THIS is spamming [IMPORTANT, DO LOOK!]

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Posted: 11 years ago

Hello friends,

 I will get straight to the point. It is very sad to see the level at which spamming is occurring in this section. This is the kind of thing I have noticed in the section:


As per IF's COC spamming is not permitted in the whole of IF; however the Avatar and Sig section has always been the one section where this rule has been constantly broken. If a member in another section spams then his or hers warning level is increased, however if a member in the AS section spams then nothing happens. You tell me, is this fair?

And I am sure there are many other members on IF who feel the same about what has been happening. Having looked into many shops and galleries every single sig maker is breaking this basic rule which most members are told about when they join IF.

Shockingly I have also found such replies:

Originally posted by Member 1



Originally posted by Member 2


Rules: This is what will be permitted:

For each reply there must be a minimum of three quotes.

If the DT Team find only 2 quotes or even worse 1 quote per reply then here are the actions that will be taken:


1)      Warning level raised

No verbal warnings will be given from now on. These rules have been up for some time. It is your responsibility to read and follow rules.

Remember: One/two worded replies are also regarded as spamming and aren't allowed. Same actions will be taken as written above. If you want to say "Thanks" then just simply press the like button: Like This Post

I request that all you take this notice very seriously as much closer observation on what is happening in galleries/shops will take place and the DT Team won't hesitate if any rules are broken.

Links to the rules [Please take some time out and make sure they are read!]:

Final Warning for all Members-Do Read


Specification: Signature/Avatar/Banner

IMPORTANT: India-Forums Code of Conduct

I know in this thread I have focused purely on spamming but this does not allow other rules to be ignored.

Lastly I would like to add that rules are in place for a reason. If one is broken, it only encourages for more to be broken. So let's work together and make the AS section one of the best sections on india-forums.

Mitesh, Mimi and Ananya

AS Development Team.



Edited by mimi0295 - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago

Moderator's Note:
This is a message to everyone reading this. If found breaking rules then I won't think of "What if she/he doesn't know." WLs will be raised without further questioning.

Posted: 11 years ago
The title has been changed to let you all know that this is a serious issue, and from this point onwards, every single member on this forum is expected to abide by them.

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