About Metti Oli as shown on SUN TV

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Posted: 2004-09-11T01:57:59Z


Short summary, taken from SUN TV's website.

   Chidambaram, a widower and a father of 5 daughters is a writer at the registrar's office and is happily leading his life within his limited income. His second daughter Saro (heroine) is very affectionate towards her sisters making them not realize the loss of their mother. Bose, Srinivasan's nephew right from his childhood has taken Saro to be his life partner. Manickam, a fatherless youth is brought up by his mother who is everything in this world for him. He doesn't even allow his brother Selvam or his sister Nirmala to say or do anything against their mother's wishes or hurt her in any way. Manickam's only aim in life is to make lots of money because he has seen his father die due to lack of money to even buy medicine. Manickam has an illegal affair with his owner's wife. Manickam and Dhanam's (Saro's elder sister) marriage is decided. Under some circumstances Manickam is forced to marry Saro and Bose has to marry Dhanam much against his wishes. Saro goes to Manickam's house with great expectations but is scared by seeing the turn of events. She learns that Manickam cannot see anything being done or said against his mother's wishes and the only person Saro relates with his her brother in law Selvam. On learning about the illegal relationship between his wife and Manickam, the owner dismisses him from his shop. This is seen as Saro's bad luck that she has bought into the family by her mother in law. Manickam slowly comes up in life with the help of Saro's relatives. Manickam's ex boss develops a complex that Manickam's business will effect the growth of his business and starts seeing Manickam as a rival. Saro gives birth to a son but still does not seem to get good support from Manickam. Meanwhile, Saro's two sisters Leela and Viji get married. Their father dies leaving the orphaned last daughter. She tries to adjust herself with any of her sisters but it doesn't happen forcing her to run away. Saro's son sees the problems going on between his parents and starts growing hatred towards his father. Saro feels that her son's life will get spoiled due to their family problem. Hence she decides to put her son in a hostel. She feels alone because of her negligent husband. Her only solace in life is her son and her brother in law. She is also busy in sorting out the problems in her sisters' lives. Saro's life is entangled in giving happiness to others but being unhappy herself.

She is torn between the love for her son and her inability to leave her husband. How she successfully solves the problems in her life forms the rest of the story.

Cast: Gayathri, Chetan, Vishwa, Kaveri, Vanaja, Rindhiya, Delhi Kumar, Uma, Geetha
Mus - Dhina
Dir - Thirumurugan  


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Posted: 2004-09-11T01:59:10Z
Metti Oli

(Sun TV, weekdays, 19.30)

The story is about five sisters who grow up under their father's care and affection after their mother's death. They grow up believing that marriage is a bed of roses. However, matrimony serves as an eye opener. How the families realise their mistakes and reunite, forms the rest of the story. Produced by S. Siddique for Cine Times Entertainments, the serial features Chetan, Viswa, Kaveri, Vanaja, Uma, Rindhiya, Shanmughasundari, Shanti Williams, Delhi Kumar and S. I. Babu among others.

Vijay Bhatter, Founder - India Forums.
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Posted: 2004-09-11T06:16:16Z

This show now has been remade in Telugu and Malayalam. It's the number one show in Tamil, running well past 600 episodes and has a large following, including those who cannot view it on TV but follow the story online.


Vijay - thanks for your wonderful kickoff to this project!

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Posted: 2004-10-26T22:15:17Z
This serial is getting to be boring of late....
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Posted: 2004-11-15T22:40:34Z

hello everybody,

can anyone tell me how many episode does this series have.it is too long ready rite now 640 something episode.LOLbut the story is so nice.did anyone watched the "metti oli star nite 2004"which were held in Singapore few months ago.it was superb.ok byeeSmile

from: seethaWinkTongue

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Posted: 2005-04-09T23:15:59Z

Metti Oli is the tale of the trials and tribulations of four daughters, living in this modern age but burdened with the traditional outlook of the Victorian age. They are trapped with the values imbibed in them as a culmination of an upbringing from a well-meaning single parent, who still has persuasive control over their decisions in their hours of extreme duress. The story captivates us with the toils of the daughters, each trying to solve her problems and at the same time living within the boundaries set by her father. The daughters see around them the bold actions taken by other women ā€“ Arundhadhi and Nirmala ā€“ and are unable to follow the same path which their instincts tell them to ā€“ largely due to the over protective and misplaced guidance from their father. Therein lie the conflicts in the story and its appeal.

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Posted: 2005-09-27T02:56:11Z
Was quite enthralling serial
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