17th June - Written Update

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Posted: 13 years ago
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17th June

  • The rings are exchanged and Veer + Kangana, Karan + Naina dance.
  • A man watches both couples on a screen from secret cameras.
  • Karan and Naina talk by phone and Veer talks to Kangana by phone when Veer notices a camera
Full Written Update:

Veer and Naina go to pick up the ring together and stare into each other's eyes. Veer says hi and picks up the ring and gives it to Karan. Karan says you are late again and Veer says it was because of traffic and Karan says and your alarm clock, throw your alarm clock, I'll buy you a new one and Veer says it won't leave us that easily. He threw it away and the dustbin men returned it. Naina tells Karan, what is the need for an alarm clock at 8 at night? Karan says Veer is a bit silly, he sleeps in the day and is awake at night. Veer says he used to go to a night school and couldn't get a job at day and got a call centre job. Then a girl comes in saying, due to this, I have to suffer. Its Kangana. She goes to Veer, Naina and Karan and Karan introduces Kangana as Veer's girlfriend to Naina. Both girls say hi. Veer says she doesn't let go of me, like my alarm clock. Naina's dad say shall we exchange rings now?

A man on a computer does something with a DVD and they play the DVD on TV in a bedroom. It is the scene where Naina comes out behind the sofa, the arm wrestling scene with Karan, the scene when Naina tries to tell her dad about Karan and doesn't - her 21st birthday and when her dad announces Karan as Naina's to-be-husband. Veer enters and the DVD is stopped. Karan puts the ring on Naina and everyone claps and Naina puts the ring on Karan and everyone claps again. Kangana asks Veer why hes so happy. Veer says I'm happy for Karan and Naina. Kangana says why don't we exchange rings. Veer says I don't have a proper place to live, where will I put you, I live on Wada Pav, how can I afford your Pizza Pasta. Kangana says I'm not asking you to marry me, its just a commitment. Veer says I can't give you that, I only have one commitment, my dreams and until then.... Kangana interrputs saying until you don't pass and I don't become a big fashion designer, we can't think about these things, right? Veer calls her a smart girl and Kangana says be serious.

Naina's dad says our work is done, now its you childeren's work. Karan and Naina as well as Veer and Kangana are dancing as couples and its dark with lights shining on them. Song playing is Jab Se Tere Naina. In between the song, the partners swap and Karan is with Kangana and Veer is with Naina. Veer and Naina keep looking into each others eyes and then they swap partners again, so Kangana is back with Veer and Karan is with Naina. Naina and Veer keep looking at each other then they get back to looking at their own partner. Everyone claps as the dance and song finishes.

Karan's dad tells Karan's mum that he is very happy, even Dada Thakur accepted Karan and Naina. Karan's mum says Anita Behen ji was praising Karan a lot and their looking forward to the wedding more than them and she laughs. Karan's dad say this is destiny come to their home and once the wedding happens Dada Thakur's name will be joined to ours and our Market Value will increase and that with his help, they can't get a land case and construction can start. Karan's dad tells Karan's mum to talk to the Pandit and get a date for the wedding. Karan's mum agrees. Karan's dad says it will be best if we can have this wedding as soon as possible.

Naina tells Karan (talking on their mobiles), what if our Kundali's don't match? Karan says Our Kundali's don't match, there's no chance, when our hearts have met then our Kundali's will and anyways, no only in this life but in our previous life's we were together and today was so good, don't talk negatively, Shubh Shubh bole. Naina says but what if it happens. Karan says if this happened, then I'll bribe the pandit to change our Kundalis anyways I don't believe in it. Naina says I didn't know that you believe in previous lives, by the way, every love story has a villian, so who would have been the villian in our previous life? Karan says I don't know about our last life, but in this life, its your doll (the one Naina is holding), she stays with you all the time, I'm talking to you, but your attention is on your doll. Naina says how do you know? Karan says I've fixed a camera in your room and I can see everything. Naina says What? and starts looking around. Karan laughs saying I was joking. Naina appears on a computer screen and Veer says sweety is so cute, but can't we talk about it tomorrow and then he appears on the screen, who is on the phone. Veer says I need to study this design and Kangana says you're really bad, you always study and you don't even see me. Veer notices something on the ceiling and says he'll call Kangana back. He gets up and goes over to the camera and we can see this on the man's screen.

Precap: Naina wakes up at night
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