Funny how kolangal turned out....

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Posted: 14 years ago
Hey guys!😊 I remember when i first started watching this serial😆, it was all for devayani, and at first i thought it was a good serial and then time passed and it just didn't seem to meet my expectations, who am i kidding it is just awful😡.  Being one of them lucky ones who quit this serial years ago i have now come back to see if it has ended yet, and to my disappointment it hasn't.
Well that is what gave me the idea to start this topic "Funny how kolangal turned out...."
basically here is where you pick a moment in this serial where you thought the story would go one way (the better one) but instead it went the other(thols' rock bottom ideas that seem to torture alot of ppl).

Example: when adhi first showed up in the serial i didn't expect him to be abhi's bro instead someone who would be a potential husband and that they would  have a love hate realtionship because of work business but overall love will conquer all😆

Well basically you add on to this comment on what i thought could've happened add on some of your ideas and overall make this awfull serial into a goood one
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Posted: 14 years ago
Hiya - thats a good one pa🤣🤣  
I am really jealous reading u quit to watch this crap years ago😭 i wish me too can quit 😆
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Posted: 14 years ago
Hiya,like that punch line of yours - "make this serial good??"
no kidding 😉
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Posted: 14 years ago
Finally came back to this post, nice to see that it is liked!😳 Kinda hoped someone would've commented on my little theory of how i actually thought how the serial was going to go when adhi entered, kinda funny now that the serial has gone so far and to think about how far from my prediction the story is.