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And no... it has nothing to do with "Lost", the popular science fiction series on ABC Big smile. For those who don't know me since I've disappeared for such a long time, I've written about 2 or 3 stories around here. I don't even remember their names, so don't ask! This one popped into my head after watching the latest DMG episodes where Armaan has selective amnesia. Very interesting... I didn't like the way it went in the show, so I thought maybe I could make my imagination go wild (which it has been craving to do for such a long time) and make up my own story on Armaan's fatal accident and how Riddhima deals with it. I really hope you guys like it otherwise I'll be one of those writers who started out popular (I feel like a newbie again since it seems like I don't know all the new writers around here) and then failed to produce anything interesting for the audience hehe... Presenting:



Riddhima couldn't comprehend the fact that Armaan had lost two years of memories. She just couldn't. Honestly, who could? The last two years of his life, Riddhima was sure, were the most cherished and special of them all yet a simple accident had the ability to just erase everything. EVERYTHING. She didn't believe it. It was one of his stupid, silly, and annoying jokes. What did he think? She'd buy it? Heck, no! She'd expose him. Was this his idea of fun? Well, she thought it would be great to spice things up. She walked down the hallway lost in thought.

"Ey! Watch it!" someone said. Then came the clash. She collided with a sturdy built. "Gosh, MAD-ame."

"Aha, Armaan! I need to talk to you. Let's have some coffee? Starbucks, maybe. I'm totally in the mood for some frapachino," Riddhima said.

"What the... you hitting on me? What do you think, girl? I'm gonna say yes to a date with YOU!? Psh, forget it. I'll be on my wayyyy..." he said as he turned his around, checking out a hottie. "And you be on yours."

"We have a lot to talk over, Armaan. You have no idea how I've felt since you left after our fight. You're not being fair to yourself. You're not being fair to me... or US for that matter."

"What's your name again? Listen girl, I don't know you? Why're you all over me like this? Leave me alone. I'm sorry if I come off as rude, but you really seem to have developed OCD after seeing me." He walked off, leaving her dazed.

"Riddhima!" She turned her head to find herself facing her father. "Don't hurt yourself trying to justify his behavior. He really has lost his memory, Riddhima." He walked her towards his office. "If my word isn't enough for you, I could show you the MRI scans and x-rays of his brain."

"Papa! I know it's a joke! Selective amnesia is rare, you know that! How could HE of all people with more fatal accidents have gotten it??"

Dr. Shashank held up the x-rays. "You see the gap? Any doctor can tell there's something wrong. Try to drop the emotional baggage and look at the situation in a rational manner, sweetheart. He's lost two years of memories from his life. It's upto you to believe it or not. I'm sorry, sweetheart. I really am." Saying so, he walked out of his office to give her some space.

Riddhima slumped to the floor. She felt like a woman who had lost the love of her life. His physical being was present, but what really mattered, his soul, his memory... had departed. The last two years had died and become nothing. It was like a woman losing her husband and becoming a widow. The difference between a widow and Riddhima was that a widow had the comfort of knowing that her husband had died with memories of her, while Riddhima's love had died without even acknowledging her existence.

I apologize for the shortness... But I really have to go. I'll update as often as I can.

Part 1:

"That's sad... that's just sad. Sad. Oh god... I can't believe it." Atul was inconsolable. They were best friends, him and Armaan, inseparable brothers. Whenever Atul needed advice, Armaan was always there. He knew Armaan very well and Armaan knew him very well. But know, it was all back to square one.

"Atul, give it a rest. Riddhima's condition is much worse than yours and she's not lamenting on and on about her loss," Anjali said, annoyed. For Anjali, the loss of Armaan's memory was not a good thing. During the beginning of their internship, Anjali was attracted to Armaan, she couldn't deny it. She felt a little jealous when Armaan and Riddhima came out and declared their love for each other, but after a while, she got over it. It was her sister, she could not live in hatred for eternity. Armaan had already starting hitting on her. He had already winked at her over five times. That was SO not normal. She did not want to encourage it either.

Riddhima sat there, sipping her coffee, exhausted. It seemed as though her brain couldn't shut down even after a long hard day. She contemplated upon the day's happenings. Her entire life had been turned upside down in hours. She had cried enough in her father's office, she couldn't cry anymore. At the moment, she felt numb and devoid of all feelings. Her heart felt no happiness, no excitement, no hope, no sympathy, nothing at all, except for a tinge of pain somewhere in a hidden, well concealed corner of her heart.

"Agh!! Someone get him away from me!!!" Muskaan came stomping into the hospital cafe with Armaan behind her back. Everyone turned to see the cause of Muskaan's anguish. Indeed, it it was him. Alas, what were they do with him?

"Sad..." Atul shook his head again.

"It's true?" Muskaan asked.

They all nodded. Muskaan's shoulder slumped. "Truely sad."

"A patient died?" Armaan asked. "Well that's terrible... The first day of my internship and someone is already dead." For a moment he sounded serious, because he was. "I must be bad luck, man!"

They all looked at each other and felt pity for him. They felt bad for him for the first time.

"No, Armaan... you're not. No one died. It's just a sad day," Riddhima calmly and soothingly told him.

"Black Friday or something? Why is everyone so gloomy? Gosh, I should've applied for internship at that other hospital... Coo coo all over the place." He rotated his finger around the side of his head to imply the craziness of the hospital.

Riddhima giggled. "It's just... a sad day. Haven't you seen the clouds outside? Don't worry about it. You'll understand after having to bear with us for months."

"She laughed!" Armaan let out an evil laugh. "I didn't know you knew how to laugh, what's your name again?"

Riddhima felt like retaliating with distaste for what he had just uttered. Fighting her desire, she smiled sweetly, ignoring his remark and said, "Riddhima, the name's Riddhima."

The others speculated.

"Nice name... wait, have I heard that name before?" He furrowed his eyebrows in deep thought.

"Where?!" Everyone asked in unison, all hoping that he would perhaps remember SOMETHING from the past.

"Oh yeah, I heard someone call you that, yeah, that was it. Haha." Armaan said. They all slumped back, annoyed.

"Oh, yeah, nice" Riddhima said.

"Yo bro, since it's your first day here, we'd like to take you out some place. How does that sound?" Atul chirped, trying to lighten things. He looked around at his comrades who were all girls. For a second, he felt like he was a part of a clique.

"Uhhhhhhh... for real?" Armaan asked. Was there a catch to this? They were being all nice to him all of a sudden. "Well yeah, sure. I'm sure we'll get to know each other better." He winked at Muskaan and then at Anjali... He was about to wink at Riddhima when he stopped himself. He had to admit, she was beautiful in her own way. She had an aura of sophistication and elegance. The dainty and flowy skirt she wore gave her a feminine appeal which was attractive. He just didn't want to admit it to himself because he knew she was different and if he ever tried pursuing her, he would fail terribly.

Riddhima noticed his half wink. Or was it a blink?

"So where'll we go?" Armaan asked.

"The beach," Atul said, instantly.

"Great. See you guys at seven then!" He got up to leave.

"Well, thanks for the coffee!" Riddhima said to the waiter. "I better get going too."

They both walked out together.

"I hope I don't have to see your face tonight," Armaan teased.

"I'll make sure I make extra effort to show you my beautiful face tonight," Riddhima retaliated.

"Psh, who wants to see it?"

"You do."

"Er... you're crazy."

"You know you do." She walked off without giving him the chance to reply. She was sure she left him with his mouth agape with her last remark. Oh well, he was the one that started the whole thing despite the fact that she didn't even bother to pay any attention to him. Ha!

"Keep dreaming!!!!" He shouted, not caring about the workers giving him strange looks.

"I know you will!" RIddhima shouted back, laughing. He wouldn't have a reply to this one.


Riddhima decided to put in some extra effort into dressing up tonight. Somehow, she accepted the fact that Armaan wasn't her Armaan anymore. She wouldn't keep her hopes high. It was impossible to have Armaan's memory come back. Once lost, never found... She saw Armaan, she saw his body, but he wasn't there. He was lost. This was someone else in Armaan's body. She could not fall in love with a body no matter how much it reminded her of him. Despite that, she craved his attention... Maybe she could make him fall back in love with her, that was a possibility.

"Heyy sista! Looking good!" Anjali said, entering their bedroom.

Riddhima wore a denim skirt with a red tank top and covered up her neck with a flowery silk scarf.

"Thanks," Riddhima smiled.

"Hmm... looks like you're trying to..."

Riddhima sighed. It was implied. "Yes, frankly, I am. I'm craving it." She pouted.

"Don't be disappointed if he doesn't."

"I will be. Anjali! I love him..."

"Hun, I know you do... just be careful. Don't hurt yourself. It's going to pain badly."

"I'll take the risk."

Anjali smiled. "I love you."

"Hello my lovely girls," Dr. Shashank said, entering the threshold of their room. "Where are you two headed to?"

"Oh, Atul decided he wanted to take all of us out because... of the "new" intern," Riddhima said.

"Ah! Good idea... Well, enjoy yourselves," he said, about to walk out. "Oh! Girls, becareful. Two beautiful young ladies out at night... you never know what happens."

"PAPA!!" Riddhima and Anjali said together.

"Just kidding!"


"Nice... car..." Riddhima said. Anjali, Muskaan, and Atul went together in one car. Somehow they found an excuse for not being able to carry another passenger and told Armaan that he would have to take Riddhima with him. He had agreed, half heartedly. Or so it seemed.

"Mhhm." He eyed her from the corner of his eye. He had to admit, she actually looked pretty... in that red tank top. It stuck to her body showing her curves. "So um... how old are you?"

"Same ask you."

"Huh? How would you know my age?" Armaan asked, confused. This girl loved talking in riddles. He wasn't a fan of riddles.

"Just a guess... 22."

"Oh, I'm 20..."

She mentally banged her head. She had forgotten that he thought it was 2007, which meant he thought he was two years younger than he actually was.

"Ahh! Bad guess..."

Armaan laughed. "Yeah, smarty pants."

She didn't know what to talk about.

"I guess you're not really that bad... I mean, you just act like you're a teacher or something."

"The ones that walk around the class with a stick in their hand?"

"Yeah. The mean ones... They're always on the watch for a naughty kid."

Riddhima laughed. "Well," she shrugged. "I can't help it."

"Course you can, just let loose, you know."

"So you were saying, I'm not that bad..."

"Hey, don't be getting the wrong idea!"

"Shut up, you're the one getting the wrong idea. For god's sake, you're new to the hospital. It's your first day, I wouldn't be getting the "wrong" idea."

"Who knows what you're capable of?? Innocent girls act like they don't get it."

"Really, I look innocent?"


"Don't judge a book by it's cover."

"I beg to differ. Everything is to be judged by it's cover..."

Riddhima signed and chose to remain quiet. She wasn't in love with this Armaan. This Armaan was arrogant and a womanizer. For a second, she decided that she'd give up trying to make him fall in love again. It would be too complicated. She looked at him, unable to read his mind. He looked so... handsome. Ugh! Looks are nothing, she reminded herself. She was being swayed away. I will do it. I will make him fall in love all over again... all over again.


It's been a long time since I've written a story. I've gotten so used to writing essays.. hehe.. .I hope you people like it, even though I didn't like it :(. I've lost me touch!! Does anyone have any suggestions on how Riddhima will make Armaan fall in love with her over again... will she or will she not?
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wow finally ff from u..loved the intro..continue soon..plz PM me whenevr u update..
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I have stopped watching DMG, cos thought the track was really stupid
& there is just no base, Arman used to flirt when he joined, but not this much & he had developed a bond with Atul as well, and now he calls Atul not his type....
I would rather like to read your version of this twist....I did read your earlierly FF & was quite impressed too....so would love to see you unfold this drama...
waiting for more....
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Posted: 2009-07-22T03:06:36Z
zee its been so long i have seen u ....great to see u back ..looking forward to this ff ..
i was so excited to see u here ,flashbacks of our chat club came back to my mind ..,,couldnt keep my hands off to post without even reading ..
will post my comments in a bit

oh and dont feel like a newbie ,we have everyone here, lubna is here too

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zee im really excited to read how you take this in your own way. you have been writing so well and im sure you gonna rock this one.

lets see how ridzi gets his memory back or recreates the magic of 2 yrs


edit : oopsi naina ke baare mein sochte sochte uska naam likh daala LOL
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aarora and Jodubai: Thanks for the response :).

And Kehan: Nice to see you again! I'm glad you came across this :P.
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Originally posted by Veiledbeauty

aarora and Jodubai: Thanks for the response :).

And Kehan: Nice to see you again! I'm glad you came across this :P.

dont be just glad , i already informed lubna abt ur arrival , ab toh dekho wat lubna brings with her
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atlast...!!! you won't kno how happy i am sweety.... finally.. if not in dmg.. atleast the topic is being handled brillinatly in here... and you kno what.. your version is rational.... includes the medical elements of it.. and isn't illogical... hehe..... sorry thats jus my opinion at the moment... so yes would love to read more.. and so far... its jus BRILLIANT!!!! continue soon sweety.... i think i hve read your work before... and like you i can't remember the names either... lol... tc...rav...x
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