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Posted: 14 years ago

Anjana Sukhani on her role in Jashn

July 15th, 2009


Anjana Sukhani is proud to admit that 'Jashnn' is one of the major milestones in her film career so far. Though she has featured in multi crore extravaganzas like 'Golmaal Returns' and 'Salaam E Ishq' before, it was high time that she gets a role, which allows her enough scope for displaying histrionics. As Sara in 'Jashnn', she gets to play a character that isn't just eye candy but also contributes in a major way to the film's plot. Over to Anjana who talks about her BIG film!

In films coming from the house of Bhatts, female characters aren't there just for glamour. Is it something similar for your character as well in 'Jashnn'?
You got it just right. My character does take an interesting graph in the film. There is a fair mix of glamour quotient as well as performance scale in the film. I start off as someone very glamorous and sassy, someone who makes her own decisions. She doesn't let anybody influence her and comes with her own self-belief.

And where does the performance bit come in?
Well, she is the only emotional strength in the film. She comes with a lot of emotional intelligence that gives her an edge. If you look at the characters played by Shahana and Adhyayan, they have their own personal mess in life to be sorted. In this context, mine is the only character to have an outsider point of view. She does all to make things right. She gets involved with Adhyayan, mothers him, mentors him and becomes his emotional support system!

Talking about your presence in the film, didn't you feel that in a musical like 'Jashnn', all songs actually went to the male protagonist and you were left out?
(Laughs) But then the film didn't require any song especially for me, so no-regrets there. In any case, I am there in all the songs with Adhyayan. So no, I didn't feel bad at all. Adhyayan is the one who plays an aspiring rock star in the film, not me. Moreover, music is not THE film; it is just a backdrop of the film.