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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by: tinaasania

y is every1 calling Ameya as Aamaya???😕

someone once asked why alka gave aishwarya her "neck less"
Posted: 14 years ago
good old suresh has bad taste then 😆 

rahul has no body in his voice.. its so weak and thin! ameya's voice is grainy... but i think he can "sing", if u know what i mean.. and rahuls sur is good too... just dono ke awaaz  👎🏼
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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by: tinaasania

y is every1 calling Ameya as Aamaya???😕<br>

I was wondering the same thing, he usually goes by Ameya not Aamaya. Maybe he changed it or maybe its his full name :S Or he probably wants a change, he lost weight and he has changed his look, so he probably changed his name too.Edited by robinc07 - 14 years ago
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Posted: 14 years ago

Originally posted by: siddh_v

Both Rahul Vaidya and Aamaya Daate are Suresh Wadekar's student and they both are awesome singers. Hands down they are the best. <br><br>Before making stupid comments get your facts straight he was never with Prajakta, they were just good freinds and i dont know what do u guys mean by he was involved with Vinnet? <br><br>For once can we not judge the singers by their charecters or family background and judge them only by their singing capabilitys. Rahul V and Aamaya Daate are right there on the top. I dont even think this competition is fair because to me i dont think anybody can even come close to the experience and riyaz of them.<br>

Totally agree with u
they both are the best
sorry but rahul was dating prajakta but now they broke up
and rahul and vinit are really good friends and they are like brother
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Posted: 14 years ago
Rahul & Ameya ( i think hey made typo while showing his name)  both are great singers.

Everyone has their personal opinion. There are times my favorite doesn't win the competition so obviously others find someone else better. Different people like different style of singing or type of voice. Doesn't make one better than other.