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Posted: 11 years ago
Priyanka snags a sports car

Priyanka Chopra is busy celebrating the success of Kaminey currently. In a mood to indulge herself, she has booked a brand new sports car which happens to be a limited edition piece.

Laying her hand on one of those wheels was definitely not easy, but Priyanka managed to pull some strings and get one for herself.

She won't be getting rid of her old car though. She is too attached to it, according to her friends. The car was one she always wanted and she managed to buy it only after she overcame her initial struggle period in Bollywood. And keeping that car will remind her to stay grounded and remember her roots, she feels. Only then, Priyanka says, will she be able to value her success even more since she knows how hard she worked for it.

Meanwhile, till she gets her new sports car, Priyanka wants to drive more on the city roads to brush up her driving skills.
- Deccan Herald

Posted: 11 years ago
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Posted: 11 years ago
Priyanka Chopra to turn singer?

Priyanka Chopra It's known that Bollywood's desi girl Priyanka Chopra has been blessed with a beautiful voice. She has been asked by her directors to sing for their films but Priyanka has restricted herself has to acting. But Priyanka's fans might just get to know the other side of this talented girl.

Music composer Vishal Dadlani, who is composing music of her forthcoming film Anjana Anjani, has approached her to sing a song in the film. Anjana Anjani is going to be Priyanka's second film under the Yash Raj banner. She will be romantically paired opposite Ranbir Kapoor and looking at the subject and mood of a song, Vishal feels Priyanka's 'the person' to render the voice for the number.

"Yes that's right. I asked her to sing for me as she has a great voice which will be perfect for the character she is playing in AA. Priyanka has good knowledge of music and is blessed with a beautiful voice. I always ask her to sing for me but her focus has been on acting so far. She is thinking over it and I hope she says yes. It will be wonderful if she sings for us," an excited Vishal said.

It is believed that Priyanka loves Vishal-Shekhar's composition and is kicked about the idea of singing this time. If everything goes well, she will lend her voice to their composition. Piggy Chops who is away on her second short holiday remained unavailable for comment.
- Indiatimes

Posted: 11 years ago
Priyanka's doing it for needy kids

As someone who tasted success right at the young age of 17, Priyanka Chopra has had the world at her feet. And while she admits that life has been kind to her, Priyanka also confesses that she's missed out on a normal childhood and youth.

"More than me, it's my mother who feels that I grew up far too fast. But that's just the way it is. In fact, I am loosening up a lot more now and I think I am at that stage where I am having a lot of fun doing the kind of work that I want to do," points out Priyanka, who should be entering the Guiness Book of World Records for having essayed a total of 12 roles in the movie What's Your Rashee?.

"We have applied for the record and there's a lot of paper work involved. But it should happen as I don't know of any other film where an actor has played so many roles in the same movie," notes Priyanka. Like many other international celebs such as Ben Stiller, Mischa Barton, Debra Messing, Ronaldinho and Andy Garcia amongst others, Priyanka has pledged her support to the campaign 'Rewrite The Future' by the NGO Save The Children as part of the international luxury brand Bvlgari's 125th anniversary celebrations in India.

Speaking further about the cause of empowering needy children, Priyanka observes that she has always had a social conscience. "My parents are doctors so I remember when I was as young as 10 years old, I would accompany them on the monthly medical camp that they would conduct in the small villages neighbouring Bareilly. So I have been exposed to the plight of needy children since a young age," she says, adding that she had her own 'rewrite the future' moment when she won the Miss India and then the Miss World crown in her teens.

She further explains how education is of utmost importance for children. "Education is the key to empowerment and that's the reason why I chose to support this education-driven campaign called 'Rewrite The Future'. I have been working with several NGOs aimed at empowering women and children for some time, but I haven't made a big deal about it as I feel it's a personal experience. That said, there are other NGOs like Save The Children where I use my celeb status to increase awareness. Whatever be the case, I do a fair share of research before agreeing to support it," ends Priyanka.
- DNA India

Posted: 11 years ago
'I love what I do'

Battling exhaustion whilst putting off that elusive vacation, juggling multiple releases and warding off potential suitors; actress Priyanka Chopra seems to be doing all the right things to remain at the top.

Sounding almost as if she'd just risen from a brief nap, her voice husky and even coated with exhaustion, Priyanka Chopra readily admits that she's been dealing with a mind-numbingly hectic schedule. ? But in a situation where most would be prone to snidely muttered curses, a grouchy demeanour and perhaps even a silent cry or two for divine intervention, the actress seems oddly content. Tired, but fantastically pleased with herself.

"I love what I do. And I just love films; be they of any kind. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else. That's literally what keeps me going day after. day. Actually, I had been planning on taking a break. Technically speaking, this is supposed to be my one month off," confesses Chopra over the phone.

But obviously her plans for a mini vacation did not pan out, considering she's currently fielding promotional events for director Ashutosh Gowariker's What's Your Rashee?

Featuring the Fashion star in twelve different roles - each of the characters corresponding to one of the twelve zodiac signs - the astrologically inclined romantic comedy is based on the novel Kimball Ravenswood penned by Madhu Rye.

"Playing twelve different girls, I almost felt like I was simultaneously working in twelve different films. It was absolutely insane and I really don't think it gets more difficult than that. Considering that nobody in the world has done this sort of thing before, I'm glad to have had the opportunity. And I'm really hoping I managed to get it right," says Chopra.

Generally, acting the parts of multiple individuals in one film requires props; a rubber nose here, a fat suit there. But the 27-year-old actress had no access to such luxuries.

Instead she worked on changing her body language and voice for each character. Meanwhile, others worked on altering her hairstyles, clothes and peripheral make-up.

"The fact that we couldn't make any drastic changes to my face and body for each role is what made the whole thing more challenging. I had to make them behave like different individuals. There were eight people grooming me for each look," recalls Chopra. ? What's Your Rashee? also stars the two-film-old Harman Baweja as Yogesh Patel, a romance enthusiast given ten days to tie the knot with a woman of his choice. ? The actor, who made an unsuccessful debut early last year with science-fiction flick Love Story 2050, is said to have quite a bit riding on this film, considering his last two releases proved to be box office duds.

"It was great working with Harman because this is such a complicated movie for me and he just made it so much easier. He's grown incredibly as an actor; he's phenomenal and is in fact very, very good in What's Your Rashee? People will really be taken by surprise with his work in the film. Honestly, it's his simplicity that works in his favour," says the actress of her former boyfriend.

After Kaminey and What's your Rashee?, Chopra's next release this year will be actor-turned-director Jugal Hansraj's Pyaar Impossible. The romantic comedy also stars Uday Chopra, who plays the stereotypical geek boy in love with an out-of-his-league hot girl.

Next year the actress will also be seen in filmmaker Sidharth Anand's second flick with Ranbir Kapoor, Anjana Anjanee. Although she was rumoured to have blatantly refused to do the Bachna Ae Haseeno director's project because of a proposed 25-kilo weight gain, a feat that might even have required some controversial hormone injections, Chopra says that she is now definitely a part of the film.

"For me it's been back-to-back. I've had my last three films (Fashion, Dostana and Kaminey) go on to become consecutive hits. And the critical appreciation that I've got for all three of them feels really good. I hope What's Your Rashee? is able to do that for me one more time. I've put in a lot effort into the movie and I'm hoping people will come out saying good things after they watch it."

Recently, the svelte actress (who incidentally claims that she does not have any specific diet plan or fitness regime to help mantain her impeccable shape) has been the object of affection of many-a-man. There's 300 actor Gerard Butler and her Kaminey co-star Shahid Kapoor. If the gossip mills are to be trusted, then she dated both for sometime, and has now moved on.

But ask Chopra herself and she firmly sticks by her "I'm single and if there was anything substantial to talk about then people would know" story. Oddly enough, Shahid Kapoor used a rather familiar phrase in an interview with City Times a few weeks ago.

However, Chopra is willing to comment on the fact that there's tons more to do work-wise and settling down just does not feature in her plans for the next five years at least.

"With What's Your Rashee? on the verge of release, I have to work. I'm also in the middle of dubbing for another movie. With so much happening I just couldn't afford to get out. A while ago I was really unwell. I think it was exhaustion and shooting constantly that got to me. I'm much better now, although I was really overworked then. I might take sometime off soon," Chopra notes before saying her farewell and trundling back to the proverbial mines.
- Khaleej TImes

Posted: 11 years ago
Belly up for Priyanka Chopra!

She was the unsung perfectionist of the film industry till it started taking a toll on her health. But playing 12 different roles in her next film was probably the last straw.

After several bouts of exhaustion that have led her in and out of hospital, Priyanka Chopra finally admits she needs to take care of herself now or risk a burnout.

"This film (What's Your Raashee?) has been very difficult for me personally. Doing so many things has been thoroughly wonderful but equally exhausting. I haven't been able to take care of myself and that's why I have been falling ill regularly. But now I'm doing quite fine," Priyanka told DNA.

But the pay-off has been learning many new skills, and topping the list is her new found love for bellydancing.

"I think belly dancing is one of the most sensual dance forms. I'm not a trained dancer, but it was good fun to learn," says Priyanka. But the masterstroke, feels the actor, was her decision to learn Gujarati -- all the 12 roles she plays are Gujarati girls.

"I had a Gujarati teacher on hand all through the shoot so I could deliver the dialogues with just the right accent as Gujaratis do!" Saru karyu.
- DNA India

Posted: 11 years ago
Priyanka Chopra gets 'married'

What happens when a hot property like Priyanka Chopra agrees to play along? You get a rocking episode which keeps you in splits. That's what happened with the cast and crew of Saregamapa L'il Champs. They couldn't contain themselves having Priyanka around. The desi girl was sporty enough to participate in the amusement along with kiddie anchors Afsha and Dhairya.

Priyanka and Hurman Baweja graced the sets of L'il Champs to promote their upcoming flick What's Your Rashee? and they were literally asked to do the very same: Guess the Zodiac's of the participants.

While the guessing games were quite a hit, it was the cute moments between our little anchors Afsha, Dhairya and Priyanka that stole the thunder.

"Priyanka didi, mujhe bhi aapki tarah Ms World banna hai, toh main kya karoon?" Priyanka picks up tiny Afsha in her arms and says, "Tumhe pehle itnaaaa.... lamba hona parega."

Being an extremely family-oriented girl, Priyanka narrates how it's solely because of her parents that she has reached such heights today. Born in Jamshedpur and brought up in Bareilly, this actress has lived in various places both in India and abroad. Says Afsha,
"Bareilly wohi jagah hai na, jahan pe jhunka gira tha..."

Priyanka couldn't control her enthusiasm on Yatharth's stupendous performance on Desi Girl. She went up on the stage and shook a leg, quite obviously making the crowd go wild.

Meanwhile, Shreyasi's rendition of the song Tinka Tinka took both Priyanka and Hurman down memory lane. This was one of Priyanka's earlier movies and the song is one of her favourite. Hurman was the assistant producer of the movie and was present when the song was being conceptualised -- so he too has special memories of the same.

Hemant Brijwasi's performance on the song Humma humma had both Harman and Priyanka take the stage with a vengeance and shake a leg. It was really funny when the leggy Priyanka taught tiny Afsha how to catwalk! The crowd went nuts at the end of the episode when Swarit comes onstage and proposes to Priyanka with a red rose.

"Harman bhaiyya kya main Priyanka didi se shaadi kar sakta hoon?" An embarrassed Hurman says, "Arrey aap mere se kyun pooch rahe ho? Aap Priyanka ke papa se permission lo..."Priyanka says, "Main shaadi toh kar loongi aapse, but shaadi ke baad aapko mujhe PC bulana parega..." to which Swarit quips, "PC matlab power cut" and the whole crowd goes in splits.

He sings Mujhse shaadi karogi with a garland. And surprise, surprise, Priyanka actually accepts the tiny tot's proposal. At the end of the song he goes up on the stage and puts the garland round her neck.

"Pati parmeshwar ji (Swarit), par abhi aapko mere saath mere ghar chalna padega... main aapke ghar nahi jaaongi." "Aaj se main ho gayi Mrs Shukla.Swarit l'il Champ banne ke baad bhool mat jana ki tumse meri shaadi hui thi...." Toh what shall we say...finally "'Ho gayi Priyanka ki shaadi'?"
- DNA India

Posted: 11 years ago

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