Sirf Tum...hamesha...(RN)pt.13&Epilogue,pg.75(14/4

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Heya friends...I'm here with another RN fic!!!

It's non- LRL but...

Aap sabko ye shikayat rehti thi naa ki main Naina ko bahot rulati hoon aur Rajveer ko hamesha gayab rakhti hoon!

Toh lo !! ab issmein Rajveer pehle hi update mein hain...infact....pehli hi line se !!!

Toh here i post my update...

Hope you people enjoy...

Agar tumhe achcha nahi lage toh bhi bata dena...

I'll continue it, if you people like.

Pt. 1  - - pg.1
Pt.2 - - pg. 4
Pt.3 - - pg.7
Pt.4 -- pg.15
Pt.5 -- pg.23
Pt.6 -- pg.29
Pt.7 -- pg.38
Pt.8 -- pg.44
Pt.9 --pg.51
Pt.10 -- pg.60
Pt.11 -- pg.66
Pt.12 -- pg.70
Pt.13 -- pg.75
Epilogue-- pg.75
Part One :  



"Let me out! Please Mujhe bahaar nikalo!!Pleaseeeeee...." screamed a terrified eight year old Rajveer.

He was trapped in total darkness with four walls closing in on him.
" Koi hai??", He banged the doors," Koi hai? Please mujhe yahase bahar nikalo !! Mujhe....mujhe bah..bahot darr lag raha hai..."
Tears streamed down his cheeks as he remembered what had happen.
He was playing hide and seek with two boys from his school. Their names were Amardeep Huda and Shantanu Mehra. Rajveer was so happy when they invited him to join them !!! All the day he was gushing to his mom about this....
Rajveer was one of the brightest kid in the school. Equally good or say best at studies and sports. He was never behind, be it was theatre or drawing or Elocution!! In short, He was a Star!!!
Along with these qualities,in the school Rajveer was the most popular kid because his Uncle, Mr. M.D. Gehlot who was the famous and powerful politician and his mom's elder brother. But when all the excitement about his uncle was over, he was lonely all over again.
In real life, Rajveer doesn't have any friends because all the other kids assumed he was too good to play with them. Firstly, he belonged to an aristocratic family....and secondly he was a front bencher who always topped exams and all the sport competitions....
All other boys looked at him in awe....while girls....ahem ahem....Embarrassed
"Okay," said Huda, "Chalo...chhupa chhupi khelte hai....I'll seek and you guys hide. 10'15'20'25'"
Rajveer jumped with excitement and started running to find a place to hide.
He saw a old store room near his house. He wondered whether he should go inside or not ..... but then he didn't care because it would make a great hiding place he thought!!
 Rajveer hid for a while and then he heard Huda's and Shantanu's voices. He wondered what was going on and then he heard a noise.
"I hope tumhe waha bahot mazaa aaraha hoga Rajveer!", Huda said giving out a evil laugh!

'What?' thought Raj.

He tried to push open the door but it wouldn't budge. He felt trap and started to gasp for air.
He pounded on the door and screamed, "Let me out you guys! pleaaasssseeee mujhe baharr nikalo!!"
He was almost on verge of crying! Poor Rajveer!
Huda just laughed.
"Why don't you ask your uncle Lala Gehlot to help you?", He laughed," Ab aaya na oonth pahad ke neeche??? Kyunki Woh Lala tumhara Mama hai, tum toh badi akad dikha rahe the? Famous banega? School ka star banega??? Huh!!"
Rajveer's heart sank. He couldn't believe it. He thought Huda and Shantanu were his friends but they had tricked him.
He began to cry. "I don't act like I'm better. Maine aise kab kiya?? Naahi kabhi maine Uncle ke naam ka faayda uthaya! agar tum chaho toh issbaar tum football team ke captain banjaao....main Sir se baat karunga....par Please let me out."
" Oye saale! Bheekh de raha hai??? Aur bano School teachers aur Principal ke chahete!!!"
" Aisa mat Karo Huda....Please. Dekho, tum toh mere dost ho naa??? I'll give you whatever you want, par please mujhe bahar nikalo."

Shantanu began to laugh.

" Saala darpokh!This will teach you to mess with us."
Then he and Huda left.
In the dark Rajveer sat and curled himself into a little ball. He was terrified. He was scared of the dark and the worse, he was afraid of being alone. Then he heard a knocking.
A little girly voice called out, "Koi hai andar?? Hello!! koi hai kya andar?"

Raj stood up and banged his fists against the door.

"Hurry up and mujhe bahar nikalo!"
"KYAA?? K..kk...kaun hai andar?", the girly voice was shaky.
He heard the noise of wood sliding and the door suddenly opened.
 Just as he saw light coming he pushed his way out. He bent over and began breathing fast because he almost ran out of air when he was inside the Store room.
 Then a pair of Crocs sandles came into his view.
When he looked up he saw a pair of big black eyes staring back at him.
 It was a little girl in pig tails that saved him.
They looked at each other for a while and didn't say anything.
Then the girl looked down and kicked her foot into the dirt.
" Tum...tum theek ho?"
He meekly nodded.

"Umm'tum hamare store room mein kya kar rahe the?"
Raj looked at her and then he turned away and ran into his house, leaving the little girl staring after him.
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Posted: 2009-11-25T09:33:31Z
This was the first update...
i hope you  like it...
waiting for your comments...Smile
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Posted: 2009-11-25T09:55:30Z
Hey hiii Mana,

                  wow new fic....very nice.ek aur RN fic padhne milegiBig smile
yahan pe toh pehle hi update mein Raj ko lakar to tune record hi bana diyaShockedLOL
       ok toh hamara Raj sirf 8 saal ka hai....accha hai hamein Raj ko bachpan se dekhna ka mauka milega...vo toh bachpan se hi cute hai.
aur dekh aaj pehli baar kisi fic mein mera reply 1st hai vo itni brand new fic meinLOLLOL it's nice to comment first.Wink
                    plzzzzzzzzzzz continue this soon par apni baki fic ko bhul mat jana, tujhe unhe bhi update karna hai!

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Posted: 2009-11-25T10:02:57Z
Hey Mana
Its simply gr8...d ud was mindblowing and very different...plz cont asap
gud luck
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Posted: 2009-11-25T10:58:35Z more RN fic....itni saari non lrl fics padhne ke baad, I m ok with more fics being non lrl but cannot do without RN...Wink

Oh toh Rajveer is a chota bachaa...!!! Big smile And an all rounder...great...!!!Thumbs Up

Huda is the same bada ho ya chota...!!! AngryAngry

The lil girl is Naina...!!!Big smile  So RN are going to chaddi buddies...!!! Wink Even now as kids they would make a cute pair...!!! Wink

Great start Mana ClapClap....Update soon...!!! Star
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Posted: 2009-11-25T11:54:33Z

Too good!!!!Awesome!!!!

An eight year old Rajveer is trapped in a storeroom and scared and crying!!!!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

Poor baby!!!!!Ouch Ouch Ouch OuchKitna roh raha hai aur cheekh raha hai!!!!!Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

Raj is a star and an all rounder!!!!!Tongue Tongue Tongue Tongue Smile Smile Smile Smile SmileWow!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

Huda and Shantanu tricked Raj and locked him in that storeroom!!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

Raj school ka hero hai aur woh log zero yeh sacchai unse bardaast nahi huyi!!!!!Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

Ish Huda ko toh main chhodungi nahi!!!!!Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry AngryYeh toh bachpan se hi villain nikla!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry Angry

I am sure Raj ush Huda ko baad mein sambhal hi lega!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

A cute little girl came to Raj's rescue and I am sure that is Naina!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile

After all Raj ko musibaat se toh Naina hi bacha sakti hai!!!!!Wink Wink Wink Wink Smile Smile Smile Smile

Lekin yeh Raj toh bina kuch bole hi chala gaya!!!!!Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy Unhappy

Thanks bhi nahi kaha Naina se!!!!!Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove Disapprove

The beginning was very different and interesting!!!!!!Smile Smile Smile Smile Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap


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Posted: 2009-11-25T12:37:18Z more RN fic... gr888888... i m soo happy..Tongue
Lovely concept...
so Raj is only 8 yr old...n that girl must be Naina.. Embarrassed
Huda is Angry ..koi baat nahi Raj bhi use achhe se samjaayega... Wink
storyline is gud..pls continue.... but dont forget to update ur other fics...!!!!Wink
waiting for the next part...
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Posted: 2009-11-25T18:55:43Z more RN fic. And the starting is completely different.
Beautifuly written.
Raj got bullied by his so called friends...for being good at studies and sports...this is not fare
But who was that girl?
please continue soon
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