Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#1 DONE!(Page 91)

Posted: 2009-11-25T21:00:17Z
Lovely Siggies! Awesome Job as always.
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Posted: 2009-11-25T21:50:24Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Guys, here are two siggies of our two fav Ramayan families (for the 2nd sig, I didn't have pics of Raja Kushadwaj or his wife, so couldn't use Mandavi and Shrutakirti, sorryOuch.)

I did something like this a long time ago for NDTV Ramayan on someone's request, so thought I'd do some for our fav Ramayan with my new style. How does it look?Embarrassed I was trying to incorporate this whole 'glow' effect I found in my software. Does it look like it's glowling?

Anyone recognize the backgrounds?Wink
VERY beautiful siggies lalithaClap
the pics r so clear  & bright
i guess the background is the ayodhya palace of the NEW RAMAYAN ON NDTV imagine !!!TongueClap
wow !!!! nimi vansh & raghu vansh sooooooooooooo so cute !!!!TongueClap
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Posted: 2009-11-25T21:53:08Z
superb creation watermistClap
loving the pic of sweet sitaji in those beautiful green leaves
the fountain is so beautiful
thanks lola for the lyrics of the lullaby  which sitaji sings for  luv-kush !!!Star
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Originally posted by lola610

Here's the RS part of my new update, hope you guys like!

Maharaas (includes your req Lali):

Some sad ones off the lyrics of Tere Naam's title song... had this idea for a while, will prob give it another try next time cuz these were the last ones I did and I think I can do better... the line in the 1st one means "I'm always lost in memories of you, thoguh people think I've gone crazy" and the second one is "This, distance, this helplessness, this lonliness... look at what longing for you has done to me"

And vid sigs:

amazing idea u hv put into these siggies lolaClapStar
i am loving the maha raas siggy sooooooo much
esp the maha raas siggy u made with that beautiful lotus flower ClapStar
the combo SHRI KRISHNA & RAMAYAN siggies awesome ,supersome
great imaginations lola ClapStar
@ lalitha   & lola -----thanks for liking the birthday cards i made for MR DARA SINGH !!!Smile
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Posted: 2009-11-25T22:01:51Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Superb !!!! RAM-HANUMAN as BROTHERS siggy TongueClap
the quote is tooooooooooooooo .......good
awesome work lalitha !!!!ClapStar
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Posted: 2009-11-25T23:15:26Z
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

Wow, thanks a loooooooooooot for the lyrics Loli! So so sad and yet so beautiful, esp Sitaji's and Devaki Maiyya's!Cry You're right. Sitaji's is the saddest and meaningful 'a challenge to fate', but Devaki Ma's is the sweetest! Both of them showed soooo much expressions during the lullaby making us believe they really were the mothers of the babies. Really, Deepikaji and Paolomiji deserve all the praise and more!Clap
By the way, here is the youtube vid for the Draupadi song (didn't know whether it was one of the songs you heard regularlyEmbarrassed). The first one has the beginning intro, but the 2nd vid has one more charana. This song is sooooooo heartrending, isn't it? In my opinion, Falguni Parekh was certainly no Roopa Ganguly but she had a certain charm which made me like her all the same. Dunno, but I think she portrayed the softer side of Draupadiji while Roopa portrayed the stronger side. This song really touches my heart and makes me hate the Kauravas so much more than before.Angry What about you?

Most welcome Lali, sooo glad you enjoyed them Hug Now I can count on some more gorgeous siggies based on them right Tongue Both actresses did really do an amazing job convincing us they're real mommies, made these super sweet songs all the more fun to watch... the lovely melodies help the songs stick in our heads and the words add to our understanding of the chracters... Sita Maa's emphasizes her strength and courage and ability to move on, and Devaki Maa's shows us that it was this depth of love for Krishna that kept her going in the most dismal circumstances, to the point where she could forget them, picture him, and smile Day Dreaming The whole tone of the two songs is different, but each one is appropriate for each character and I loooooveeee both a ton! Btw here's the full mp3 of Soja Lalla, with the haunting flute and sarod alaap in the beginning: http://music.cooltoad.com/music/song.php?id=460242

Agreed about SK's Draupadi, I think it's the messiness of the make-up and the gaudiness of the costumes at that point (characteristic of all mid-to-late 90s mythos, which is when it came back on air) which got in the way of her otherwise not bad performance - she showed her as a more vulnerable, family-oriented woman while Roopa as you said conveyed her strength and outspokenness - even in this song, I think it's the neon costumes and makeup that get in her way LOL  each one's style suits particular scenes; Falguni is better in the smiley family moments like Subhadra's entry and baby shower, but not at all this intense cheer haran stuff... Roopa was best at that and the many heartbreaking speeches she gave after, but because of that toughness that made her excel in those scenes I think in the softer stuff, like intro to Subhadra and wooing Keechak after nainon ke darpan, she didn't seem as comfortable... righ right right?

Anyway the song itself is brilliant, I had the version without the intro part so thanks for that... RJ gave it another haunting melody that makes it intsant tears material, and Kavita Krishnamurthy sings with so much feeling that any shortcoming in the picturization/performance can be forgotten... it's as if she's doing the acting, and that too heartrendingly Clap She brings the touching words and the whole situation to life, speaking of which here are the lyrics:

Draupadi Ke Lutne Ki Leela Dekh Rahe Nirmam Ho Saare – Everyone Is Heartlessly Watching Draupadi Get Looted

Jinpar Tha Abhimaan Vo Baithe, Daas Bane, Nij Sarbas Haare – Those Whom She Had Pride In Are Now Slaves, Having Lost Everything They Owned

Aas Luti, Vishwaas Luta, Aur Toote Sab Aadhaar Sahaare – Her Hopes, Her Faith Were Being Robbed, All Her Sources Support Were Broken

Chaaron Or Se Haar Gayi Tab Ant Mein Aayi Prabhu Ke Dwaare – When She Saw That She Wa Surrounded In Defeat, She Finally Turned To The Lord


Meri Peer Suno, Mat Der Karo, Ab To Jeevan Haari – Hear Of My Sorrow, Don't Delay Now Or I'll Die

Pat Raakhiyo, Nath Chakradhaari – Protect My Name, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra

Sankat Ki Ghadi, Prabhu Mope Padi, Aaj Dheerdhaari – A Moment Of Distress Has Come Over Me Today, Giver Of Courage

Pat Raakhiyo, Krishna Chakradhaari – Protect My Name, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra

Trahimaam, Trahimaam – I Seek Refuge In You


Maine Tumhe Saump Dayi, Laaj Deh Praan Ki – I've Entrusted You With The Protection Of My Body And Soul

Naath Tumhi Jaano Mere Maan Apmaan Ki – Lord, Only You Know Of My Honor And Dishonor

Treta Mein Raavan Se Mukt Kari Janaki – In The Treta Era, You Freed Sita From Raavan

Dwaapar Mein Raksha Karo Draupadi Ke Maan Ki – In Dwaapar, Protect Draupadi's Honor

Yeh Cheer Haran, Draupadi Ko Maran, Dekhe Sabha Saari – This Disrobing Will Be Draupadi's Death, The Whole Court Will See It

Pat Raakhiyo, Krishna Chakradhaari – Protect My Name, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra

Trahimaam, Trahimaam – I Seek Refuge In You


Dwarika Ke Naath Jyun, Begi Begi Aao – Lord Of Dwarika, Hurry Over Now

Ho Chuki Pariksha, Ab Pratiksha Na Karaao – Enough Of This Test, Don't Make Me Wait Any Longer

Krishna Aur Krishnaa Ke Naate Ko Nibhaao – Fulfill The Relationship Between Krishna And Krishnaa

Bhakt Ko Bachaake Apni Aan Ko Bachaao – By Saving Your Devotee, Save Your Own Reputation

Meri Laaj Luti, To Hogi Hansi Jagat Mein Tihaari – If My Honor Gets Looted, The World Will Laugh At You

Pat Raakhiyo, Ab Meri – Protect My Honor Now

Pat Raakhiyo Krishna Chakradhaari – Protect My Name, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra

Ab Dhyaan Do, Yaan Praan Lo, Main Thak Gayi Muraari - Now Either Pay Attention To Me, Or Take My Life; I'm All Worn Out Krishna

Pat Raakhiyo Krishna Chakradhaari – Protect My Name, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra


Krishna X4 Chakradhaari – Krishna, Bearer Of The Sudarshan Chakra

Krishna X4 Dokh-Shok-Haari – Krishna, Remover Of Suffering And Sadness

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Posted: 2009-11-25T23:25:34Z
[quote=sita11]amazing idea u hv put into these siggies lolaClapStar
i am loving the maha raas siggy sooooooo much
esp the maha raas siggy u made with that beautiful lotus flower ClapStar
the combo SHRI KRISHNA & RAMAYAN siggies awesome ,supersome
great imaginations lola ClapStar[/quote]

thank you soooooo much Sita, your sweet comments always make me feel on top of the world Hug
so happy you liked the maharaas ones, the lotus idea came from the song itself which says Krishna is the lotus, Radha is its fragrance... so I wanted that background.... love that you liked it Big smile
And also the combo siggies thanks for liking, sometimes when I mix bollywood lyrics with our mythos in my siggies I worry that I'm being disrespectful, but its just that these divine characters are so imprinted in my mind that even when I hear regular songs I think they apply to them only LOL Like these words from Tere Naam describe love and the pain of separation with such depth, I feel they fit the scriptural lovers even better than the superficial ones in the movies Embarrassed So thanks for understanding that and liking them too Hug
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Posted: 2009-11-26T07:19:59Z
Guys, IF siggie problem is FIXED!!!!!Dancing We can now have three animated/non-animated siggies again!!!! Only thing is...we cannot center three sigs (we can center two), but that's hardly a problem so let's CELEBRATE!
Loli, am using your vid sig now.WinkBig smile
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