Pyar Hi Pyar AR FF

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Posted: 2009-07-20T02:48:06Z
Hey this is my first FF ever so they will be a problem please let me know and please forgive be if there would me any mistakes Smile My name is Heaven From CANADA
actually i can't send PM but i will be postin on Monday and Thursday so please bear with me Its about AR/AA/RM
well it is in ENGLAND Smile

MY 1st FF about  AR? AA? RM


MALIKS  - owns the MAlik Empires and they are the best buisseness tycoon in the world knowns as wealthy rich


Armaan MALIK – won the best and youngest business achiever in 2008 also studies in Oxford University In third year doing  Master of Business Administration (MBA) He is caring ,Kind hearted,also he is hot all the girls after him but he is waiting for his love lady  loves his family a lot mom .dadHis twin Brother Rahul Malik and his best buddy  Champ


Rahul Malik- he is as hot as armaan they both studies the same and also their best buddy Atul joshi (CHAMP) loves his family


Shashank Malik – owns the Malik Empires and proud Dad and a lovely husband love his family to anything


Padma malik – Pillar of the house caring, kind ,sweet and also love her family

Atul Malik –Shashank's brothers son his parents died in air crash when he was 12 year old so they all conclude him as their big brother and son and he is elder son of the house last year left doing MBAand in house everybody call him "Champ"

Olso in london some where in three room house they call it mannat  


Three girls were sitting at the dinnng table having dinner They are none other than Our own Radhima Gupta, Anjali Mehre, Muskaan Gill. They all are Orphanage lived in orphanage all their life in India near shimla they had studied really hard to and also worked at young age  so they continuing their study. So now they moved to London because they had applied for their scorolarship  that had been accepted so they in England for their further studies.

Radhima Gupta- sweet , caring ,loves her both friends a lot cares  for them (ridzi)

Muskaan Gill- bubbly same as in dmg and also protest her friends from everything

Anjali Mehra- Has attitude toward stranger but kind heart toward towards the people she care and considered her friends as sisters and also considered them her responsibility

At the dinnertable

An- excited about tomorrow

M- I know yaar finally over dreams is coming true arrey ridji tu attni chup kyun hai

R main wo… who agar koi ragging hooyi to

M- chill yaar hum hai  na

A – don't worry 

R alright then good night

M&A – Good night

They all left they for their rooms

Ridzi' room

Muski's room

Anji's room



Dinnig area

SHA and PADMA"S bedroom

Rahul's room

Atul's room

Armaan's bedroom

Living room

Computer room

In malik mansion

In living hall

S- so ready for studies

All boys – yes Dad

P- No flirting boys (Atul and Rahul look at each other and embarrassed )padma and shanhank and armaan burst out laughing Both look at daggers at armann who stopped laughing

P- alright goodnight boys go and sleep well all boys went to their room

In morning all were getting ready for their first day at oxford

Mannat house

R- chal anji utto nahi to late ho jaye ge

An- utt rahi ho Anji got up and went to get ready

Later 15 min muski and ridzi were in kitchen waiting for anji

Muski  was wearing this

 Ridji was wearing this

Anji came down and sat at the dining table

Anji was wearing this

An- jaldi kha latte hai nahi to late ho jaye gae

M- haan aur hume to general office jake apne id cards and time table bi to collect karne hai na

R- chale

M&An – yep

They left the house and took Metro to reach univ

At same time at Malik mansion

A-Guys cholo

At- areey  aa rehe hain bhai to chilla ku raha hai armaan dek rahul tayar hai

A- yep he is having breakfast Atul ran from his rooms to thedining table as soon as heared that and everybody was having hard time to control their giggles everybody was havind breakfast

Atul was wearing this

Rahul was wearing this

Armaan was wearing this

They all left for their university in their own bikes

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Posted: 2009-07-20T02:50:06Z
please reply comments
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Posted: 2009-07-20T03:06:43Z
nyc start.....
liked it.....
continue soon dea...
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Posted: 2009-07-20T03:57:58Z
                   PART 1
AT oxford when boys enter all the girls run to them
Then boys saw this
A-shit guys bago wo sab jaha hi aa rahi hai
RA&AT-Noooooooooooooooooo bagooo
thay all three ran toward the main gate where they runing
on the other side the girls were at the main door
M- fianlly we are here at our dream land
An- i know so cool na
R- lets go i don't want to get in trouble
They were about to enter when all three boys bumped into the three girl i am pretty sure everybody knows who bumped into who so
they all fell down
M-abey teri to ...... khoyte utt
AN- now that was left to be done
AR were staring at each other blue were staring inti green eyes and green into blues
M-abbey kankhujare andey hai kay
now AR come out from there eye-lock
Armaan got up and held her hand to help her she hesitantily put her hand on it and got ups
R- Thanks
A- sorry but then turn back to find girls were coming
RA&M were fighting  and anji and atul were giving each other dirty looks
A- what the hell guys run
AT&RA- Ohhh noooo
RA-its all mom's fault i
told her it was better idea to stay and home and tookonline program  now damn keep running
At- lets go to thr princy's office and clear this mess
All the girls were looking at them confuse
A- we are really sorry ladies i will tell u later what was that if we meet aagain
AT&RA-(spoke together)I am not sorry
M&AN were about to kill them when Ridzi told them not to
A-(looked at Ridzi) Thanks
Now the all girls were running behind them were really close to the main gate
A- chalo
The boys ran from there
The girls came to the maiin gate
G1-to the our Muski -have you seen any guys who were running
Muski was about to say something when ridzi held her hand
R-no why
G2- you don't know the they all are MALIKS
G3-YEP they are so hot have you seen Armaan MAlik he is the hotest from his both brothers
G2-No Rahul Malik is
so they started having fights when the bell rang
so all  student made there way too aditrum
Armaan was the student council so he was supposed to welcome all the student After Principal's speech
Armaan took over
A-Good moring to all of you and welcome abord
Sio i really hope you will the best time for ur life it would be nice if you  all follows ur rule so not wasting ur time please enjoys ur self and make ur self comfortable here and there is fresher's party tonight here at 8:30PM so make sure everybody attends the party
So i guess i am done i'll take ur leave have a good time and sorry but party theme is black and red
lolall the girls were yelling for him
Armaan came down and sit between rahul and champ
there were only one speeche left
A- to RA-AT- Chale nahi to bad main problem ho jaye gi
AT- chal
the boys left
Later at the party Armaan wore what he had wore at valentiens this year with suktri and radhima wore the same dress she wore on at salsa dance and rahul wore red shirt blak tie and black trouser and Muski wore black dress upto her keen long dreesss and anji wore black dress upto her thigh and had a red bellt against her waist and atul wore balck suit with red tie
all of themwre looking stunning the girls were already at the party sitting at the corner enjoying the party
M- achi hai na party
AN- hai achi ti hai
At that time the MAliks boys entered the made their way to the corner quietly and sat down at the table beside the the girls were sitting
Thank i'll right the net part on Tuesday 20st july 2009 in the night
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Posted: 2009-07-20T04:26:05Z
umm...i dunno what to say..its a nice start...
continue soon
i would be waiting for the part
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Posted: 2009-07-20T04:35:43Z
it was really gud plz contd sooon and pm me
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Posted: 2009-07-20T05:56:05Z
like the 1st part
pls add me to ur pm list when u can
Love Sanam
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