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Priyanka tops with Pranks!

So we all thought that Priyanka Chopra's nickname was 'Piggy Chops' right? Well ... to an extent ... but it was her ex-beau who let us into a far more delicious nickname of the beautiful actress.

Hurman Baweja was seated with us and Priyanka during a special interview of What's Your Rashee? for Zoom, when he told us, "People think that I'm the one with the insane sense of humour, but Priyanka beats us all hollow. In fact, by being part of the same friends' circle for a long while now, we are all terrified of what she's planning next. And she does it with such a straight face that no one sees it coming. No wonder her best known nickname is 'Pranks' – short form of 'prankster'. And she is the feared one alright," he added, looking at her with much trepidation.

Of course, all the while PC only smiled. "So now you've revealed my nickname, huh. Now you wait," she laughed, but the underlying threat had danger bells ringing in Harman's head. Maybe he should read his rashee to see where 'Pranks' will hit him most... where it hurts, obviously. Ouch already!

Posted: 11 years ago
On a winning spree

She's lifted every trophy in sight this year and backed it up with the box-office success of Dostana and Kaminey. By essaying 12 roles in What's Your Raashee?, she's poised to make it to the Guinness Book of World Records. Priyanka Chopra has also just snagged a Levis endorsement. The desi gal is racing ahead to the top spot. Catching up with the winsome miss..

How was your holiday? Hope you got to relax and recoup.
Oh, I just took a four-day holiday to Koh Samui in Thailand. I had to come back for I am stuck in the commitment-responsibility thing. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the beaches and the atmosphere there. I was being a complete beach- bum, I used to just sit around and sleep on the beach. As a result, I am nicely tanned.

Are you still reeling under the success of Kaminey?
I won a lot of appreciation for Fashion and also for Dostana. Kaminey came as a cherry on the top because it was altogether unexpected. It's always been my endeavour to try and do as many different things in every film as possible, which is difficult, considering that I do four-five films a year. But I like to give each film a little bit extra and provide entertainment that people find refreshing.

Which is the best compliment you received for Kaminey and how do you handle all this adulation?
People have called me the best in this generation, that I was the most natural actor of the decade – I got some great compliments from filmmakers and actors. All this praise scares me, I feel like - oh my God, I have to live up to it. I am trying not to let expectations get to my head.

What is that one Maharashtrian trait or phrase that you have carried forward from Kaminey?
Shee baba.. I say that a lot now.

What's the most challenging part about playing a dozen parts in What's Your Raashee? (WYR?)?
WYR? is a different movie - a family entertainer and a rom-com with a twist to it. Playing 12 different parts in the age group of 15 to 24 was very intriguing for me, that's the kind of cinema I pick up. The most challenging part about WYR? was not changing my clothes and hair, I do that all the time, I had 157 changes in Fashion. It was challenging to play 12 different people without the help of prosthetics or make-up. I haven't used a fatter nose or shorter self in the film. Physically, I am one person, I have had to change my body language, voice and acting. And that didn't come easy.

You play 12 girls belonging to all the Zodiac signs. Being a Cancerian yourself, do you identify with the Cancer girl in the film?
I do - a Cancerian has a lot of strength and resilience and yet she's emotional. She keeps her feelings to herself, yet she's very honest. That is a lot like me.

Are you excited to be included in the Guinness Book of World Records for playing maximum number of roles in a film?
If this does happen, it will be phenomenal. I'm overjoyed and honoured to be a part of this record-breaking film.

You always say that you are a director's actor. What did you pick up from director Ashutosh Gowariker this time?
Ashu's sense of technique. I have tried to incorporate that in everyday working. For instance the shot break -up - he's made his film even before we come on the sets, that for me was a revelation. He's so well-prepared. Playing 12 girls became that much easier for me as we spent a lot of time prepping. Any ways, I become my director's doormat when I start doing a film with him. I become very possessive about my directors - I land up at their office for a cup of coffee or drop by randomly - I just like to know them well. I enjoyed meeting Ashu for many a discussion.

What about your special co-star Harman? How has he coped starring opposite 12 of you?
I have known Harman Baweja even before I was an actor. I have known him for years now, he also knows me tremendously well. If he was not on this film I wonder how I would have played 12 parts. He was hugely supportive - I was cranky and emotional as I was handling so much stress. But he was always at peace, always calm, always supportive of me, never trying to outdo me at any point. We were an amalgamation of each other, that's why the scenes have come out brilliantly. Harman is an extremely talented actor. I am sure with WYR? people will recognise his worth.

This is the first time that two Chopras will be the lead pair of a film - Pyar Impossible(PI).
Oh, Uday is such a darling, PI has been one of my most favourite films to shoot. I was shooting three of my most difficult films - Fashion, Kaminey and WYR? when PI came my way.

It is a simple love story about a beauty and a geek. He's in love with an unattainable beauty and doesn't know how to get her and how this beauty who is a princess in his head is really a simple girl.

Any more films with YRF?
Not as yet

With your next film Anjaana Anjaani co-starring Ranbir Kapoor shot entirely in the US, you will be back in your zone.
What are you saying? My zone is my home! And I am an army officer's daughter, I can adjust myself anywhere.

What will your next two ventures be?
The details are being finalised, but I can tell you that one is a rom-com and the other one is a dark drama. Both are daringly different.

What's the most enjoyable part about being an actor?
The power of creation. An actor has the potential of creating a character. Most of us aren't even aware of it, I didn't know of it till Drona. With Drona, I realised how I could create a character that was another person and not Priyanka Chopra.

Did you feel let down when experiments like Drona and Love Story 2050 didn't work?
I have broken away from my comfort-zone with every film last year. I like to get up up in the morning and ask, what am I doing on the sets today? I like the power of creation. I have been experimenting - some have done well, some haven't. Like Drona and Love Story 2050 were pathbreaking films, whenver people talk about SFX in Indian cinema, these two films will be mentioned.

Fashion was also a huge experiment. I went with Madhur's belief and fortunately for me the film did well with just female protagonists. That was a big achievement for me. Getting critical acclaim and box-office success for Dostana which was a rom com with a difference, touching upon homosexuality - was a blessing.

Kaminey was a completely different movie, yet catering it to intelligent audience. I pick up a film that I'd want to go watch, I work with directors who can direct me with honesty when I come on the sets.

Does the numbers game affect you? How do you cope with the competition around you?
It does affect me, I like to know what the public perception is. But I won't let it come in the field of my thinking. I am very honest to my work and I am fortunate that I get to pick some fantastic movies. I am popular, my films are successful at the box office, critics like my work, people like me as a person - God has given me everything. So I might as well focus on my work and on being a good human being.

Which co-stars are on your wish list now? Aamir?
I haven't worked with Aamir, Saif Ali Khan and Imran Khan yet. I sure with so many films being made and with so few actors around, we will be paired together soon. But I never take up films because of my co-stars. I have always had a reason for doing a film and usually it's never the co-star.

Okay so what does a girl who has everything wish for next?
I am so certain that I don't have everything! I am looking for happiness and contentment ahead.

Did you pay a thanksgiving visit to Ganesh mandal this year?
I went to Andheri cha Raja recently to pay my respect to God has been very kind to me and this is the beginning of a new year for me with What's Your Raashee? and Pyaar Impossible releasing by the end of this year and then I shoot for Anjaana Anjaani. In the new year, I will take on three more films. I am hoping God will keep his hand on my head as he's always done.

Quo vadis, PC?
I am headed for Toronto film festival where WYR? will be premiered on September 16.
- Screen India

Posted: 11 years ago
Fighting fate?

All films with actors playing multiple roles have crashed in the past. Will Priyanka rewrite history? A report...

Even though most films will their lead actor in multiple roles (for the same film) have been damp squibs at the BO, Priyanka Chopra is quite upbeat about her dozen roles in What's Your Raashee?
At the peak of his career, Sanjeev Kumar did nine roles in Naya Din Nayee Raat. Shekhar Suman played nine different characters in David Dhawan's Chor Machaye Shor. Kamal Haasan was seen playing 10 avatars in Dasavatharam. Sonu Sood was in 11 different garbs in Dhoondte Reh Jaaoge and recently Randeep Hooda attempted 18 roles in Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye. All films did badly at the box office.

Will it work?
Stars attempt to do multiple roles in films to showcase their versatility and talent and Priyanka is attempting to enter the Guinness Book of World Records with her 12 roles in What's Your Raashee? But the big question is: will it work?

Trade magazine Super Cinema's editor, Vikas Mohan says, "Audiences reject films where stars do multiple roles. The past films with established actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Kamal Haasan have proved the trend. The reason is that audiences find no consistency in the roles. When they see 12 characters being played by the same star the audiences can't connect to them. Unmein interest khatam ho jata hai. Generally stars do multiple roles to prove their versatility but the films don't run."

About WYR?, Mohan says, "Talented actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Kamal Haasan can still carry off the film convincingly. But does Priyanka have the ability to carry off 12 roles when she can't perform convincingly in one? Stars should remain within their limits." He goes on to add, "What's Your Raashee? doesn't even have good music. There's no buzz about the film."
Taran Adarsh, editor of Trade Guide too agrees,"Though it's true that films like NDNR and Dasavatharam where stars play multiple roles haven't done well, it's a big high for an actor to exhibit their talent in varied roles. As far as WYR? is concerned, it depends on the story and screenplay. Director Ashutosh Gowariker knows today's sensibilities. He adds, "I wouldn't mind seeing Priyanka in WYR? without any prosthetics." Another film expert and editor of Film Information, Komal Nahata says, "We can't generalise these things based on past experience. It could be just a coincidence that such films haven't done well. If WYR? has a story and screenplay that connects with audiences, it could do okay."
- Mid-day

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