*Mahavir Hanuman - Banner Contest*

Posted: 10 years ago
hi To All Mahavir Hanuman Forum Users I The One Of User Found That Our Show Or Channel Does Not Any Development Team So With The Permission Of Our Very Own Global Monderator Shruti di I Humbly Announce The Start Of Banner Contest For Our Show.
Mahavir Hanuman Banner Contest
Entry Round :
In Entry Round All User Are Welcome To Send There Entrys To  Me Before 14th November Midnight 12 IST(GMT + 5.30).
After That Banners Are Open For Voting.
Smile So What Are You Waiting For ???? SEND Your Entry By PM To Me(subjected : [MH Contest] Your Name) Big smile
Rule : Entrys Posted In This Topic or Found promoted at any place Will Rejected.
2 . The Banner Must On Size 728 X90.
3 . Each Member Can Send 3 Banners.
4 . Donot Create New Account To Be On Contest. If Found You Will Be Disquilified.
5 . Banner Must Include Main Characters Or At Least Child Hanuman.
6 . Banner Must Be Still Image(Not Animated)
7 . Banner Found With User Copyright Will Also Disquilified.
8 . All Rules Maden By I-F Development Team Apply
9 . Final Announcement Of I-F Development Team cannot Be Cross Questioned.
Hardik Kansagra
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Posted: 10 years ago
i think its too early to make a banner contest thread
as only 3-4 characters hv been shown in the show
still who is RAM-SITA & AYODHYA ppl hv to make their entry
so we shd wait for a while for this banner contest
& foremost thing is the mods of this forum r not decided
without mods ,i guess there r no banner contest !!!
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Posted: 10 years ago
i think its too early for a banner contest for this show
look a banner contest happened at JAI SHRI KRISHNA forum after 8-9 months of the show ,when most of  the characters made their appeareance !!
right now we hv only the 3 pics of 3 main characters ,hanuman & his parents
LORD RAM ,SITAJI & AYODHYA ppl without whom the life of HANUMANJI is incomplete are not shown
it will b great if we hv banner contest after the entry of RAM-SITA & AYODHYA PPL !!!Tongue
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Posted: 10 years ago
Yes Hardik,
Sita11 has a point. There are barely any pics of characters to make banners as well. Wait until Hanuman grows, then we can have older hanuman and Ram, Sita, and vanar sena as well on the banner. It would be more interesting.Smile Right now, not many people will make the banner because there are hardly any pics to choose from.
Also, mod for forum first has to be chosen.
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Posted: 10 years ago
hi lalitha ji and Sita ji
i completely agree what you are talking about but as of now as per shruti di, we wil soon have dev team for our show. now this show lass active then the other forums and with this point i tolled shruti di to give me permit to organize at list banner contest for our show so our forum has become active like other ones. on the next note it's my promisse that before last round of this contest mods are got already dicided. on the charecters for show the time period will have so long in this period we have time of 7 epis the last day wil be 8th epi night. the name of charecter you might add on banner is
Charecters : Mid-age Hanuman(Sartak is real name),Grown-up Hanuman(Aadarsh is real name),Maharaj Keshri(Father),Maharaj Kapish Kunjar(Father Of Anjana),Kapishwar(Person At Mountain Walking With Stick),Anjana & Her Mother,Rishi Agnivesh,Pavan Dev(God Of Air)
Syno. On Some person: Aadarsh is already onair in momery for 2 or 3 sec. while hanuman remembers ram for the first.
Without Kapish And His Wife Hanuman Might Not Be Son Of Anjana.
i might be right that Agnivesh Is The Rishi Who Give "Sharap To Forgot Power until It's Requirament"
And Also I Might Be Right that 9 people is more in uff for one banner at right now. when ram and sita got on air after few months later in mid 2010. we might be re-orginize one more banner contest to replace the banner.
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Posted: 10 years ago
haardik r u participating in this banner contest ???
sorry to say but with a banner a forum never becomes active
JAI SHRI KRISHNA forum got its banner after 10 months ,there was no difference before & after the banner contest
i am not participating in this banner contest as with out the pic of RAMJI ,this banner wud b incomplete & we shd wait till the entry of RAMJI
& haardik ,i hardly see u ,participating in any of the threads at this  forum Confused
& u r talking abt that this forum is not active ??? how it can b active when u dont participate in any of the discussions Confused
i think only ,me ,lalitha,rajnish were the active participants on this forum Ouch
we never thought of organising a banner contest !!!!OuchOuch
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Posted: 10 years ago
& haardik can u provide the pics of the characters of MAHAVIR HANUMAN whose names u hv taken & all the pics at the pic gallery of MH is either provided by me,lalitha or rajnish Ouch
i wish u can provide all the pics as u r so eager for the banner Confused
if u provide all the pics ,then i can think of participating this  banner contest !!!Confused
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Posted: 10 years ago
I agree with sita di , Its too early for banner as Hanuman is in his child hood and all important charracter still to come and most important one . without Sri Ram and Devi Sita in banner its incompleate. so we must wait until they comeSmile
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