Happy Chocolate day ~ Chocolate personality quiz

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Posted: 2009-07-07T09:28:37Z


Hello everyone! You guys must be used to all the " DAY "s we celebrate on I-F. Today we are back with a new day which is quite special to many of us. Embarrassed

It is...

Presented by Mimi0295 and perfangel5655

Once a wise person said

" Strength is the ability to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands- and then eat just one of those pieces."

that is true! You might be able to resisit a lot of things. But chocolate should not be one of those things. Big smile

Among all the crazy creatives I believe Mimi and I might be the craziest. So here we are to drive you guys crazy

Before we get started on our secret plan we would like you guys to check out the cool chocolate day cards at www.meme4u.com 

If your friend is a chocolate lover make sure to send her a card. You never know it might brighten up her day.

While Mimi and I were planning this day we came upon a study that claimed your preference of chocolate could tell you personality.
So we are here to test!!!
We will ask you few simple questions. Just answer them honestly and look at result. let us know if your result was correct.LOL

1. You are invited to the HOTTEST party of the year, but unfortunately, your best friend falls ill. You:

a) Decide to stay back with him/her and plan a new party

b) You encourage your best friend to come along anyways

c) You politely ditch your friend, there is NO way you're missing out on this!

2. You are:

a) a problem solver, but very impatient

b) fun-loving and confident

c) in control, but indecisive, there is so much to choose from.

3. Life is:
a) wonderful! should be filled with luxury.

b) what you make of it , as long as you are with your close ones, everything should be fine.

c) combination of good and bad, even though you can't stick to one thing you will try to decrease the bad.

4. You're attracted to people who are:
a) exactly like you , Has rich taste, knows how to pamper you.

b) your polar opposite. But you will nurture him and love him. 

c) it doesn't matter

5. You have only one day to life, what would you do?
a) plan your sister's wedding party. She can't figure out the seating right.

b) spend an entire lifetime in 24 hours, cook a nice meal for family and friends, spend lots of time with them, wrap your cousin's birthday present.

c) Start a foundation for African children who are starving, they need help and you are the person to do it.

The result

If you picked mostly A's

A Dark Chocolate lover! You tend to be more matrialistic than others. You have a taste for luxury, a problem solver, excited about the future,and have little patience with incompetence.

If you picked mostly B's

You are a milk chocolate lover. You tend to be Innocent, you love remembering childhood memories, at times live in the past. You are kind and thoughtful, even if others forget you remember birthdays. You are dependable and loyal, nurturing and playful!

If you picked mostly C's

You are a white chocolate lover. You are confident and believe everything is at your command. You are good at what you do but have a hard time deciding exactly what you should do because there are many choices. You are a very fair person, when someone is in need of help you won't walk away till justice is served.

I hope you guys liked our quiz. Let us know if it was accurate by any chance. Mimi worked hard on the questions Big smile

Till next time


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Posted: 2009-07-10T06:42:33Z
great job mimi and fatima i just loved the quiz and my answer was that i am a milk chocolateBig smile i love milk chocolates and the quiz was very interestingClapClap and the chocolates are so yummy i wanna have one this instantTongue
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Posted: 2009-07-25T12:33:38Z
Mmm I love chocolate :P
Well I got milk chocolate but my favourite is definitely dark choc :S
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