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Posted: 17 years ago

14th November Update by reema_19

update of 14th november.

mother and the son comes at there apartment suddenly light goes. so son was very scared . then his mother open the door and suddenly his father gave him a surprised . he was very scared. then his farther gave him lots and lots of toysWink.then in the morning yash the boy and his mother go to the park.the boy is too shy to make friends . he dosent have any friends . then her mother is like play in the park . ill just walk. then she sees her son is not there . he is in the marygoround swing and its too fast . she is shocked and she is like somebody help then she go with her son to the home and yash says that raghu is very nice . he is a sweet boy.raghu is a ghost . he is a small.

his mother went to the office and frum office the maid call and say that yash is not there . then her mother comz home but in between she stops to the park and yash is playing with raghu . ohh thank god u are here . then yash is like this is my friend raghu . i dont have mother but i stay near the park . then yash and his mother goes home and then raghu is smiling in a bad way .

next morning
raghu is playing with yash in yash house . he is a bad boy . he teah yash very bad things .

then next morning
when maid was not coming . she was sick .yash 's mother comz frum her way to her house beuz yash was alone.when she enter the house yash was shouting mumma , mumma then she sees  up and yash was just jumping frum the window. suddenly she  runs and yash is counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9and then yash's mother reaches. and end



Posted: 17 years ago
14th Nov.

Episode 1 - Nov 14, 2005
Radhika and Mohit are concerned about their son Yash being an introvert. They are very happy when Yash finally finds a friend, Raghu. Despite reservations about Raghu's background, Radhika likes him as he makes Yash start coming out of his shell.

But soon she realises Raghu had taught Yash to cheat and lie. Radhika is very angry and gives them both a last warning. She assumes that things would be ok hereonwards but to her horror, one day she finds her quiet, unadventurous Yash standing on the ledge of her 7th floor apartment, ready to jump, like superman (thanks to Raghu's influence)!
Posted: 17 years ago
15th Nov.

Episode 2 - Nov 15, 2005
Radhika manages to convince Yash not to jump. Realising how dangerous an influence Raghu is, to her impressionable child, she throws Raghu out of the house. Now Raghu turns completely hostile and warns her of the consequences.

To her horror, Yash starts behaving like Raghu, throwing tantrum and turning abusive. Radhika discovers that despite her instructions, Yash has been letting Raghu come home, with Shalini bai's help. Shalini bai quits when confronted. But despite all her efforts Raghu still comes and plays with Yash. Upset, she decides to take Raghu to his father and complain.

When she reaches Raghu's house and meets his father, she gets to know an earth-shattering truth that leaves her shocked.
Posted: 17 years ago
thanx this was a nice story.......keep it up....
Posted: 17 years ago
Update posted  by sheetald

The blind sister is worried for Arindam's safety. She can sense something, a message, but what it means is not very clear. Arindam wants to get out of the place; he is worried for his son. Weird things start happening around him and he is at his wit's end. Then, he figures that Mitali is back home with their son, so whom did he see coming back?

Edited by apple14 - 17 years ago
Posted: 17 years ago
Darna Mana Hai update by _TANIA_

Episode # 41 (TelecastJanuary 23, 2006- 23 Jan, 10 pm)
Krish Gupta is a young dynamic Vice President-HR with an electrical appliances company. One day an old man by the name Bhonsle approaches him with his resume for a job. Krish refuses him a job as the Bhonsle dressed in a safari suit and his lips stained with paan did not fit the office set up.

Krish refuses him any job. The same evening, Krish accidentally runs over the Bhonsle. However, a week later, to Krish's surprise, he finds the Bhonsle employed in his office.

from- mid-day.com

Posted: 17 years ago
Update posted by sheetald

Krish complains to the MD. The MD does not listen to reason and asks Krish to go on a forced vacation. Krish is on leave at home. Even then, in his house, he sees the old man appearing in all different guises. Krish now decides to go to the old man's address. On reaching, to his horrific surprise, the old man's body is a decomposing corpse.


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