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Monday, May 4, Episode 659 .
After making Shakti tell the whole truth ( about nothing happened between him and Nithila when she was with him in the jungle and whatever he told Nithila in the lift during Nithi's honeymoon trip was just a made up story) Jeeva reveals that she is not Nithila but Jeeva and calls Nithila to come in. Here come Nithi with Neela. Neela tells," Look ere Nithila you never beleived any of us when we told you that whatever Shakti told you is utter lie but now you have heard it yourself..."  Nithi stares at Shakti for a while...and slowly ...slowly walks to Shakti as Shakti pleads her," don't believe these people...Gowri....only two more days have to take that medicine...then you will completely change into my Gowri and you will never ever have any trace of Nithila in you..any more....vaamaa...let us go away from here da..." Still Nithila muzhi...muzhi chufies....with a blank expression on her face... . Neela shouts," Dei....stop this nonsense...she is not gowri but Nithila and she will never beleive anything you are telling ...and she will never be Gowri dare you are...after commintting two morders tried to set up Selva on fire and luckily he was saved better come with us and surrender to poilce...." Shakti is shocked to hear and screams..," No....apppo.....appo....Sleva has not dies yet.....??? Neela asks," ada paavi...innum un aathiram adanga villaiyaa...??" Shakti shouts at her back," will never get over...until I get back my gOWREE....Gowree...Gowree maaaa...let us go from here ma....we don't need any of these people in our whole life depends on the answer you are going to give come with me Gowree ma....." She...for the first time opens her mouth and tells," Sari......Sakthi.....vaanga namma poidalaam..." Jeeva and Neela re stunned to hear this. ( see my guess story came true)
Shakti becomes so delighted hearing this. ..and Gowri continues,as Jeeva and Neela try to bring her back to some sense..." Vaanga poiralaam...we do not need these people as you told.....I know how much you struggled to get me back...I do not need that Nithila's memory anymore....I want to be gOWRI ONLY....I want to take that medicine and become Gowri ...I told him to go away from here last night itself...but that Selva came and spolied everything....." Shakti becomes really euphotic and goes on knodding his head telling mmm....aamaaaa....aaamaaa...etc and truns to Jeeva and Neela and asks," yei...what will you do now...IU...I got back my Gowri.....vaa gowri polam"
They both try to leave as Neela and Jeeva try to stop them. Neela scold her but Gowri screams at top her voice and tells," I don't care about anything and anybody...all I want is to be with Shakthi...let us go..."Still they try to stop them from going away and SHakti gets furious and pushes both of them and tries to strangle Jeeva's neck. For copule of minutes there is some commotion going on and finally Shakti pushes Jeeva onto the floor ...she slides on the floor and falls down near the dining table some food plate flies and falls on her from the table. Meantime Gowri pushes Neela and runs outside...Shakti comes and pushes Neela ...she slides right onto the sofa.....and swiftly Shkati runs out and joins Nithila and locks the door from outside. Holds Gowri's hands and runs from there.
Neela after pleading Nithila so much not to lock the door...turns back and see Jeeva....still sitting on the floor and her dress is fully covered with some food.....she asks her to change into something and she calls Jagan and explains everything. Jagan scolds here for not informing him as soon as she saw Shkati. Neela says ," Sorry Jajan   as I was so tensed and confused I did not what I was doing.....They have driven away from here in Jeeva's car and the number fo the car is...Tn 45A 4944" Jagan promises that he will take care of Shakti.
Neela rushes to the kitchen and tries to open the backside door and it opens.....quickly she calls Jeeva and tells that Jagan is informed about the car so he will take of them....They both quickly catch an auto and starts looking for Jeeva's car. After some time they manage to spot that car and asks auto driver to speed up and follow that car. This chase goes on for copule of  minutes. Finally that car turns at one point into a small lane and Jeeva and Neela miss that car. They drove for some distance and relaises that they missed Shakti and Nithila. They stop the auto in one place and get down and looks in all the directions where the road divided like a Y....and Jeeva regrets that they missed the car, Neela consoles her," It is ok...Jeeva do not worry...Jagan will do something about it...come let us go"
Jagan and two more ploice men are  checking the oncoming cars. Suddenly Jagan spots Jeeva;s car approaching them and stops that car. A starnge man gets down and asks<" what is the probem sir?" Meantime a police man goes into the car anc checks in and out thoroughly. Jagan questions this man and he tells," Sir I am a mechanic...just a few minutes back a couple came to me and told that they want to sell this car...and I saw the car is in excellent condition and offered very little money only....and they accepted and sold it to me sir... the RC book and other documents are in the car itself sir...and That woman signed all the papers and gave me sir....Would you like to see they are sir...see all the papers are pakka sir,..." Jagan checks all the papers ....
Selva's room in the hospital.  Neela and Jeeva are standing there feeling guilty about the whole thing. Gayatri  and Thamira are also there. Selva regrets that all this happened. Thamira immediately tells," For me it does not look like a plan to save Nithila but a pakka plan to save that Shakti....when Neela saw that Shkati why this Jeeva failed to inform the police...this does not look like what it appears to be...Jeeva you and Gaytri are to be blammed....for this...I know that day you and this Gaytri were planning ...after jagan came here and informed about the shoting you thin I dont know all this jeeva?"
Jeeva replies,' AMma please do not talk like this without knowing the whole thing.. Gayatri akka is not to be balmmed for this now" Neela and Selva also support Jeeva and Selva apologises to Gayatri for what Thamira told. Gayatri cries and tells," Inga paarunga amma....if at I see one more time that SHakti...I will kill him with my own hands and put his dead body in fornt of you....after all it is all because of my bad bringing him up..." Jeeva asks her to stop talaking like that and tells," Right now it is very important to find ..she will change into Gowri completely if she takes two more days of that medicine"
Hearing this Selva is shocked....
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Tuesday, May 5, Episode 660
( too many much to write...but a fast one) 
As Neela, Jeeva and Gayatri are discussing with Selva in his hospital room about how to save Nithila from Shakti, Jagan comes there. Neela tells that hey were just waiting for him only. Jagan informs," Shakti is athi buthi saali more than we expected...he just told Jeeva's car and took the money...escaped with Nithila...he is clever  and is aware that he need a lot of money at this time" Everyone is shocked to hear this. Jagan continues," I have i nformed every bus and railway stations and airports ...police are looking for them with their pictures in their hands...this is all because of you..if at all you informed me when you saw shakti Nithial's house.....this confussion would not have occured at all.....( Neela tries to answer something and Jagan continues) ...ok...let me go from here if not I will be telling the same thing again and again......By the way...Gayatri.....can I ask you a question...??? you really do not know where Shakti is....? Last time also you told the same thing but you knew where he this time is it like that too?"
Neela and Jeeva get worried looking at Gaytri's innocent crying face and pleads Jagan not to suspect Gayatri anymore. Neela comes up with an idea " sir....why cann't we ask that mechanig to whom Shakti sold the car...about any clue....where Shakti would have gone?" Jagan replies." good idea but I don't think he knows anything...but there is nothing wrong in trying one more time. Neela and Jeeva say that they also would like to go with him. They all leave together.
Shakti and Nithila enters into a very old dirty house. And Nithi asks about that place. Their conversation goes as follows:
Shakti     Nithila
Ithu endha idam....give me that broom let me sweep.....
Enakkum theriyaathu...I think it is some ware house or something
Kindala...why did we come here...we could have gone to the forest itself....but you olny decided to sell the car....for some important purpose...
Yes....I did sell that car for some thing....yei Gowri....won't you aks me for what I sold taht car?
Why should I Shakti...I know whatever you will be for my good only.....
apadiya...then why did you ask me why did we come here?
Chumma.....just wanted to know..
oh...ho....Gowri....if we keep the car with us police will catch us...that is why I sold it.....more over we need money atleast until we reach Manoor.....we need money to start a new life....ok take this medicine....
( Nithila happily drinks it to the last drop.)
Is this the 48th day medicine...Shakti...?
Illada....tomorrow also you have to take it...that will be the last doze
Shakti...tomorrow first thing in the morning please give me that last doze...appathaan I can become completely your Gowri...Shakti.... now police would have caught that car or that mechanic and they must be looking for us everywhere......all this will come to an end by tomorrow........because you will change completely into gowri by tomorrow right? athu daan.....more over tomorrow police will slow down by tomorrow...
Paravaa illai SHakti let us be here only... en Gowrikku pasikkum illai yaa? more over kalyana ponnu can not be starving.... love me that much,...?
Yes ofcourse I can give my uyir for you ....
Gowreee....Gowree....( they both hold hands and stand for a moment )
ok....gowree let me go and buy some food for us... more thing...what if I become Nithila when you are not please tie me with something and go
Ok....da....but kayiru.....oh...itho irukku....let me tie you.... valikkuthaada...
ok....bathiramma iru,....I will get bacvk as soon as possible ok...?
Jagan comes to see the mechanic who bought the car from Shakti with Jeeva and Neela. As soon as he notices Jeeva he tells," Sir she only came here with that man and she only signed those papers sir" Jagan tells that it is her sister and he also asks him to return the car to Jeeva and he will get back whatever sum he gave to Shakti and the mechanic agrees to that.  Jagan asks Jeeva to settle the money and get the car key and come while he will wait outside. He goes out and talks to two auto drivers who were waiting there.
Jagan shows Shakti's picture and asks them whether they took him anywhere from that spot. One of the drivers stares at the picture and tells that," Sir ...yes he came sir...with a girl...( at this point Jeeva and Neela reach there with the car. They get doewn...and looking at Jeeva ....) Sir....ivanga thaan sir  came with that man....yesterday and they both got down in Chethpat Sir...they got down near Gopi Gardens sir...they got out of my auto right in the middle of the sir....there are no hotels at all" Jagan asks him to come with them and show the spot where Shakti got down but he pleads that he has go for rides to ear his money for his family's food but Neela offers to give money and he agrees and goes with them in Jeeva's car with them.
Shakti is returning back with some food packets in his hands. Nithila who is tied up looks like she has some head ache and she slowly opens her eyes and  shcoked to see that place and looks all around and worries.She asks herself," where am I? how did I come here?"
(Next thing we see is Nithila freely walking on the road?????!!!!)
Suddenly we see Jeeva chasing her telling," Akka.....Nithila...please listen to me....stop ....stop there....( Neela also joins) ayo akka....please come with us and I will go inside the house to meet Shakti and I will make him tell whatever he told you is a lie,,,ok"  Suddenly Nithila shakes her head and asks," appuram enna aachu enakku....." ( so the whole thing was a flash back running on Nithila's mind)
Meantime Shakti is approaching the house while Nithila is still confused....and scared sitting there in tied position. Shakti comes n and locks the dorr and seeing him Nithila thinks," naan eppadi marupadiyum ivankitteh maatinen?" how to escape from him?" Shakti turns to her and calls with all the love," Gowree.......Gowreee...." Nithila does not answer but after that second Gowree she just respnds" mmm" Shakti who just started to think that she is no more Gowri smiles with a saitsfaction.

Shakti comes and sits next to her and tells," ayo...I was so worried that you changed into nithila again....why Gowree.....not talking any thing to me...ha?" Nithila stares at him and suddenly he tells that she is hungry. HSakti Says sorry and starts sefrving the food and untie her too. He asks him to have food. He asks her how is the food...and also tells that he could not go further to buy better food....
He continues," Gowri...please just be patient for today...tomorrow we will reach there and we wilo have good food ok....maa......ha ha ha aha...that Jeeva and Neela nalla yemaanthuttanga illa?....that too that Jeeva dressed up like you and asked all that questions to me....I told her the truth that ...nothing happened between us at all...when you were with me in the jungle..."
Nithila swiftly turns to him and stares at him and asks," eduvum nadakkalai naa....?" Jeeva replies," ATHU do not know right...? when you were Nithila.....gowrimaa.....I told you a big fat lie that I slept with you....."
Nithila is shaken and stunned hearing this.....
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Wednesday, May 6, Episode 661
ClapAnother fast...very fast moving episode......Clap
Nithila who is pretending to be Gowri is so furious to hear what Shakti told about that "bog fat lie". She stares at him with so much anger and shouts," ada paavi" . Hearing this Shakti puts up a paavam face and tells,"
Gowri I knew it was wrong to tell like that but I had no other options GOWRI MA...why are you scolding me for that da...? You see....I was vey confident that I can change into my day....But on the other hand I was concerned that...when you were Nithila.....what if that Selva started treating you as his wife ...???? that is why I told Nithila like that....Gowree ma...and as I expected that idea worked pretty well on Nithila...and you as Nithila were repeatedly forcing that Selva to marry someone else and enjoy his life.....but that veena pona Selva would not listen to that and was waiting and waiting for his Nithila....

( at this point Nithila still gets so angry....) mm.....that is why he had to be burnt....but even then his luck saved him....and still alive....mmm....( Now Nithila struggles so much to conceal her sadness on her face...and she was about to burst out crying) he is under treatment in some hospital......(suddenly he notices that Nithi stopped eating...and he asks)..Gowri ma...why are you not eating...??? pidikailayaa...? it is ok...then leave it....just eat those fruits...."
Nithila quickly takes some banana and gets up from there.....and goes to the door and then she turns to Shkati asnd asks," Shakti...where are we now...I mean which area we are in?" Shakti replies," We are in Chethpat area....why feel any disconfort here?" Gowri tells no and Shakti asks her to sleep. As nithila is getting ready to sleep here comes Shakti with the rope asking her," yen Gowri what if you chnage into you want me to tie you up...?"
Nithila softly tells," all this time I never got that Nithila's memories.....but if you doubt like that ...then you can me up Shakti..." Shakti refuses and tells," che...che can I suspect my own gowri....ok..ok...nee thoongu....Gowri in the middle of night ..if you feel hungry please wake me up ok?" There were two mats...Shakti puts them on the floor and gets ready to sleep.
Neela, Jeeva and Jagan are approaching Chethpat area with that auto driver. The car stops where Shakti was dropped by that auto driver. Jagan asks the  auto driver to leave and he asks Neela and Jeeva to wait there while he will go and find out from some people and get back.
After this all mute dialogue:
Jagan goes to a mobile laudry man and shoes the picture of Shakti and he knods his head" theriyaathu"
Next he goes to a vegetabe seller and the same head knodding
Neela and Jeeva wait impatiently...looking here and there
Next Jagan is with some other shop fellow...same negative anser
Finally he goes to a roadside food seller and he recognises Shakti and tells," aama...sir he just came here and left after buying some idlys and he gave me RS500 and I said no change...then he told me that he will get the change when he comes here next...." Jagan quickly takes his name card and tells him to call that number if Shakti comes there again.
Meantime Neela and Jeeva move towards Jagan  and Jagan tells them what  the shop owner just told him and he asks them to go home ," you go home...I will be here the whole night and I will catch Shakthi either dead or alive..." Hearing this...llllooooooooossuuuu Jeeva gets upset again. Neela and Jagan notice this..meantime..Jeeva requests to Jagan," Jagan...let neela go home...I can be with you.."
Jagan sternly says,"nothing doing...that is dangerous to you and more over you will start pouring some sentimental stuff please go with Neela ..I am going to get more force .I have to call the commissioner's office"
Telling this Jagan moves and starts making calls while Jeeva starts pleading Neela to tell Jagan not to kill Shakti. Neela replies," No I will not  do that mistake...let him come with me let us go"
Some police men come and report to Jagan and he gives instruction to search that area thorughly...for Shakti. They disperse in all directions. Jagan stays mear his jeep looking everywhere vigilently. Inside that building Nithila could not sleep....and she slowly gets up and sits....but as she notices some movements in shakti in his sleep...she quickly gets back to her sleeping position. Meantime three policemen are walking just outside that building....Nithi one more time tries to get up and she grabs the banana bag and makes some noise...but Shakti is in deep sleep. After making sure that Shakti is really sleeping she goes to the door and tries to open...but she could not turn that heavy latch easily...she stands and silently cries....Meantime...all the police men come back to Jagan and report that they could not find anyone suspicious there.
Nithila again tries to open the latch....and this time it moves away slowly...Shakti opens his eyes and Nithi managed to open the latch fully Shakti gets up...Nithi starts running out...cryin...Shakti keeps calling<' Gowri...Gowri...where are you going....stop...stop" The chase goes on for couple of minutes...Nithila starst running aimlessly...all she was telling loudly was," kaapaaaathunga....kaappaathunga...." At one point Shakti catches her but Nithi swiftly pushes him and starts running.
Jagan and the police men hear some sound and they run towards the same direction. Again the chase continues....after a long time......police spots Shakti chasing the order of running is Nithila first....Shakthi behind her and all the police behind between Jagan shouts," stop not run...I will shoot you....stop..." Shakti shouting," yei...yei Gowri....enna vittu pogethe Gowri...nillumaa....please stop" Nithila." mmm.....ayo....mmm"....crying....crying.
After some more time of chase....Jagan fires.....Shakti screams holding his bleeing leg ( just below knee) Nithila stops and sees the police and Shakti crying out of pain......
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Thurssday, May 7, Episode 662
What an an act by Jeeva/Nithila/afsar/Gayatri.
Jagan shot Shakti on his leg ( under the knee) still Shakti manages to flee from  police, while Nithila takes off and runs as fast as she can. It is early morning.... in the hospital where Selva is admitted...Neela, Jeeva and Thamira are sitting outside Selva's room. Neela informs that Jagan calld and told what happened to Shakti. Hearing this Jeeva is shocked and feels sad.
 But Neela also says that Nithila has escaped from Shakti. Hearing this Jeeva pops a question," appo....Nithila ran away from Shakti means.....she is still Nithila right...?? " At this point Sleva calls Jeeva..Jeeva and she goesinside and explains what happened to Nithila and Shakti. As they are talking poor Nithils gasping and reaches there. She notices Neela and her mother Thamira outside a room....and she quickly runs into that room crying," Selvaa....Selvaa......ennai kaappaathunga Selvaa" She falls on Selva's chest and weeps. Neela and Jeeva ask her to relax and Neela gives her some water and asks her to drink.
Nithi drinks water in a hurry and almost empties the bottle. She stars weepind so bitterly as Selva says," nithi I was so worried that you will be completely changed to Gowri...Thanks god....Nothing like that happened" Nithila cries and tells," Selvaa...selva...ennai mannichudunga..." Selva asks her not to cry...holding her hands. She keeps telling," ayo.....I did not beleive whatever you all told me....but now I know the truth....Selva....I really tortured you trusting that Shakti's words..which were not true....Selvaa"
Jeeva asks..," so now you did you manage to get this from Shakti?" Nithila tells what happened to her ," the other day as we planned we all went to Shakti ....and then I did not know what happened....all I know was...I was in some ware house when I opened my eyes...then I realised what was happening...and went along with Shakti's drama. Pretended as if I was Gowri and got all the information from him..."
As she finishes narrating the whole thing, Thamira tells Jeeva to make arrangements with the doctors to start Nithila's treatment immediately. Jeeva realises that it is very important to do that as Nithila has only a few hours left....She immediately takes her phone and calls.
Meantime the wounded Shakti reaches the hospital . He looks very pathetic ...walks draggin his bleeing leg. He notices a man mopping the floor in uniform.....he quickly goes to him and demands to show him where is Selva's room. That man gets so scared and points at Selva's room. Swiftly Shakti reaches the dppr and swings open it. Each and everyone is shocked to see Shakti there.....for a couple of seconds Shakti's eyes  screen each and every one present there.....
 Then he slowly moves forward with his eyes fixed on Nithila asking," nee yaen Gowri...ennai vittuttu odi vande....sollu?" Jeeva and Neela try to stop him by holding his both hands...but he can not be stopped. Selva manages to get up from the bed and stops Shakti.  But Shakti pushes him hard and Selva slides and falls on the floor. Neela tries to hold him. Menatime time Jeeva is fighting with Shakti. A big commotion goes on for couple of seconds. Thamira screams at top of her voice..." Some one just call the police...quick"
Finally Shakti grabs Jeeva so tight and takes abottle and breaks it. He holds the broken bottle piece near Jeevas neck and demands that his Gowri should go with him. Jeeva gets scared and everyone screams and  pleads him to leave Jeeva. But Shakthi keeps telling the same. Nithila starts walking towards him fearing for Jeeva's life. Jeeva shouts ," neela please....take everyoine and go away from here....." Still Nithila keeps walking towards him. Shakti calls her and tells," vaa..vaamaa...look here amma...your mediceine...only one more dose....come...come here"
 Neela screams and tells," Shakthi...give me that medicine I will make Nithila drink it" Shakti roars bact at her," yei...I will never trust you....Gowri come here  to me..." As Nithi walks...she feels so dizzy and she slowly shakes her head and comes back to normal and blinks for a while and looks at Shakti," Shakti...why are we here...? " everyone is surprised to see this sudden chsnge in nithila except Shakti who starts to smile ....delighfully.
He passes the medicine bottle to Nithila and asks her to drink it. Nithila quickly grabs the bottle and in a hurry opens the bottle while the others pleads her repeatedly not to take that medicne. Suddenly nithi holds her head...again feels wobbly....and suddenly she stares at the bottle and asks," this this...medicine how my will not drink it" Shakti gets angry and orders," yei....marupadiyum have you changed to Nithila....if you do not drink that medicine I will kill your Jeeva...." Jeeva pleads to Nithila not to drink that.
Nithila changes to Gowri  to Nithila to Gowri/nithila to gowri to nithila to gowri.....within secinds.....she keeps talking," Naan intha matunthai....Shakti....I told you we will go away from them...Selva...Selva...Naan ungalukku drohan panneetten....Ayo.....let me drink this ennai mannichudunga..."  At this point Gayatri approahes the door and she opens it and is shocked to see what is going on insdie.
She slowly walks back and closes the door and still she in under shock. Meantime a nurse carrying some surgical instruments in a tray passes by and Gayatri accidentally falls on that nurse. The tray falls down quickly Gayatri apoligises to her and helps her to gather all the intruments scattered all over the floor. Nurse thanks her and leaves from there. Gayatri manages to keep a surgical knife with her. She slowly goes in again and  taps Shakti's shoulders as if she is calling him. He turns and says in surprise," akkkaaa" .....without wasting any further she slashes his neck with that sharp surgical knife.
All of them are stunned to see this action of Gayatri. Shakti holds his thorat and struggles.
Finally he looses his grip over Jeeva's  neack and slowly he slides and falls on the floor. Jeeva keeps touching her she saw the thaali which Shakti tied on her neck  was clinging on Shakti's hands as he falls down.
He glides on the floor for couple of seconds and finaly dies hodling tight to that thaali from Jeeva's neck.
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Friday, May 8, Episode 663 
Another fast moving episode. This gayatri can act so well too....My eyes got filled up seing her acting......superb..... 
Shakti slowly and falls down....still holding Jeeva's Thalli in his hands after neing stabbed by Gayatri. Gayatri herself cound not beleive what she did to her brother.....she drops the knife and starts crying....slowly walks to Shakti's body and sits on the floor.....takes his head and keeps on her laps...," dei Shakti......I brought you up as my baby...and finally you made me kill you with my own hands....yendaa...ippadi sonneneh.....nee kettiyaa......ayo...."
Every one is distressed seeing this....and Nithila starts to fell dizzy ..Neela holds her and Selva gets up from his bed and they together slide Nithila on the bed.
Police Station...Satish and Jeeva enter and go to Jagan's table and asks his permission to see Gayatri. Jagan tells them to go ahead...Gayatri is behind bars..Sathish and Jeeva come to visit her. Gayatri cries and tells her husband," I could not take it any more...that is why naan valatha mirugathai naaneh konnutten....I am really sorry nga...." Satish asks her not to cry and replies," Illa Gayatri...You did the right thing and I am very proud of you.
 If this society thinks what you did is wrong...then you should not be worried about this society at all....according to Law this may be wrong...but according to Dharmam...what you did is correct..." Gayatri  is not able to stop crying...she sobs..."
Jeeva agrees with what Staish told," aamaakka...even I thought some how we can correct him...but he has changed into a real monster to my surprise....Akka...just to apprrciate what you did for Nithila when she came to you first without knowing who she looked afgter her so well...just for that nandri kadan...thaan I was carrying that thaali on my neck akka...some how Nithila was also responsible for what ever Shakti did all these days. If only she did not meet Shakti...then things would have been different akka. With all these thoughts in my mind only...I refused to take away that thaali inspite of all of your repeated advise. The reason for me being so determined to live with Shakti was not only that thaali but also your unconditional love towards NITHILA. I thought of  changing Shakti and bring him to you and tell you that you have brought him up well akka....but..nothing worked out...I tried to stop Jagan from shooting Shakti...Akka...above  all ..did parihaaram by killing Shakti....Akka please do not feel about killing all mean we all will with you always"
Gayatri replies,"Jeeva knowingly or unknowingly that God has created some Bandham between us and nee always enga veettu ponnuthaan..I  always had this feeling towards you and that is why I was coming to you whenever I has some probelm...however....atleast now Nithila's life will move smooth with Selva....Ennaga...How is ammu ?"
Satish replies," She is always asking for you....but I did not want to bring her here..." Jeeva continues," akka you don't worry anout ammu...we will take good care of her..Ok...come let us go Satish" They both move from there to Jagan's table. Jagan informs," do not worry...she did not plan and killed a person...on the other hand she only killed a psychopath and a criminal...she may not be even punished at all by law....anyway Let us see what is going to happen in the court"
In the hospital Neela and Thamira are waiting for Jeeva. Jeeva comes there and asks about Nithila and Thamira tells that she will wake up with in hlaf an hour. Jeeva tells them about their Prison visit. Thamira talks good things about Gayatri and Jeeva was surprised to hear that. A doctor comes there and tells them that they can go and see Nithi. Nithila is still sleeping but trying to open her eyes. Thamira with so much love asks her," Nithila ippa eppadi ma irukku?"
Nithila gets up and tells," naan eppadi irunthaa....ivangalukku enna...Jeeva can you please ask her to go out..?" Seeing the situation Thamira leaves from there on her own. Jeeva tries to convince Nithila but no use. Neela asks her not to get stressed out since she is on treatment and asks her to take rest. Nithi asks for Selva. Nela informs that he will be discharged that evening and for Nithila's discharge they have to still for doctor's advise. Neela expresses her happiness about Nithila and Selva and tells," Atleast from now you both can lead a normal happy life"
The doctor comes in and asks Neela and Jeeva to wait outside. They come out and Thamira asks whether everything is ok. Neela tells that she is ok and she turns to Jeeva and asks," have saved your mom and also have given back Nithi's life to do you think that all your responsibilites are over? or is there anything else also to be done?
My mother also should be saved Jeeva? Right from the begining I suspected that you are planning something with my dad...the other day you asked me if my mother comes and asks me not to leave...will I cvhange my mind from leaving this city.....? I said Yes....and very next minute my mother came and pleaded me not to go away..leaving her..from that moment I started getting confused....But I was very sure that my dad is still alive..either he is with youor under my mom's protection.But when my mom's mental condition was going way down..she went upto the level of commiting suicide. I was waiting until this Shakti's problems get solved.Now it is all over....So please tell me where is my dad?
Vendam Jeeva please....I agree that what my mom did was wrong...but we don't have to punish her like promised to unite me with my mom...but looks like I am just letting her to die....sollu Jeeva ...where is my father?"
Jeeva stares at Neela......
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Monday, May 11, Episode 664
Todays' episode went by untying all the knots....Clap Devi Ptiya Clap acted very well.....ClapShe is too good when crying scenes come..... 
Still conversation beween Neela and Jeeva goes on while Thamira wacthes this. Jeeva continues," Vendam Jeeva please....I agree that what my mom did was wrong...but we don't have to punish her like promised to unite me with my mom...but looks like I am just letting her  die....sollu Jeeva ...where is my father?"
Jeeva stares at Neela.....And Neela gets so frustrated and screams at Jeeva," Jeeva...even after me begging and pleading to you like this you are keeping silence like this....I do not know what I would do to you if you are not opening your mouth N,,,,,,,,,,,,,O......W".
Here come Thamira to Neela and tells," vendaam amma....just for me you both don't fight like this...come with me...I will tell you.." She holds Neela's hands and drags her with her and starts walking so fast while Jeeva watches this with a surprise. Thamira and Neela enters a small house where some one is watching some Tv show. Neela turns to see who is that some one....she is shcoked to see her appa there. Sundara hesistates to talk but some how he tells,"Neelambari...athu vandu...naan wanted to give Aadhi some shock....athu thaan???"
Neela ,' why appa.....already amma is so disappointed with the drama I put up just to get that CD from amma for this Thamira athai....and now you are putting up this darama....why appa? amma trusts you more than anyone else...and you acted like this...apppaaa I alrady told you
that you don't have to force amma to accept me...if at all she realises and a ccept me that is enough for me.....instead of letting er do what she has made her a mental patient ..To see amma like this...did I come here ?"
Thamira comes to the rescue of Sundara...who is standing tongue tied," Neela please don't blamme anna....he did all this just for my sake amma...Let me explain to you. I was so upsnt and angry with your mom since Nithila refused to accept me, I wanted to meet her in the guest house. As I was going there...appo...Jeeva and annan met me on the road and.....( the rest is shown ....)
Thamira is walking angrily and Jeeva and Sundara notice her and  Jeeva stops the car near Thamira. Jeeva tells that theyare on their way to meet her. Thamira stars crying and tells," I went to meet your akka, you know what a question Nithila asked me Jaava?"
( Nithila scene comes in black and white)
"Nee...oru thappana uravukkaaga, you have killed your own husband...and ungalaala eppadima...engite vabdu pesa mudiyuthu?"
Thamira continues," she called me " thappaanava" How can I tollerate this Jeeva? So I am going to Aadhi and I will make her come with me and tell Nithila that I did not kill her father...If she refuses to this then I am even prepared to murder her....see here" Thamira takes a knife and shows them.
Both Jeeva and sundara get shocked. Thamira tells," I have no other option anna, I have dome my prison period with out doing any crime, but this time let me do that and face the law" Sundara tells," Thamira now I really understand that how much you are hurt and you are ready to go upto this extent, but you should not do this amma" Jeeva interferes and tells," Illa maama...let her do it, what is the point in taking so much risk and bringing her out? because for you Nithila is the only daughter who is important...You are always longing for Nithila, just for the name sake you always tell me that I did a lot of sacrifice etc.....Illa maama...let her do as she planned...ok go and request Aadhi to come to Nithila to tell the truth and if  she refuses, you just kill...itho...maamaa vai....because Aadhi athai killed your husband and let you suffer and you have to do the same thing to her you will be killing her husband too...."
Thamira is shocked to hear this but Sundara listens to Jeeva with a constant smile on his face. Thamira asks Sudara," anneh what is she talking?" Sundara replies," aamaa just do it, then only that Aadhi will learn a lesson" Jeeva continues," After Aadhi athai admits her wrond deeds, maama will come back and we can take him to Aadhi atahi is so simple" Thamira tells that she is so confused.
Jeeva smiles and takes a fake spring knife from the car and tells," Amma...we both have planned this very well," You just kill sundara Uncle with this knife...ennamma...confused? see...intha kathiyaala kill him like this" Jeeva stabs him and Sundara screams...Thamira ore mirandu fied...But Sundara is still ok. Jeeva explains," Amma this is a spring knife...when you stab it blade will automatically go just go to Aadhi athai's house with this same anger and Sundara Uncle will come there....and then do as I said...the rest leave it to me...ok"
Thamira hesitates but Sundra again requests her. Finally Thamira takes the knife from Jeeva and says Yes. ( next scene is Aadhi's house....after Thamira stabbed Sundara...Aadhi goes insdie trhe room to call the police) Jeeva is happy that Aadhi went inside. She calls Sundara to get up and she tells," amma you take mama and go away from here...quick...I will join you both later....don't worry about me...I will be ok..." Thamira and Sundara leave from there.....Aadhi is still calling the police......Jeeva quickly takes some cloth from her hand bag and wiped the red colouring from the floor ( supposed to be blood) ...she makes sure the floor is clean with out any colur spot...and quickly leaves from there.
Thamira tells Neela," Ithudaan amma happened" Sundara tells," Just to confuse Aadhi ...I only made Thamira to talk to her from outside the window...I came into the house and pretended I was my own ghost.....and finally that knife hanging from the ceiling with the blood drops....but what is the use....after doing all this she still did not change herself right?" Thamira also accepts that she was the one who came to Aadhi's hospital room to scare her.
Neela simply gives a disgusting look to Sundara and asks," did all this risky stuff to change amma...right? I am not to sure whether to get angry with you or feel sorry for you appa...... that Jeeva was with you both for all this right...? I can not accept this ...this is one example to show that any decision taken upon emotional basis will go so wrong like this.....ennappa....amma by now would have died appa....this is all because of your silly drama....enough...I can not tollerate this drama anymore...Amma is paavam you come with me and tell the truth to amma ...."
At this point Jeeva enters there and Neela gives her one stern look as if she will burn Jeeva with that look. Jeeva breaks the silence," Neelambari I know you are angry with me" Neela screams," Pinne kova paddame? unnai konja solrayaa? Look here when you met me for the first time you told me that you have a plan to unite me with my mother....and that sounded like a "nyayam" but now what you have romba "kodumaiyana" matter. Hey......the drama you put up so that Nithila will undersatnd your mother....has made my mother suffer su you have any idea of this?..mmmm pavam Amma....She loves appa so much and thinking that Appa is dead...she has become like a crazy woman...and here this appa is with you both doing this drama....che....It is all because of you people amma went upto the extent of committing you all realise that you have touched unncessarily such a sensitive issue?"
Jeeva asks Sorry. Neela still is angry and continues," Look here....I think I myself paved this drama idea into your heads....because I also did the same drama to get CD from my amma right? I don't even know whether I have any rights to even get angry with you people....." Thamira goes to Neela and tells," Sorry ma Neela...what is the point in repeating the same thing again and gain...first of all take your dad to your mom" Neela turns to Sundara and asks," ennappa....varuveenga illa?" Sundara says yes.
Shanta is with  his mom in her hospital room. Aadhi is sleeping and Shanta is walking up and down looking worried. Sundara and Neela come there. Shanta is so delighted to see his dad alive and runs and come to him and asks ' Appa...where have you been appa? with out you...amma had suffered a lot appa" Sundara looks at Aadhi and calls " Aadhee" Neela is still crying and angry," look appa....this is what you wanted right?"  Sundara fells very bad ans tells," I never thought things will turn out to be like this amma..." He slowly touched Aadhi's forhead/head and calls with so much paasam," Aadhi"
Aadhi is still sleeping and Sundara keeps calling her Aadhi....aadhi....Slowly Aadhi opens her eyes and looks here and there and finally satres at Sundara's face.......
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Tuesday, May 12, Episode 665 ( I have no idea why there is so much space between....anyway ...I will try and correct it later.... spent more than two hours trying all the gimmics but it would not work....Sorry buddies)
Aadhi's hospital room. Shanta is with her. She is a deep sleep. Neela brings Sundara to Aadhi. Shanta was shocked to see him. Neela explains in brief. Sundara touches Aadhi's head and calls her aahee and after a couple of sectionds she responds to sundara's repeated calls and opens her eyes. She roles her eyes and then gives a blank look at Sundara. Sundara asks her whether she recognizes him or not. Neela gets worried and tells," ammma....look here apppa has come amma.." Shanta also tells the same. But Aadhi still is so rigid. Doctor comes there and Neela explains to him about her mom not reacting to her appa's arrival.
Doctor also tries to tell her about Sundara's presence there...but Aadhi is still with a blank look fixed on her face....( what an act put by Nalini....sooooooper)
Doctor announces that he can not treat her in his hospital anymore and asks them to tak her to some mental hospital. Everyone is shocked to hear this and Neela tells," Doctor, no we can not put ammam in a mental hospital, we prefer to take her home and we can get a good Psychiatrist to come home for the treatment. What do you say Appa and Shanta?"
They both agree with Neela  ans Shanta tells that he will inform Lalitha about  Aadhi's discharge. At this point Neela gets a call from Selva about his discharge from the hospital and he is heading towards home with Nithila. Neela informs this news to Sundara and Shanta and she fges with the doctor to settle the bill.
Aadhi's house...Lalitha is having some serious conversation with Sleva and Nithila. She tells," Oh my god so much has happened?" Nithila tells," yes akka...luckily Selva is alive now...otherwise..." She starts crying and Sleva consoles her," ayo....nothing happend to me right...thanks god we got you back Nithila...and you did not change completely into Gowri" Lalitha smiles and tells," Ok...atleast from now  you both try and lead a happy life" Nithila replies," Akka Selva has been always correct ...the entire fault was with me, listening to that Shakthi..not only I got confused but also I made Selva to suffer so much..." Sleva asks her to stop this topic and he asks Lalitha," anni whre is anna?" Lalitha informs that he has gone to hospital as the doctor suggested to take athai to a mental hospital.
Selva asks whether they got any news abotu his appa. Lalitha replies," mmm athai's tells mama is no more but Neela still searching for far no news at all Selva...Athai was longign for you both to come to this house...and you both are here but Athai is not in a position to see this and know athai even tried to jump from the terrace to kill herself" Selva and Nithi were stunned to hear this and Selva tries to move his leg but screams due to pain. Nithi at once holds Selva's legs and asks him to be careful.
Lalitha seeing Selva's painful face feels bad. Seeing this Selva tells," don't sympathise with me this much.....soon I will be ready to even play foot ball....I am not even worried  because....nithi is here with me instead of my wounded leg...." Some happy moments are being shared amongst them. At this point Neela and Shanta bring Aadhi in and they make Aadhi to sit next to Selva. Shanta explains about the doctors suggestion and about their idea of bring her home. Selva calls amma and for the first time there si some trace of reaction on Aadhi's face.
Selva asks about his dad and Neela tells him that appa is back and he is taking the things from the car. Here comes Sundara and he notices Selva there and immediately he runs to him asking," Selvaaa.....ennada are you da....on our way only Neela explained everything to me..." Selva replies sadly," Appa...ennappa where were you appa all this days....look at ammma ..... how she has changed" Nithila asks him where he was. Sundara explains his drama one more time. ( black while flash back scenes one more time...from Jeeva giving spring knife to Tahmira until Jeeva wipes off the blood from the floor )
Sundara ends ," ithuthaamma nadanthuchu"  Nithila stands there speechless and she asks," you are not to blammed maama...that Jeeva will never change....anda kedu ketta Thamita Baranikkaaga...paavam she made Athai to suffer this much....che" Sundara tells her not to talk like that about Jeeva. Nithila screams," wthu maamaa nallathu...ithuvaa..." Sundara replies that he never expected thing will turn this way. Telling this he touches Aadhi on her shoulder.
Aadhi suddenly gets up and asks with so much anger," ethukku.....ethukku nee ennai thotteh? yaar nee? why are you here in my house...? po veliye.." Sundra replies," I am your husband ma,...Sundaram" Aadhi still is angry" what you are my husband..? can not be...that Thamira killed my husband and I saw with my own eyes...who are you sollu....soluu" She holds Sundara's shirt and shakes him. Everyone tries to hold her and she pushes all of them and continues," who are you....oh....that Jeeva only sent you here right....tell him to get out of here...." Neela and Lalitha forcefully takes her inside.
It is morning. Selva is at dining table while Nithila forces him to eat one more dosai with so much love. Neela watching this comes down stairs with a happy smile on her face. Meantime Shanta brings Aashi to the table. Maker her sit and tels her to eat something. He leaves from there to get her medication.
Neela takes some food in a sppon and tries to feed Aadhi but Aadhi looks at Neela angrily and pushes her hands and spoon away from here. Neela and other are also shocked.
Neela asks," ennamma dont you know me amma?" Aadhi roars," yaarudee unakku amma...? why are you calling me amma...? who are you?" Selva shouts," ammmaa...don't you know her amma...she is your first daighter and my akka neelambari"
Hearing this Neela feels so touched.....and she looks at him with so much paasam. Aadhi screams," yei enakku no first born is a son...see he is the one shanta...he is my first son...I do not have any duaghter" Selva repeats again the same about Neela and asks her whether she recognize him. Aadhi with a sarcacism and love on her face asks," ennadaa....unnnai enakku theriyaatha...Selva? only left me alone to suffer taking this  Nithila with you...mmm" Selav replies," amma yers I went away...but why..? because I came to know that she is your daughter ...right?" Aadhi screams ," I do not know all went kovichukittu...then why did you come back now?"
Sundara asks," Neelambari, how come amma does not recognizae you and me but she knows does not seem to be right to me " Neela replies," appa she is totally confused.Let us all noit confuse her more. Ok...ungalukku Shata vai thriyuthu illaiya? appo shanta please come here and make eat something" Aadhi happily tells," Shanta sonna naan ethuvum seiven" Shanta tries to make her eat while Neela asks others to leave them alone and go inside. Shanta and Lalitha are with Aadhi. Aadhi looks very happy she eats with a smiling face fed by Shanta...spoon after spoon. Lalitha fells so moved seeing this. Neela is watching this standing on the satirs with so much ekkam in her eyes.....
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Wednesday, May 13, Episode 666 .
It is night time...Aadhi's house...Nithila is applying some medicine on Selva's burnt leg. Selva ais in pain. Nithi tells," Selva all this pain and todays this condition is because of  of me only Sleva" Selva replies," are not responsible for any of this Nithi...actually I am the one....who tied Thaali on that Maghila's neck....and  you tried to stop it and I kicked with this same leg.....and this is the punishment god has given me for that evil deed of mine Nithila"
Nithi smiles and tells," ayo....why you have to remember all this now...No Selva please do not ever tell that you did some "droham" to me....what about me then...? under that amnesia condition I tortured you so much...not only that...even after I got over that amnesia condition....I still refused to live with you as your ultimately what I did onlt was wrong" Selva says," Illa naan paaninathuthaan thappu" Nithila repeats the same.....( it was a cute scene betwen them)
Suddenly they hear Neela's voice," Appadi paarthaa...what I am doing right now is also a "thappu"" .....sorry....I ..entering in this room at this time of night is also thapputhaaneh...? I hust wanted to tell you something important and here I I " karadi in Shiva Poojai"? he he he...actually I came here to thank  you Selva for accepting me as your know Selva...when you told amma that I am your akka...I felt that paasam right deep in my heart.....When Jeeva told me that I have my parents, brother...I ran and came here eagerly to see my own family and after sometime everyone accepted me but not you....and I was worried that you will never undersatnd and accept me as your sister.....I was scared to think like Th...a...a...n...k...s Selva" ( Neela kodhified Selva's head when she says Thanks.....)
Selva also feels the same way and calls her akka," akka....I have read soemwhere...we get angry with anyone who is very close to us....and  I think that is what happened to fact when helped me and Shanta anna so much...I used to think....why cannt I have a sister like her....on the other hand when I came to know that you are my sister....I only felt angry with you....and when Shanta anna told that you are moving in and I refuse to live in the same house....but now I have an answer for all that....The truth is...I have been always having some kind of paasam on you....and may be I was having some kind of possessiveness on you.....may be if I would have knows the fact that you are my sister in the beginning itself...I would not have creatd all this anger in me.....Sorry akka"
Nithila smiles and tells," So.....Selva and Neela akka you both ae thinking the same way...that you both neglected each other....Ultimately you both were fond of each other and never had a chance to show it out....what ever be the case..I am happy that atleast now you both expressed your real feeling for each other. Neela tells," I am also happy that my brother has come back to the family....and if only amma also gets well soon...then what else I could ask to make my life happier....even I can die with this happiness "
Selva quickly styops her and tells," akka....what are you talking?" Neela replies," ayo those words came out of do not take that seriously...let me go...good night to both of more you both can continue your conversation about who was wrong....ok?" She leaves...and Selva asks Nithi," Enna.....akka sonna maathiri discussion pannalaama.....illeh,,,?" Nithi," ayo....ponga..." (So much vekkam is coming for Nithi)
Shanta and Lalotha are in their room with their son...konjifying him. Lalitha tells," I realised how powerful this " thai Paasam" Shanta asked whether it is about their son and Lalitha answers,"no...nmo...I am not talking about our son...but about your amma...." Shanta replies," Lalitha...This should not have happened to amma....appa also should not have played this drama...." Lalitha tells," Illainga...I think what maamaa did is correct...some body should try and correct athai right? that is what he did?"
Shanta replies," Look here Lalitha...When we love someone...we have accept them with all their good and bad qualities....when we all know that amma is like this and she can not be we should leave all this...." Lalitha still disagrees this and tells," In the beginnin even I was against athai.....for her wrong but now I have changed my opinion aboiut her...have you noticed athai....she only recognize you as her son....and she loves you so much....she wanted to be fed only by you.....that was a great thing she did...." Shanta thinks about it and tells," yes...I was actually thinking that was one normal thing in the family....but now after talking to you I know amma's love for me..."
Jeeva's house....night time..Thamira comes and gives a glass of milk to Jeeva and asks her to drink. But Jeeva refuses to take it telling that she is not in a mood to drink or eat. Jeeva tells," amma...all the plans we did so carefully...are just a waste of time..and energy...amma... inever thought that Aadhi's condition will turn this way....I was really hoping that Aadhi can be corrected,....but.....mmm Just now I was talking to Neelambari only seems Aadhi athai can recognise only  Shanta and Selva mama....she does not even recognise Neela and Sundara mma....."
Thamira tells,What so ever Jeeva that Neelambari love her mom so very much...but look at our Nithila....She does not even want to listen to any of us and she refuse to accept the truth and me...what a difference between these two daughters...?" Jeeva asks her," whatever good things happen...for you the only worry is Nithila does not accept you ....ha?"
Thamira replies," ippo enna nallathu mena I got out of the prison??? In fact I would have happily died on that thookku maram instead of getting tortured by you like this..?" Jeeva is surprised to hear this and asks," ennamma....I am torturing you? ennamma ithu?" Thamira answers," pinneh.....your akka refuses to accept me and you...on the other hand... are so adamant like this not listening to me for whatever I am requesting you to what is the point in leading this meaningless life it is better for me to die right?"

Jeeva gets upset and tells," ayo amma....right now I can not marry again...why I was having that thaali on me....I only know the reason....ok now it is all over....right now my only goal is to unite you and Nithila...That is the only important thing in my life now...I will make Nithila to come to you me you go and sleep peacefully" Jeeva goes to her room...trying to get some sleep but not able to. Meantime Thamira is already sleeping in her room.
( Some digil music starts and outside it is so dark)
a figure...not sure male or the whole face and body is covered with mask and black suit..Slowly jumps over Jeeva's gate....
climbs the wall and reaches upstairs corridor....slowly climbs downstairs...
Jeeva is still can not sleep but trying hard to sleep....
Thamira is in deep sleep
This figure moves towards Thamira's room..
Jeeva is sleeping...
The man/woman steps into Thamira's room ...slowly comes near her bed.....
Draws a long knife out and aims at Thamira...with full force lift the knife up in the air with both hands......
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