them to help her grind rice for kheer - I would take my actual cooked rice from dal chawal and stuff, and I'd mush it up in hopes of eating whatever Sita Maa cooked LOL Yes, I was that nuts... but it was like in preschool, gimme a break Embarrassed) anyway other than my innocent stupid toddler memories from the song, I also love it cuz the words, like Tu Dheeraj, describe a sad situation in words that are hopeful and inspiring... will do the lyrics very soon, hope they help! I too love the song sooooooo much! I listen to it at least once on my way to and from college, along with Nindiya Rani, Soja Lalla, and the Hari Om song between Valmiji/Luv/Kush.Embarrassed And of course the Luv Kush Ram Katha and another bunch of emotional songs, different ones each day depending on my mood.Tongue  

b) yes I was really touched by the Ramdasu story, wowww it's so miraculous and goosebump-inducing the way Shri Ram frees him in the end!!!Yes, I know! The whole story is just like a mini-mytho, I wish someone makes a serial on it in the future, including every one of the small but meaningful scenes where Ramdasji feels the presence of Ramji. and the past life story is kinda like the whole Vidur backstory, except he was Dharmraj and sentenced another mahatma to the punishment... anyways loved it, can't thank you enough for it, and I'd love to see the vids whenever you have time to dig them up!Will def post them soon! I'm going to watch SK right now since I have a lot of catching up to do, but after that, I'll try to choose between posting a big pic update of Luv Kush Ram Katha or posting the Ramadasu vids, maybe both if I find time.Wink Since it's a Friday, hope you'll be online tonight!

c) thank you sooooooo much for being chooo chweet about the VD sig, even though I'm sure I could do better... glad you liked the pics and texture though, shall keep them in circulation then LOLNo, it's really good! I'm def going to include it in a future slideshow. I love your new texture style, it has the whole mythical effect!Day Dreaming And yeah lol there was a diff version yesterday night, I thought this one was a bit improved cuz that Vasu pic was unclear and reacted differently to the effects... but I guess I'll let you decide: Both are superb! But.....if I have to choose, I like the 2nd one you posted in the previous page a tad better, but this one's awesome as well!Clap
d) great job updting pg one, thank you so much!!! Now lemme flood this place with new pics and lyrics and make you do it all over again LOL j/k Lol, your wish is my command Maharani Lolakshi!Big smile

e) Yayyyyyyyyyyyy you did my requested pic updt... can't thank you enough... it's SOOOOOO GORGEOUS Day Dreaming
Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Aww, you're veryyyyyyyyyy welcome Loli! So glad you like the pics, it really makes posting them worth it.Embarrassed Especially since the new sigs you posted are MINDBLOWING!Day Dreaming The SiyaRam Prachi Dishi one is sooooo fairytale-ish and the first Bharat-Mandavi sig of our CC is soooooo sweet! Now all we need is a Shatru-Sruti sig and we'll have a complete set of all the four bros and their wifeys.Big smile Am def snagging the SiyaRam one once I make a slideshow again.Smile I really love these scenes with a passion cuz with both the bros and sisters, none of the interaction seems forced; you feel like you're watching actual siblings spending quality time together...I know! The interaction is SO real in those scenes that they make you wish there were a ton more, but since Ramayan was first telecasted every Sunday, people would prob have complained if the only thing they saw every week were sweet family scenes and none of the actual Ramayan masala.LOL Imagine how they would have reacted to something like NDTV Ramayan's 3 week long Ahi Mahi track if each epi had been shown every Sunday.Wacko My sis and I were wondering (when we watched those epis) and getting frustrated watching them every day for three weeks itself....one epi of that every week would have been pure torture.  and the extra scenes you threw in are fantastic too!!! Love the little hug btwn Sunaina and Mrs. Kushadhwaj when they hear about the giant wedding, so cute and genuine! I know, I love that scene too because that's how my mommy and my two aunts (my father's two brothers' wives) are with each other, so homey and genuine.Smile And your siggifcation of the pics is brilliant... esp the sisters one, sooooo snagging it for my upcoming slideshow!!! Thanks a bunch Loli! Am soooooo glad you like the sigs, you're too sweet sweet.Embarrassed It's beautiful, esp the way you arranged the pics!!! And the quote's hilarious but appropriate... LOVE it Clap Thanks again! Muy muy gracias! I love looking for cute funny English quotes which just sum up our mytho scenes perfectly.Big smileLOL Here's a little something for the pic updt I soooooo loved and was totally worth the wait and the fantabulastic sigs you made from it... enjoy Wink Love ya Laliballi HugThanks so much Lolakshi! The ice cream's delicious! Sooooooooo yummy! Here's a piece of (eggless of course) organic chocolate cake heaped with tasty raspberries (sorry if you don't like them) for you as a thank you for such sweet comments, you're the best amiga!Hug

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Posted: 2010-02-12T17:17:37Z
Hi Shivang, welcome aboard Big smile
Really really glad you've joined us here, it's always nice to have company especially for such divine discussions... Your most welcome for everything you saw and liked so far, we really appreciate it, and even that you're going through the previous fanclubs so thoroughly is very very sweet of you... thanks a million!!! Hope you continue to enjoy and contribute...

what a brilliant start, with those much needed additions to the cast list... wowwwwww I know who played one of my fav characters - Vibhishan!!! I've wondered forever!!! And Sunaina Maa was Urmila Bhatt... as in the one who was in tons of bollywood movies in the 70s and 80s, like Geet Gaata Chal Shocked
Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Or is that a diff Urmila Bhatt? Thank you for this precious info!

And I just finished going through the Orkut communities... you've done a really commendable job with them, hats off to you Clap
ClapClapClapClap The dialogues from Ramayan and your philosophical analysis of Shri Krishna were really incredible, hope to see that (and other Orkut members LOL) happen here too, it'll be great fun!!!

And I must thank you again a million times for your defense of Shri Krishna there, sharing my whole "RS portion - non-RS portion" explanation with the others and helping everyone appreciate its magic as an RS series upto the pre-Dwarka Nirmaan epis. Did you happen to see my youtube videos of the alternate, superior RS versions of the Dwarka and Varnaavat scenes that originally aired on Doordarshan? They were posted in the first SKFC, but if you haven't gotten there yet I'll gladly repost the links - you're in for a huge surprise Wink

Finally thanks a ton for all the lyrics posts... so appropriate for the occasion Clap I listened to Damroopani Shoolpani at least 10 times on the way to college this morning LOL Hope I didn't bore you with my typically long post, and I really look forward to your valuable contributions both here and at Orkut! Jai SiyaRam, Jai RadheShyam!!!
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Posted: 2010-02-12T17:51:54Z
Yes Lali, I'll be on lots tonight... looking fwd to Lolalitha time for the next few hrs LOL yayyy for the Ramdasu vids and upcoming pic updt (though I too have the same one saved on here somewhere LOL), but SK DEF comes first  LOL As for the Ramdasu mytho serial, lets make it RS-style together DancingThank you soooooooo much for being soooooooo sweet and encouraging about the new texturing style in the sigs, I'm really thrilled you're liking and shall proceed to make a similar Shatru-Shruti (ShatruKirti translates to enemy's glory - I don't like that LOL how about ShrutiGhan Wink And we didn't decide between BharMan and Manat!!! Or do you hae a cooler one for them LOL) Thanks a ton for liking and snagging again, your cake-and-ice-cream-defeating sweetness is what keeps me going Hug And Oh God, do I agree with you on the tortuousness of the Ahi-Mahi story arc... only RS mastered perfect pacing of the mytho genre to suit viewers like us who like our share of fluff but not in the barf-inducing proportions that the junior Sagars seem to have mastered LOL And awwww the Sunaina-MrsKushadhwaj hug reminds me of my mom and aunts too, that's why I like it!!! Yayyy on another similarity Tongue And thanks a bazillion for the yummy-licious cake and your even sweeter words and your friendship in general, I do love raspberries and I Heart you of course Embarrassed 
Okkkkkkk..... that being said.... here are the lyrics for Mahalon Ke Adhikaari, as promised (moving Shyam tere kaam to the pic updt post)... enjoy!

Mahalon Ke Adhikaari Van Mein Palte Hain ' Those Who Deserve A Palace Are Raised In The Forest
Bhaagya Mein Likhe Lekh Na Mitate Hain Na Badalte Hain ' That Which Is Written In Fate Can Neither Be Eliminated Nor Changed
Mahalon Ke Adhikaari Van Mein Palte Hain ' Those Who Deserve A Palace Are Raised In The Forest

Amrit Hai Vatsalya Bhare Anuraag Mein ' There Is Divine Nectar In The Love Of A Parent
Bhaagya Se Mamta Ka Sukh Aata Bhaagya Mein ' The Joy Of Motherly Love Can Only Be Written Into Fate By Good Fortune perfect generic mommy sig text!)
Jeevan Mein Rang Bharte Andhiyaare Sada ' Vibrant Color Fills Life Only Because Of Darkness
Sona Kundan Hota Tapkar Aag Mein ' Gold Becomes Bright And Pure Only After Bearing The Heat Of Fire (perfect generic sad sig text!)
Laalan Paalan Mein Siya Ke Din Raat Nikalte Hain ' In Nurturing Her Darlings, Sita's Days Fly By
Mahalon Ke Adhikaari Van Mein Palte Hain ' Those Who Deserve A Palace Are Raised In The Forest
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Posted: 2010-02-12T18:00:48Z
Very very welcome to india-forums and most of all, this Chat Club!Hug It is always so nice to have new members, especially fellow devoted RS fans, join everyday and share their experiences with us! It was very nice learning about your experience with Ramayan, Shri Krishna, and Mahabharat. Truly the three are the divine mytho trinity, and we look forward to having discussions with you on them frequently.Big smile
I can't thank you enough for the lyrics to those divine songs and more names for the actors of Ramayan and Shri Krishna, thanks a looot! I have updated Pg. 1 right now with everything you've shared with us, including the members list (which I've added you in), the Songs/Lyrics Gallery, and the Cast List.Big smile Thanks a lot!
I have checked out the Orkut links you posted, and you've done a magnificent job with the Orkut Communities of Ramayan, Shri Krishna, and Mahabharat. They all look really great, and the discussions and polls you have there are really interesting.Clap Like Lola said, it'd be great if you tell your Orkut RS friends about IF and this CC, so that we all can meet in one place and talk about our favorite shows to our hearts' content. Ramanand Sagar's divine shows are eternal like the mythos they are about. Despite the new generations serials coming out, they shall forever remain in the hearts of their fans.
It is so nice to know that there are fan clubs and communities dedicated to Ramanand Sagar's shows all over the Internet.Star
Take care and once again, welcome to this CC! If you have any questions about India Forums and its various fun features, don't hesitate to ask us! We will tell you all about everything you can enjoy in this site.Big smile
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