Kalasam June 09 Updates

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June 1 (Mon):

Chandra sitting in her living room thinking.  Kanan goes to her and tells her not to worry as the case on her is because of Aishwarya's complaint and there are no eyewitness.  Chandra says there is one, the Inspector,  Selva who is with them, says the Inspector has absconded and cannot be found.  Kannan says the police are also looking for him.  Chandra wants Kannan and Selva to look for the inspector.  She wants them to go ask the wife and tell her they want to help and she is to ask her husband to meet Chandra.  After they leave, Chandra says then it will be say to send Ranjini and Neela to their creator,
Chandra goes to  ACP Tharun and ask him if he has arrested Neela.  ACP says he met her but could not arrest her because she says she is not Neelambari but she is Vasundra, Singapore citizen.  Tharuns ays, Vasundra has all the documents to prove she is a Singaporean and a VIP at that and he cannot arrest her.  Chandra then says maybe he can check her fingerprints and blood goup.  Tharun says yes but it is not posisble to go and ask her for fingerprints and blood smaple.  Chandra tells him it is better toarrest Neela in India than when she goes oeverseas.  Tharun says he will never let her go overseas and will make sure he arrests her this time.  Chandra is happy to hear that.
Back to Chandra's home.  Kannan tells Chandra they should bring Aishwarya back to their house.  Karthik is shoving Aishwayra out of her house despite objections from his family and Neela.  He pushes Aishwarya out on the raod and says Aishwarya is the cause for all their problems and his sister Ranjini's life.  Aishwarya falls on a car.  Out comes Chandra who asks Aish to follow her home.  Aish tells her mother she will not leave her in-laws home no matter what.  She says she rather die in her house than follow Chandra who only wants to destroy her life.  Chandra gets angry and pulls Aish but Aish runs to Neela and asks her to safe her from Chandra.  Chandra pulls Aish again but this time Neela tells Chandra to take her hands off Aish.  Chandra says Aish is her daughter but Neela reminds her that was before she got married.  Now Aish is her DIL and Karthik is her son and Chandra better remember that in future.  Neela warns Chandra if she does not leave Aish's hand, she will be dead.  Chandra takes her hand off and Neela tells Chandra never to step in their house ever or she willbe dead.  Chandra has no choice but to leave.
Back to Chandra's home.  Kannan and Selva asks if Aish did not come with her.  Chandra tells them Aish refused to come and now she has Neela to support her. Selva wants to tell Chandra he is responsible for Aish's pregnancy but Kannan stops him.  Selva tells Chandra he will kill Karthik for hitting Aish.  Chandra tells him not now but will let him know when.  Chandra tells them that Aish must only live with her in her house and that she will wait.
Neela is praying and a mother goes to her and informs her the doctor has come and is waiting for her.  In the room, Madhu, Ramachandran and Doctor wait for Neela.  Neela goes to her daughter and tells her not to be afraid as she will surely get her eyesight restored.  Neela then tells the doctor to go ahead and remove the bandage on Madhu's eyes.  Doctor starts to remove the bandage while Neela and the others look on.  THODARUM.
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June 2 (Tues):
Continues from yesterday.  Bandages are off and doctor tells Madhu to open her eyes.  Madhu slowly opens her eyes and sees Neela, then paati then Ramachandram.  At first it is blur but then she can see them clearly.  Everyone is happy and they thank God.  Madhu then asks to see Ranjini.  Paati says she is in the hospital and they can go see her later.  Ramachandran brings Ranjini's photo and gives to Madhu.  Madhu is surprised to see Ranjini looking like Neela and says so.  Neela has tears in her eyes.
The cooked Inspector comes to Chandra's house and asks why he was summoned.  Kannan asks where he has been and why his wife had said he was not in.  Inspector says he had asked his wife to say so.  He tells Kannan he saw him shoot Ranjini and that he is now a witness. Inspector turns to Chandra and says that if he opens his mouth, Kannan will go to the gallows and Chandra in prison for life.  Chandra calls Selva out who brings some cash.  Chandra hands over the $25000 to the Inspector and tells himto leave town.  Inspector refuses saying the money is not enough and remind Chandra about her word when she asked him to kill Karthik.
Inspector says it is true he did not kill Karthik but he is the one responsible for bringing Ranjini to the site when Kannan could shoot her.  Chandra asks how much he wants.  Inspector says 250,000 and Chandra tells Selva to bring the money and gives it to him.  Inspector says he will leave town and keep quiet until the money runs out and leaves.  After he leaves, Chandra tells Kannan and Selva to get the Inspector and tie him up somewhere until the caseis over.
Inspector on his bike, a car comes and stops infront of him.  Inspector gets angy and shouts at the man asking if he doesn't know who he is.  The man says sorry but "ane" in the car want to see him.  Inspector shoves the man and walks to the car where to men catch hol of him and put him in the car.  Oneof them call someone and say Inspector is in their custody.  Inspector is taken to a building where he is ties up.  All the time, Inspector keeps shouting who is doing all this.  A lady's voice is heard and out comes Neelambari who says she told them to do so.  Inspector looks at her in shock as Neela glares at him.  Ramachandra calls Kannan on his cell and tells him he saw Kannan shoot Ranjini at the bridge.  Ramachandran says he has recorded everything in his cell and asks Kannan to come see him.  Kanan meets Ramachandran and warns him not to play games with him and leaves.  Two men stop him and when Kannan turns around, Neela comes with another man.  Kannan is shocked.  THODARUM.
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June 3(Wed):
Neela asks Kannan who shot Ranjini.  Kannan says he does not know.  Neela slaps him and asks again.  Kannan says he did, Neela gets angry and tells her men to throw Kannan from the cliffs.  The men take Kannan despite him begging Neela to forgive him and that he shot Ranjini because Chandra forced him to.  Finally Neela tells her men to let Kannan go.  Kannan runs to Neela and wnats to fall at her feet but Neela stops him saying he has no right to even touch her shadow.  She tells Kannan if he wants to live, he must bring the documents for 1000 acres land.  Kannan agrees and Neela warns him if he tries to do anything he will be dead.
Kannan goes to Chandra's office room, gets the documents and gives it to Neela.  Neela looks at the documents.  Ramachandran comes there and Neela asks if he has read the documents.  Ramachandran says he has and is surprised that Ranjini knowing how cruel Chandra is had agreed to pose as Neela.  Neela explains that Ranjini was brought up by a simple and good family that is why Ranjini is like that.  Ramachandran tells Neela that some of the financiers who invested in Chandra's project are there to see her and she tells him to bring them in.
The financiers come there and tell Neela about the money they invested and how Chandra refused to return the money.  They tell her that it had affected their lives so bad.  Neela asks why they did not report to the police.  The men says no one wants to take the complaint against Chandra  and even threaten them.  Neela asks them to go and make a complaint now and it would be taken care of.  Theya re sceptical but Neela assures them that action would be taken.  The men asks who is Neela and why she wants to help them.  Neela asks why they trusted Chandra and gave her the money.  The men say Chandra is very rich and had a lot of properties.  Neela says all that they saw belongs to her and she was the first being cheated by Chandra.
Chandra, Kannan and Selva are in the living.  Some men a gathered in front of Chandra's house and are shouting at Chandra to come out and return their money.  Chandra looks worried.  Kannan calls the police and complains. Things get more noisy and Kannan asks Selva to go out and talk to the men.  Selva refuses but Kannan forces him and says he will be right there behind him.  Selva goes out and tries to talk to the men but he gets bashed up.  Kannan calls the police again and says thing are getting out of hand.  THODARUM.
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June 4(Thurs);
Continues from yesterday.  The police arrive and Inspector tells them men to stop the commotion.  The men refuse and tell the Inspector they want their money.  Inspector tells the men he will go talk to Chandra and solve this matter.  Inspector tells his men to stay and keep an eye on the men while he goes inside to talk to Chandra.  Inspector goes inside and says he wnts to talk to her.  Chandra asks why come to talk to her instead of arresting the trouble makers who are outside.  Inspector says how can he arrest them when they are int he right.  He says it is Chandra who owes them money and they are the creditors who have the right to ask for their money back.  Chandra tells him he must arrest the man because she made a complaint first.  Inspector says no way because the men outside are a  fraction of the number of people who have made complaints against her and he cannot arrest them all.  He wants her to tell him exactly when she will return their money.  Chandra says in one week.  Inspector goes outside and tells the men Chandra will pay themback in a week and he gives his word that he will make sure she does.  The men disperse.
Chandra's attorney(I think) comes to see her and Chandra tells him about the financiers asking for their money back.  The attorney tells her they need to solve this matter soon or it could create more problem for their other business.  Chandra says she wants to sell the 1000 acresof land which is under her name and wants him to look at the document and advise her.  She asks him to wait wile she goes in to look for the document.  Chandra looks in the closet but the documentis no where. She calls both Kannan and Selva and asks if they know about the document.  Both say they don't know.  Chandra gets angry and says only they two stay with her and outsiders cannot enter the house.  She suspects something wrong.  The door bell rings and Kannan goes downstairs.  A courier hands an envelope to Kannan saying it is for Chandra.  Kannan looks at it and informs Chandra it looks like a lawyer's notice.  Chandra is surprised and the attorney takes the letter and reads.  He informs Chandra that the land document is with a lawyer named Satia and he is suing Chandra for forging the document.  Chandra is shocked and wonders how the documents got to him.
Kannan calls Neela and tells her Chandra knows about the land document and is suspecting him.  He wants to know if he can leave town away from Chandra.  Neela tells him, he can hide from Chandra's eyes but not hers.  Neela tells him to stay with Chandra until she tells him.  Neela says she shocked Chandra with her business and now wants to shocked her with personal issues.  Some muted dialog and Kannan says okay and goes in.
Kannan goes into the kitchen and asks the maid where she put his phone charger.  Maid replies ont he table in his room.  Kannan says he cannot find it and wants her to get it for him.  Maid says after she takes milk for Madam.  Kannan says leave the milk and get him the charger first.  The maid leaves and Kannan puts some tablets into the milk and mixes it.  Maid comes down andhands over the charger.  Kannan thanks her and tells her to give milk to Chandra.  Maid goes to Chandra's room, gives the milk and tells her she is leaving for the day.  Chandra says ok and drinks the milk and falls asleep.
Next morning, we see Chandra lying on a hospital bed with drips.  A nurse checks onthe drips.  Doctor arrives and tells her to watch chandra.  Chandra wakes up and shocked to see herself at the hospital.  Doctor tells Chandra she was admitted there by her uncle for overdose on sleeping pills.  She tells Chandra Kannan is outside and asks the nurse to call him in.  Kannan comes in and tells Chandra he received an urgent call for Chandra.  He had gone to her room and tried to wake her up but Chandra did not.  He became worried and called the ambulance and admiteed her at the hospital.  chandra says she never took any sleeping pills.  Neela walks in with a bouquet of flowers and a smilling face,.  THODARUM
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June 5 (Fri):
Neela gives the bouquet of flowers to Chandra and asks her why she wants to die so fast.  Neela says Chandra has made headlines in the papers - Business Magnate tries to commit suicide.  Chandra just looks at her.  Neela continues that it is not time for Chandra to die yet because she has to pay for all her crimes.  Chandra denies takind sleeping pills.  Neela asks if she did not did someone give it to her.  Neela tells Chandra that she has other enemies in her camp and leaves.  Neela goes outside to find reporters who ask her if she tried to commit suicide because her business has failed.  Chandra shouts at them and leave. 
Chandra arrives home and calls her maid and asks her if she mized sleeping pills in her drink.  Maid says she does'nt know anything.  Kannan also says it cannot be the maid,  Next Chandra asks Kannan if he is the one.  Kannan says no.  Chandra says she will soon find out who it is.  Chandra hires a private detective to find out who is working against her and swears him to secrecy.  After the detective leaves, she call in a man and gives him a photo and tells him to take care of the girl in the photo.  After the man leaves, she laughs and says she will make Neela pay.
Madhu gets ready and tells paati she wants to go to Ranjini's house.  Madhu receives a call from Meena saying she will meet at the temple.  Paati and Madhu go to the temple.  Meena is at the temple, the goon hired by Chandra arrives in a motorcycle and goes inside the temple.  Madhu arrives and meets Meena and tells her she is very happy to get them as her relatives and they go around the temple to pray.  The goon also goes around the temple looking at the photo and the people in the temple.  In the meantime,  Neela arrives and asks where Madhu is and is told she had gone to the temple.  Neela rushes to the temple and finds paati sitting there.  Paati tells Neela both Meena and Madhu had gone around the praharam to pray. 
The goon spots Madhu and Meena praying and looks at the photo given by Chandra - It is Madhu's photo.  The man checks his pocket for a bottle of acid.  Neela sees both the girls praying and also spots the man and the bottle.  She is supicious and the man take out the bottle and walk towads the girls.  Neela looks at the man and hte girls.  THODARUM.
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Junr 9(Tues):
Rajalakshmi wakes up at the hospital and the doctor asks her how she is feeling.  Rajalakshmi tells the doctor she is fine except for her eyesight.  Doctor tells her to rest and everything will be ok.  Nurse comes there and gives her a bill for $40,000 and says she can go home once she settles the bill.  Rajalakshmi is worried because she has no money.  She had sold all her jewellery topay for medical bills.  She then calls Chandra at home..  Chandra is surprised to hear from her mother and asks where she is.  Rajalakshmi tells her she has been in the hospital for 3 months and now need money to pay for her bills.  Selva and Kannan come there and are shocked to hear that Rajalakshmi is in thehospital and Chandra is going to get her.  Kannan tells Chandra he and Selva will go and bring Rajalakshmi back.
Neela arrives at the same hospital and goes to see Madhu's doctor and discusses Madhu's eye sight.  In the meantime, Kannan and Selva arrive and go looking for Rajalakshmi.  They go into her room but cannot find her.  Rajalakshmi hides when she sees them.  Selva asks Kannan what they are going to do because his mother will tell Chandra everything and they will bein trouble.  Kannan tells him not to worry because when they find hismother, they will keep her in their custody and tell Chandra that her mother was missing and could not be found.  Rajalakshmi listens to his with horror. 
Neela is leaving the hospital when she sees Kannan.  She asks him if he is following her.  Kannan tells her that he is not and is there to look for his sister Rajalakshmi as she was missing for the last 3 months and leaves.  Unknown to them someone is recording their meeting in a cell phone. Neela gets into her minivan and leaves for home.
Neela gets down and walks towards the house.  Rajalakshmi who has been hiding in Neela's car gets down and tries to leave but the driver sees her and questions her.  Hearing the commotion, Neela comes out and sees Rajalakshmi and asks her of she had been sent by Chandra.  Rajalakshmi asks if she is Ranjini but is told it is Neela.  Neela asks if she is surprised to see her.  Rajalakshmi is not convinced and says she has seen Ranjini in this get up before.  Neela says it is really her and asks Rajalakshmi to come in and that she will not be harmed.  THODARUM.
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