Kolangal Hit List

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Posted: 13 years ago
Hi Everyone,
I'm Seetha , a new poster but a long time fan of this forum. I tried to put together the "thalai ponavargal"Ouch in Kolangal, only the character's we know, on the go there were many other stand by ers who were pottu thallified too... But let me know if there are some more too...Dead. Very glad that all this is coming to an end. Clap
1. Ranjani
2. Inspector Prabhu
3. Another Policeman along with Prabhu
4. Ranjani's lover - Upendra
5. manjula
6. Kerala girl
7. Saroja
8. Saroja's brother 1
9. Saroja's brother 2
10. Shanthi
11. Angusamy
12. Sangeetha's father
13. Sangeetha
14. Sankara Pandian
15. Arjun
16. Rekha
17. Tholar
18. Giri
19. Thilla
20. Kanchana
In between Baskar's father died of Natural death.....(Good for him !!!)
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Posted: 13 years ago
well well, Seetha , u probably did not see Roja's
announcement of 1000 pOr Kaasugal Wink
Shoot folks, let us see how many more can be
added to this list
Posted: 13 years ago
Hi Roja,
Before I saw the "Parisu" announcement, I started making this list, That time it was only 3/4th completed, all of a sudden within 2 weeks the list grew and once I saw the 1000 porkasugal, I couldn't resist and I jumped into the post. (I'm usually a silent reader). So waiting for the "Parisu" now. You can reduce few porkasugal if I left out one or two names. Tongue
Cheers for Kolangal Moodu vizha!!
Posted: 13 years ago

Ok, I am all in game Seetha & Rojakka. Smile

Seetha, your list covered everyone is the main track. Now Flasback time...   : ) Clap
1. Entire Dassaiyya & his family.  (Enna oru 10 per potukkalamaa?!)
2. Chellamma
3. The bald headed guy (who misbehaved to Chellamma)
4. Anthony (Am I right on the name?) - The killer who was behind Menu & shot dead by the police.
5. Veeraiya (Anthony's friend)
(Rojakka, ithukku evvalavu kodukkalamo, avvalavu pottu kodungka, I mean PoRkasukaLai! : )) Wink Big smile
 Me too.... Very happy that this Kadigal is coming to an END! Big smile Big smile Clap Clap
Edited by supree - 13 years ago
Posted: 13 years ago
hey folks, you forgot one more to the list... Kanchana's mom (of course she died naturally....)
Posted: 13 years ago
great post, seetha. u must be die hard fan for this serial. anyone can have that 1000 gold coin. i will be happy to see this serial end.....that more than 100,000.000,000.....gold coinSmile
Posted: 13 years ago
Hi Supree,
Couldn't belive how I forgot one entire village's death. Coming to think of it, there would be no surprise if all Kolangal characters would be FINISHED Dead by Thollai this week. We should wait to add more to this list now. CryCry
Posted: 13 years ago
1. Others include the old man related to Saroja who was waiting to have a feast and Adhi's men killed him
2. Shivdas's wife
3. Two police fellows shot by Dila
4. One person Saroja's brothers killed while hiding in some shed.
5. Some security people when Anthony tried to kill Menaka
6. kollimalai kaadu - one man shot by the thalaivan
7. Maddy - the black mailer of Anjali

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