12 Nov Written Update-Last Episode

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Posted: 13 years ago
kangana pushes rudra to the floor says to rudra since he wont kill hari she will. naveli says to rudra they both have to save hari together, they can make kangana lose together. rudra thinks about his moments with hari and offers naveli his hand. shree looks on, prays with the trident and gives the trident to naveli. kangana raises her sword to strike. naveli and rudra push hari out of the way and stab kangana with the trident. kangana screams and says to rudra he didnt do right, he ruined her years of waiting, she had hopes for him since he came into shree's womb, she raised him as her son, she gave him bitterness for years so he can kill hari, why didnt he, shes tired of fighting everyone, her unlucky story will end here, she will get her hari, but no rudra didnt let it happen, he didnt let her wandering atma get peace, why. shree says evil cant win with good, she says she loves hari, if she did, she would never try to hurt him and his family, in living or in death. kangana says they didnt let hari be hers while she was alive, shes here to take revenge for her death, why wasnt the family punished for her death. anant says hes not her killer, it was an accident, she was his wife, he loved her, but what did she do to him, he was angry that day, but didnt lose his senses, she tried to kill him but when he tried to stop her. *flashback is shown of anant trying to stop kangana from marrying hari and kangana trying to kill anant but kangana accidently getting stabbed. * kangana says she understands why she couldnt get hari because he was never hers, for so long she was in limbo, now its over, she will leave his life forever today and never come back. kangana leaves.

shree is doing pooja and singing the song satyam shivam sundaram. everyone joins shree.

everyone is eating. badi ba asks dai bai if he made sweets. dai ba says yes. badi ba says to bring little of everything. niki says doctor told her not to eat it. sumati says to leave it. niki says she made sugar free kheer and gives to everyone. sumati says its very good. madhu says to anant for so many years kangana has hated them and did so much to ruin them, they thought kangana left before, but what made her really leave this time. shree says what misunderstanding was kangana talking about. badi ba nods to anant. anant says kangana always wanted hari, when sumati refuses hari, kangana married him to be close to hari, tribhu and he found kangana marrying hari. *flashback is shown of kangana telling anant she thought of hari as her husband, and their wedding was a lie, she got what she needed from it, hari. kangana pushes anant. kangana pushes tribhu so hard that tribhu falls down the stairs. anant says thats why tribhu was paralyzed. anant says then kangana tried to stab him and he grabbed her hand and doesnt know how she got stabbed, kangana thought he killed her, while she was dying she kept saying hari is hers and cant be anyone elses, she wont let him, she will come back and get him. *anant says kangana died misunderstanding that she got killed, thats why she was the family's enemy for so many years, hari's love and hate for him, her atma wandered for years. shree says sometimes she feels sorry for kangana, she couldnt get hari while alive or dead. sumati says whoever does something gets that. anant says to madhu hes not a killer. madhu says she knew he couldnt be. sumati says now they should forget kangana and live their lives anew.

shree walks and wonders why its dark, rudra said hari called her here, no one is here. a shadow is hiding. shree gets scared and asks who it is. 3 people in scary masks are there. shree screams. lights come on. hari, danny and anant take off their masks and laugh. everyone else comes laughing too. naro says to shree he told her she would win, hari told him everything, bole nath will be with her. shree says she got the blessing with love. hari asks for shree's hand. shree shakes her head. hari grabs her hand and puts a ring on her finger. everyone cheers and claps. hari and shree stare at each other. hari remembers his moments with shree at chamatpur. hari says he was thinking which shree is prettier, the chamatpur shree or the raghuvanshi shree. shree says she was looking to see is hari raghuvanshi better or bigalta pappu. hari says she was crazy. hari says hes the way he is, smart and handsome. everyone comes by a table and cake. badi ba talks about mosquitoes in the dark. everyone laughs. a picture is taken.

preview: radhika says to watch choti bahu on november 14th at 8:30 to watch her and dev get married.

comments: its been an honor for me to update shree for this long.  i am happy it ended happily by showing why kangana did what she did and how she died. 
Edited by neela226 - 13 years ago
Posted: 13 years ago
Thank you neela226 for the lovely update...
gonna miss it though...will catch you in other forums
Posted: 13 years ago
Great job. thanks for all the updates. Well good will alwasy prevail over evil. Shree had a long battle with kangana's evil but because of her faith Shree won in the end. She really did her duty as a wife and her faith took her through it all. yes there was ots of downs and few ups but again in the end..GOOD will always win over Evil.
Great Job
Posted: 13 years ago
thanks for the lovely update just like it the most is that they did not forget to show kangana's death and it end up in  a lovely way.
Posted: 13 years ago
Thank you for the great update!! I am going to miss this show, there were times I got bored of it but overall it was a good show - it was different. I am glad the show ended on a happy note and we got to see how Kangana died.
Posted: 13 years ago
yeah it was a great show. it only went on for 2 years but the ending was good.
Posted: 13 years ago
thanks for the update. it was a great ending and im happy they didint drag this show. i will miss it alot. hope to see this pair in another serial soon.
Posted: 13 years ago
thanks for the update..
i was waiting for the raaz  in kangana's death :)

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