TB- Kalyani Thakkar put to sleep..

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Posted: 14 years ago

Kalyani Thakkar put to sleep..

A particular sequence in Hamari Devrani needed Parul aka Kalyani to be sleeping, and the actress stole this golden opportunity to sleep for real on screen..

The unit of Star Plus' Hamari Devrani has a gala time with pranks being played on sets regularly.

Recently, it so happened that the Jethanis were shooting a scene wherein Manjula and Alpa are in a conversation while Parul aka Kalyani Thakkar was required to sleep.

According to our source, "Kalyani who was fatigued with the hectic schedule, literally dozed off in real, and did not get up even after the whole sequence was shot successfully".

We talked to Parul (Kalyani) who said, "Actually we started the shoot at about 12 in the afternoon. I was feeling very tired that day, and had already told my co-stars and director that there is every possibility that if they put me to sleep for the scene, I might sleep in reality. Eventually, I dozed off, and they completed the shoot, took my close-ups too. But nobody did wake me up and allowed me to sleep for more than two hours. Even the spot boys, light men were advised not to disturb me. This was a prank played by Alpa actually and they all went ahead to have lunch. With only 10 minutes left for the lunch break to end, they woke me up so that I do not miss my lunch (smiles)".

Alpa aka Bhumi
who was the master mind behind allowing Kalyani to sleep states, "As we were shooting the scene, we got to know that Kallu (Kalyani) has slept. After the shoot was done, we placed a fan near her so that she sleeps peacefully and does not feel the heat. We even instructed everyone around not to disturb her. Ultimately, we were forced to wake her up as we felt she might be feeling hungry (laughs)".

Must say, this is surely a close knit working unit...

Source: http://www.india-forums.com/tellybuzz/article.asp?id=4791


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Posted: 14 years ago
That's really sweet but funny
Thanks for the article!

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Posted: 14 years ago
Thanks a lot for the article!
That was too good! She really slept? WOW!
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Posted: 14 years ago
I think it's the scene where Alpa and Manjula are on the phone with Rajeshwari and Jalpa...when they went inside the house to steal their husband's picture.  I was laughing thinking ki yaha sab bahus are trying to do sum work and Parul aaram se so rahi hai....lol didn't know it was for real...