28th August - Written Update

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Posted: 11 years ago
28th August

Shiv has beheaded Surya. Surya's dad who is Rishi Kashyap sees and is very upset. Shiv tells Rishi Kashyap why he killed Surya. Rishi Kashyap insults Shiv and curses Shiv that he will behead his son with his Trishul one day. Shiv goes to curse Rishi Kashyap but Brahma appears, stops him and asks Shiv to revive Surya. Shiv gives Surya back his life and reattaches his head to his body. Surya bows his head to Shiv and Brahma. (This was why Shiv beheaded Ganesh)

Satya tells us that everything is peaceful now in Shiv Dham. Vishnu is with Shiv, Parvati and Ganesh. Narad Muni appears, greets them and tells them that it is time to bring Shiv's other son, Kartikey, to Kailash. Parvati is shocked and questions Narad Muni. Narad Munisays yes, ask Vishnu, she asks him and Vishnu says it is true, Kartikey is Shiv's son who is being raised by the Kritikas. Parvati seems very upset and confused, she asks about Kartikey's birth. Vishnu says he was born from Shiv, some of his Tej fell on the Earth, when he was with Parvati. Prithvi Devi couldn't handle the Tej and put the Tej in Agni, Agni couldn't handle the Tej and put it in Ganga, Ganga too couldn't handle it and put it on her coasts. The Tej turned into a beautiful boy and the Kritikas took him and raised him as Kartikey (The Kritikas are a group of stars, also called the Pleaides). Kartikey was brought up by 6 mothers. Parvati understands now. Vishnu says we should bring Kartikey to Kailash as soon as possible. Parvati agrees. Shiv says Shringi and Bhringi will send him a message and they go to send a message. The Kritikas are taking care of Kartikey.

The Shivgan go to where the Kritikas live and they hear the Shivgan coming. The Shivgan shout from outside to tell them that they have been ordered to take Kartikey. The Kritikas are upset and Kartikey tells them to check who has come. They go out and Kartikey asks them who they are. The Shivgan tell them who they are and say they have come to take Kartikey and try to persuade him to go with them, but insult the Kritikas too. Kartikey sticks up for the Kritikas. The Shivgan ask for forgiveness and ask Kartikey to go with them. Kartikey asks the Kritikas for permission to go, but thy say they can't live without him. Kartikey says he has to go but can't leave them too, so asks them to come with him. They all go to Kailash. Parvati introduces Kartikey to Ganesh and they are happy seeing each other and hug each other (It is a very cute scene). Some devtas drop flower petals on Kartikey and Ganesh hugging.

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Posted: 11 years ago
Hmmm...very interesting...thanx so much Satvik...i will post my many questions in the discussions thread as soon as i get the chance too!!!

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