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Posted: 14 years ago

Moderator's Note:

Hi Friends,

 After a great deal of discussion in the Moderator section with other moderators, ( Moderators, CMs & GMs)  here we are introducing a new system for all the serials to maintain consistency  in our Tamil Section.

The weekly update threads will be opened by the updater  on every Monday as usual followed by the discussions on the same thread as usual. The Monday updater will post the updates two postings. So that one we will move to the archives and the other will stay there. Please read below you will understand.

On Tuesday when the updater will post in the 3rd, 4th  or 5th page (whichever page) as usual. ( here is the change) One of the DT members will copy and paste Tuesday's update in the very first Monday's update post with the author's name above. And the original update  done for Tuesday will be moved to the monthly archive thread with the authors ID and the Avatar.

This way all the five updates will stay in the first page- in the first post itself forever with the discussion. Even after two weeks or three weeks or months  those pasted updates will be there. The monthly archives also will be up to date always.
We do not to wish to waste anymore time in changing this plan as this rule goes to all the sections in our Tamil Forum. I am sure this will be highly appreciated by all of you.

Thanks for your support!

IF Tamil Section Development Team

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Posted: 14 years ago
If Monday Updaters have problem in posting twice......just make some changes in the title or just add a full stop etc.....and post it in the second window will accpet.
If you still have a problem....then Just reserve the second window ....the rest of it  we will do.
Hope everyone will co oparate with this new system.
And I am sure the other sections will soon follow our style.....
This double post is only for Monday Updaters
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